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Ukraine: Femen Raw and Naked: Boobs for Putin! End Exploitation/Sex Tourism NOW!

Why do I, as a post-modern feminist, love those Femen (Link) ? Let me count the ways……….

1) Those “naked” shrill post-modern feminist nymphettes REALLY REALLY UPSETTED PUTIN! He said they were “insane, radical, prostitutes who desecrated the National symbol of the old communist Soviet by painting a red hammer and sickel on their boobs!

Good JOB!

2) They are young, passionate, beautiful and shrill! They are not afraid to show their Wild, Wild Women!

3) They may not have a lot to say but their hearts are in the right place. Exhibit A: their end violence against women during International Women’s day 2012 video that I converted in 3D :

as oppose to the YAWN….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….slow angry style of Vladimir’s old Soviet…

Give us your “bra size”!

4) Young, attractive and passionate women should show off their bodies while they are still “hot” and so much the better if they are genuinely passionate about ending Exploitative sex tourism!!Yes, of course it is ironic, that they want to end sex tourism by showing some boobs….but hey,we were all young and hmm…literal & idealistic…..once upon a time! 

5) They are as Camile Paglia would put it: Post-modern sex-positive potent fertility symbols for humanity… a time where there’s so much censorship and repression in the world.

6) After “boobing” for Vladimir, they ironically appeared in “Loaded” magazine…..Legend!!!!

7) ♥ No Shame, No Blame, Just end exploitative sex tourism….the Machiavelli way! ♥ lol. 

8)  I like to defend women s rights to say what they need to say in whatever way they need to….

9) From an Eco-guide in Ukraine,  sex tourism is very exploitative and degrading for Ukrainian women:

quote MUSE of AMUSEMENT (Pseudonym): ” Here in UKRAINE we already sick of those males -tourists who coming here in desperation looking for instant fast SEX ! When they face reality they complain that women here in Ukraine are not easy and with ‘broken dreams’ head to beaches of Brasil 😦 This type of males who do sex tourism to different countries are NOT successful with women in any country ! But they won’t accept the fact that problem is in them :/ and they just keep running around the world as a mad dogs!!!  Many of them are using marriage and dating agencies in Eastern Europe to find girls! When after corresponding and dating they are NOT getting any SEX ( for it’s not included and they just don’t believe that! ) these guys complain of being SCAMMED !!!!

I have to say there are a big number of sick in the head men in this world !!!  THEY LIVE THEIR LIVES IN THE MISERY OF NO LOVE ! UKRAINIAN GIRLS KNOW HOW TO LOVE BUT THE LAST THINGS THEY NEED IS  DIRTY CHEAP SEX TOURISTS LIES looking for younger and younger girls !!! “

10) is saying the same thing as the Nobel Women’s Initiative 2012:

Please end INEQUITY, Non-consensual Commodification & Exploitation, Kidnapping, Rape & Violence in Conflict against Women!

 Feminists don’t have to express the same visions or ideas in EXACTLY the same strategy

to be cross-firing and be effective, as long as they are not foisting one-sided views on others.

It is important to encourage diversity of methods & strategies….

with Boobs & Nudes and/or with a Nobel peace prize …

….whatever is needed…

Lets not be Hypocritical Snobs!

Lets RESPECT the MISSION no matter how the message gets heard!

14 comments on “Ukraine: Femen Raw and Naked: Boobs for Putin! End Exploitation/Sex Tourism NOW!

  1. babe
    November 8, 2014

    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing
    like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate people
    like you! Take care!!


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    From Cecilia: hey Lana, hope you are well. I don’t really speak Russian, but for sure the Ukrainian ladies can read your post and I can see you take a lot of photos of happy family & children, so surely you too, support an end to sex tourism in Ukraine and Russian and perhaps Mr.Putin can return to some traditional Russian values of caring for other’s children & daughters who get abused and sold into prostitutions….and maybe he can spend less time threatening the Femen for showing their boobs and more time….I don’t know….ending tourism for men who wants to BUY Russian boobs? Just a thought! 🙂 Goodluck with your photography! haha. (CC)


  4. Olli Warelius
    May 25, 2012

    This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add even more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding when english is not my one language. 🙂 thanks fr Cavalieri.

    FRom Cecilia: Oh, be honest…you want more Boobs! hahahahha. (just joking!) but I know you Italians! haha. (CC)


  5. “If anyone can get a delegate of femen it would be YOU!!! You can do it!!!”

    We think so too..we are from Egypt with a movie blog!

    From Cecilia: Welcome. I love Cairo. I just hope the Femen won’t offend your newly elected senate as it did Putin! 🙂 lol. (joke, I’m sure they will! ) CC


  6. Rajendra Giri
    April 30, 2012

    Civilized and so called advance world we have to eradicate these types of discrimination and low level of human behaviors among male and female. I like your post and issue raised to aware the people. All the best to you Cecilia.


    • ceciliawyu
      May 4, 2012

      Thank you very much Rajendra Ji. Namaste and all the best to the good work you do with the girl-child education aspects of Kebs. 🙂 (CC)


  7. Shah
    April 29, 2012

    Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are starting a new project in a community in the same niche (but no nudity!). Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!


    • ceciliawyu
      April 30, 2012

      Shah, Nudity is not compulsory…you can also try to get a Nobel Peace Prize! hahaha.Goodluck with your project ! 🙂 (CC)


  8. helpinghow
    April 26, 2012

    Thank you Cecilia! Your blogs are always so creative and interesting! Keep them coming 🙂 Hillary


    • ceciliawyu
      April 26, 2012

      Will do! its all going on….I hope we get a delegate of femen for iprotest! That would be 🙂 (CC)


      • helpinghow
        April 26, 2012

        If anyone can get a delegate of femen it would be YOU!!! You can do it!!!


      • ceciliawyu
        April 26, 2012

        thanks. 🙂 You know there is still this weird “snob” thing about them just being “topless girls with nothing clever to say” in the Russian speaking world…its kind of complicated….e.g. the joke to put them down is still things like,”…they are no rocket scientist….” (well…yeah, they are in their early 20s….I’d love to know what most of the Nobel women were doing in their early 20s! 🙂 ….)



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