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Mayan Wisdom Tele-summit 2012 : No Doomsday 21 Dec 2012..just GOLDEN AGE: Beyond FEAR!

Marcella Eversole and I have known one another since what felt like forever. She has been so passionate about the cause to preserve the landrights and sustainability for those survivors of the persecution of the Mayan culture, that she ignited me with her passion. At one point I donated a pay check for some freelance writing work Marcella and I did together,  to the cause because we really believed that issues of Landrights and Cultural Sustainability were not just “indigenous” issues but deeply, economically, scientifically, spiritually and psychically affect the entire EVOLUTION of our planet.

Marcella knows well my feelings about the way Aboriginals had been treated in Australia, the way Communist China of Beijing failed to respect the Sustainability of the Tibetan culture & way of life and it is with great respect & pleasure that I write about the Mayan Wisdom Tele-summit 2012!

We are both aware that there is a lot of Hype about 21 Dec 2012 Mayan Calender, and we really honour the authentic, direct teachings of  Tat OmeAkaEhekatl Erick González.  We would rather the world heard it from the REAL source and not just from “hearsays”…..maybe we can just embrace the Wisdom Evolution!!!!!!! It is “End of time as we know it”!!!!

From Marcella: “All of that info is from Tat OmeAkaEhekatl Erick González.  The sharing encourages us all to be a  part of the sensitivity that is needed to be powerful bridges, and ensure that the information is credited to those sharing it, while always laying stones so people can cross to listen to the teachings directly from those that are sharing them at this time. It would also be helpful to let people know that they have until 3 pm pst on Tuesday, April 17 2012 to listen to the final day of the Summit for free. People can register at in order to access those free presentation. “

*****Para traducir este correo electrónico en español, haga clic en el enlace para el traductor de Google:  Si hay algo en que le podemos ayudar, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros.

This is a keynote summary of the content of the online summit from the press release.

We are coming to the completion of 26,000 years of life and we see that the Earth is responding to the change of the frequency of the universe. Now it is our turn. This TeleSummit is to hear the voices of the descendants and keepers of the message of the Oxlajuj (13) B’aqtun (Winter Solstice 2012)- those who have kept the oral traditions up to the moment of this time of this planetary transition.

Meanings of the Mayan Days of the TeleSummit

** NOTE: We are working with specific dates of the Sacred Mayan Calendar (Cholq’ij) for this TeleSummit to honor the energies of the people that have lived with this sacred timekeeping for thousands of years (for more information, see below).

Thursday, April 12th, 2012: Junlajuj (11) Kiej

The TeleSummit will begin on the day of Junlajuj (11) Kiej. The energy of Kiej is the symbol of all the hooved animals who give of themselves to feed the many. It is the symbol for ceremonial leaders and the caretakers of the universal forces. Kiej is the symbol for power, force, authority, and strength, as well as the shaman that sacrifices itself constantly for the well being of others. Combined with the energy of Junlajuj (11)- letting go, changing from one state of consciousness to another, dismantling of the old, this day speaks of the following:

What do we need to let go of and dismantle so that the spiritual strength and power to take care of the universal forces and the people can happen in the best way possible?

Friday, April 13th, 2012: Kablajuj (12) Q’anil

The TeleSummit will continue on the day of Kablajuj (12) Q’anil. The energy of Q’anil is that of the four colors of the sacred “ixim” or corn (red, black, white, yellow) and the symbol of fertility and seeds. Q’anil makes connections for the purpose of procreating and transforming life. Combined with the frequency of Kablajuj (12)- stability, endurance, perseverance, and unification of opposite forces, the energy of this day speaks of the following:

Can we as a human family find the strength and endurance to persevere at the moment of the germination of our spiritual evolutionary process? Can we use our abundance to restore what we have damaged? Can we give back so that there is less war and suffering in the world, and heal our greed?

Saturday, April 14th, 2012: Oxlajuj (13) Toj

The next day we enter into Oxlajuj (13) Toj. Toj is the energy of the offering, the gift, and the payment. Toj is to release karma, and in its place a gift is received. Toj is Original Law and reminds us to never take without asking for permission and giving something back. Combined with the frequency of Oxlajuj (13)- divine manifestation of spiritual and physical power/ totality and wholeness of consciousness, the energy of this day speaks of the following:

This is an opportunity to fully and consciously give back to the Earth, and to make our offerings for the great gift of Life that we have received. Can we receive the gift of Wisdom in understanding what we need to do to restore, protect, and promote the spiritual connection with Earth and Spirit? Do we recognize the debt we owe to the environment and the spiritual gift we have been given? On this day it comes to full fruition.

                Sunday, April 15th, 2012: Jun (1) T’zi

The last day of the TeleSummit is the day of Jun (1) T’zi. The energy of T’zi is that of the clan, the pack, and the extended family. T’zi deals with communities and alliances. T’zi is the energy of how each individual is part of and responsible to the whole. T’zi is the law that shows how to respect and to honor, and carries a protection energy. Combined with the frequency of Jun (1)- unity, wholeness, new beginnings, and all existence, this day speaks of the following:

This is an opportunity to transform and transcend that which keeps us divided (jealousies, inner and outer wars, destructive ways, etc) so that we can find the spiritual solution to support the communities that are evolving. Jun T’zi is to find true peace that will lead us to a spiritual evolution, restoration of our families, and the beginning of a new way of humanity being with our world.

About the Mayan Calendar: The Sacred Cholq’ij is a Native time-keeping wisdom that guides and influences the destiny of all life upon our physical and spiritual dimensions. The Sacred Cholq’ij is used as a guide for ceremonies, healing, divination, and harmonizing ourselves with our own natural biorhythm, and the universe. It is our medium to understand and live within our own organic, galactic, and cosmic biorhythm.

All of this has been taken from Erick Gonzalez’s Traditional Mayan Wisdom Daylords Descriptions booklet.

For a more in-depth explanation of the Mayan Daylords, please click here:

If you want to hear something Directly, you can also download the FREE MP3

 The inspiring 5 Free Powerful Recordings recorded in Guatemala, February 2012 go to and the password is Mayan5Free (case sensitive)

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