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Ecuadorean Embassy, London: I am a bit sick of Julian Assange now…but I’m still into Wikileaks. ;)

I woke up to my Aussie friend going on and on about somebody’s flight to Ecuador….with this image to support the “old jules” …

My response ended up triggering a mild debate about how 2 Aussies from 2 different cities, see Mr J. “Ned Kelly” Assange’s latest Media mongering ….

CC: MO!!! (my friend’s initials)  I am sick of the “old Jules” now.He needs to face the no condom thing….and stop the opera.

They won’t extradite him to USA because Australia also has an extradition agreement with Sweden. International extradition treaty law says home country extradition takes proirity and we dont have the same law re: condom. So can Jules stop media wanking now and just go back to Melb and face the rap on the knuckle he will get like an adult would? OH PLEASE! :/

MO: Sorry, but I disagree with you. He has not been charged with anything. He is only wanted for questioning in Sweden. Sweden wants him to be held incommunicado, even though they have not charged him. The simple option to stop this “opera” would be for the Swedes to question him on British soil, or in the Ecuadorian embassy as the Ecuadorians have offered. Or, if they have charges… then charge him. He has a legitimate reason for fearing extradition to the USA. Australia will do NOTHING to stop them. Our goverment has made that quite clear in his case, as well as previous cases with Australian citizens held without charge by the US. Yes, I’m quite sure you are sick of him, and that is exactly what the Americans are waiting and hoping for…. that the opera will die down and/or people get sick of him.

CC:  But that is the difference between, adversarial system in commonlaw countries and inquisitorial system in Sweden. ie.  Charging him and asking him “to assist in the investigation” is a matter of terminlogy…and different process.

He is doing a Ned Kelly thing and that is not going to help him seperate this condomless issue from Wikileak. He is not being strategic, just avoidance at this point. But in fact they succeed in maligning the contents of wikileak by promoting that Assange is going on the run. They are winning as long as he plays it that way.

Australian govt. says whatever it says….do we really care? But the Australian legal system still has its own procedures in dealing with this kind of cases.

If it was not him, it would just be handled…last checked, we stilll have a Seperation of power between Government International politics and our Jurisdiciary system. Given we don’t have a law (re: condomless = constructive lack of consent)……it would be more intelligent for him to preserve the credibility of Wikileak and seperate it from the image of its founder by facing the legal consequences of his own action as an adult man according to the letter of the law of his own country ie. Australia.

This is not an argument that Swedish law can overwrite given they are one of the few legal systems in the world that has the strict reading of Constructive withdrawal of consent re: failure to comply with “condom” request.

I am  not sure this is  a conspiracy, it is a question of Differences in law….and a guy who didn’t learn at uni: “If it’s not on, it’s not on!”

MO: I do agree this is not helping the credibility of wikileaks, but after what he has done to one of the most powerful nations in the world, I somehow don’t think I would have much faith in the due process of ANY countries laws either.

Laws are only as good as those who uphold them, and as we know, many goverments operate in the shady areas, if not outright illegal. The country whose toes he stepped on is not opposed to re-writing the laws and/or operating in whatever manner suits their purpose.

The Australian Goverment could also help by coming out and stating they would be opposed to him being extradited to the US, but they don’t have the balls to do that …in fact they would willingly hand him over. They actually tried to help the Americans get their hands on him when Wikileaks first hit the headlines. They tried everything they could to find an Australian law that he had broken… no such luck. Our Prime Minister even stated publicly that what he had done was illegal (which it wasn’t)

CC:  I suppose, I’m callous about the “old jules”….because i think if he lives by what he claims he lives by, then it is all the more important for him to show up the lack of due process by facing down American judicial inequality. AFTER they mess it up, he can go on the Run!

Right now, he just looks like a frightened chook on the run….that’s not cool if you also want to be “mr. anti-establishment-X-file-mulder”.

I think some Gen X guys need to remember to stop basing their lives on TV shows they liked when they were “little”!

Also because he went to Melbourne uni, 9/10 Monash-ites are not keen on their way of dealing with things and we think they are media whores anyway…hahahahhahahaa. It is  a University Group of 8 rivalry thing.

As for that sorry excuse we elected…please….Aussie Government (blah)…I’m grateful if Ms. “Welshing” Gilliard would stop pacifying anti-landrights and reconciliation Racists-against-Aboriginal-hate-mongers …that would be a start ! lol.

****************************End of convo*****************************

Oh and in case you have been living in Mars or Uranus and did not hear, this is the news we are going on about!

Julian Assange: Ecuador asylum decision criticised

But hey, Wikileaks, nice video! 🙂 hehehe. Australians have a very outspoken but transparent way of criticising our governments and commenting on our worlds that the more repressed parts of the world like America and England do not appreciate….I’m not sure why they are so uptight about Aussie style of critical thinking …Rebellious nature is a good thing in my country! 🙂

Honestly, this media circus is turning into the Jerry Springer opera! Dip him in Ecuadorian chocolate and throw him to the Thespians! Can’t wait to see how Melbourne will make fun of his “Condom” isssues in the Opera.  Well, have a sense of humour, Mr. Assange (Esquire.)! (CC)

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