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QR2my16yrs-old-Self : (joke) Mocking mid-life crisis Main-stream Media zzzz! :)

Lots of rubbish letters by self-indulgent People in the Anglo-media writing patronising letters to their 16 yrs old self, projecting their hang-ups and anxieties onto 16yrs old minds! C’mon stop living backwards… here’s my take on it in QR code cos if that existed my 16 yrs old self would have been onto it before any of you knew what it was…so there! 😛 Lol.

Right CC:

1) don’t worry about your height and ending your budding modelling career, you are still modelling as an “oversized” 14.  So do what you want which you did anyway!
2) Enjoy tennis camp, you won’t get back your incredible double backhand again cos of the knee injury so Play that States Competition your coach put your name into and enjoy your killer instinct…yes the bit where you deliberately aim the ball at any weak player in doubles who dared to try to come up to the net to volley…..:)

3) Yes, it was a good idea to not date sociopathic but “hot” guy whose Red Commi Daddy could start WWIII. You are not any better at your choice of guys, but at least their daddies are all dead or removed from power now! Stay away from anyone who claims to be a driving instructor if he ends up being able to explain “in quite a lot of details about nuclear fusion weapons technology” over dinner….

4) Don’t over-complicate it, just tai-chi slap the jealous bitches on the bus, while you are too young to get into REAL trouble. Yes there are still jealous bitter bitches racists around.  Yeah, you were too “nice” that time you hmm…nevermind….you handle it your way and I will handle it mine. 🙂 Pax.
5) Just let yourself fall in love even if it is with the worst person on earth and then if it doesn’t work, skip the country! 🙂
6) You are going to become a professional artist, writer & designer no matter what you do to avoid it so don’t stress about going to Law school or Med school. They were just distractions but really good for you!
7) no, your temper did not improve, it probably won’t. Ever. It is delusional to pretend it will even after 20 yrs of studying meditation, it is still crap!
8) Just do whatever you want like you have always done that and worry about the consequences later….which you are still doing.
9) Yes, you are still spoilt and bratty and yes, people still put up with it so no need to feel bad about it.
10) Yes, 2 of your bunnies lived past 1 yr old.
11) Yes, you will do something with the Nobel prize. That is also unavoidable.

12) Yes, you will get your art charity like you wanted.
13) Yes, you got your house on the Greek islands, but then it turned out its not as “romantic” to pay a mortgage so maybe rethink that one.
14) Yes, you went around the world. TWICE!
15) Ditch that boring nerd C, she was whining a lot…go have fun with L.A, she is ace and you had a great time visiting her brilliant house because she can skii off the Black run by then!
16) Yes be stupid, snog whats-his-name senseless while you still have time to spend all night talking/snogging and tell stupid stories on the beach! Don’t go home  yet!After…. Be generous…don’t make D pay for the dry-cleaning bill on your long black evening dress just because you hated her hideous skunk of a boyfriend …who was a skunk.
17) Yes, you regretted nothing anyway and no, you never had to use your home economic skills (so you were right!)
18) Enjoy how good you are with money because your ability to deal with money got worst as you got more creative & global.
19) Yes, what you wrote got read by millions so all those hours of perfecting your writing skill was worth it.
20) China will become the next super power and all those anglo-skanks who said stupid things to you will be begging for your contacts to lift themselves out of Bogan poverty. So don’t hate them now, they will all be employed by your chinese friends who will make their lives hell in Oz!
21) You really knew what you were doing all along. Take more risks!

22) Not caring about what other people think was the best thing you ever taught me.
23) You are going to realise what an incredible feminists your grandma & aunt were/are and you will get along better as you get older.
24) Ask what’s-his-name to the School dinner dance, and wear that purple velvet dress (btw the dress still fits you because you had the good sense to get it Tailor-made with an “empire line”  and the best quality purple velvet!) ! Don’t go with the other guy because his daddy hired a limo and your family liked the grammar school he went to (DO NOT wear that gold & black dress just because it matches the colour of the pricey Orchid Corsage you got)!  Be the other dude’s  tennis mixed-doubles partner instead because he ended up with an amazing Top-spin and won Intervarsity! You will get pissed off by NOT getting the Trophy (cos of knee injury), so steal his (its not like he would miss it, he got a few due to brilliant top-spin & his daddy paying for him to go to the same tennis camp Michael Chan went to!)

25) (see QR code and stop pestering me!) XO

3 comments on “QR2my16yrs-old-Self : (joke) Mocking mid-life crisis Main-stream Media zzzz! :)

  1. Strekas
    June 6, 2012

    You actually come with fantastic articles and reviews. Bless you for sharing with us your blog. I hate those stupid letters too! 😀


  2. Istoleurheart8P
    May 10, 2012



  3. John
    May 6, 2012

    Hello! dbebcge interesting dbebcge site! I’m really like it! Very, very dbebcge good!

    from Cecilia: k. thx4bcbg rss! lol.(CC)


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