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RIP Li Wang Yang 李旺陽先生, 一路好走


Iprotest the unlawful death of Li Wang Yang 2012 because he protested for the unlawful death of workers and student protestors at Tiananmen Massacre 4th June 1989, for 23 years non-stop!

RIP Li Wang Yang 李旺陽先生, 一路好走

2 comments on “RIP Li Wang Yang 李旺陽先生, 一路好走

  1. BobbyWong
    June 21, 2012

    Feet on the ground is no proof of foul play. Partial suspension hanging is actually quite common, especially in institutional settings:

    “by means of partial suspension or partial weight-bearing on the ligature. This method has been most often used in prisons or other institutions, where full suspension support is difficult to devise.”


    • ceciliawyu
      June 22, 2012

      Can you please stop repeating yourself in my blog? Please? I ALREADY answered your thing in the other thread! You are starting to be a nag! Here’s the answer from the other place you left your comment! AGAIN!!! Please dont make me repeat myself AGaIN! zzzz. this is boring.

      Dear Bobby

      I don’t generally use wikipedia as a source because it is NOT real research.

      I am sure since you are Also chinese you can translate this yourself. WE in Hong kong are not fools nor are we in need of “education” about CSI research, forensics and scientific methods… evidenced by the international experts that congregate around our little 7million metropolis and the fact that according to one of Australia’s Nobel Science Laureate in Pandemics ,we in Hong kong have the foremost experts in these fields of medical research many of whom graduated from the World’s foremost research centers, holding Fellowship and Professorship there!

      So thank you for your Wikipedia input…

      But OUR experts concluded the following in Hong kong. All the best. CC


      Translated: When the chinese community asked for a forensic expert (CSI) to comment on Li Wang Yang’s crime scene, they found:

      1) The knot used was an expert knot, commonly known as “The king of knots”, safe & secure & infallible BUT rarely perfected unless someone had expert training. Furthermore there was burnt marks to the head in a position that indicated the victim could not inflict on himself (given his disabilities)

      2) Given the weight of Li Wang Yang, if he hung himself, there is no way the rope itself could support his body weight.

      3) Li Wang yang’s left hand was clutching a wire coat-hanger, if he had “hung himself” his natural body reflexes would have bent the wire one way or another, yet the Coat-hanger remain in perfect Triangular shape.

      In the opinions of the CSI expert in the field, the chances of Li Wang Yang commiting suicide is almost ZERO!


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