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Boohoo BO Xilai’s Baby Boy! Go play 3-some in a Ferrari, of course…Chinese Communists Don’t lie!

(Reuters) – The Harvard-educated son of disgraced Chinese political leader Bo Xilai defended his father against charges of taking bribes and having improper sexual relationships, saying he believed in his father’s good character.

“Personally, it is hard for me to believe the allegations that were announced against my father, because they contradict everything I have come to know about him throughout my life,” Bo Guagua said in a statement posted on the microblog tumsite Tumblr.

Talk about crocodile tears to cry over “daddy” when much more genuinely deserving People who had committed NO CRIME Whatsoever…like Liu Xiaobo, Gao Zhisheng and LI Wang Yang had been Jailed, Tortured and Killed. How stupid!
CCP, I don’t feel I need to hear the BOOHOO-ing of Son of Bo Xilai…maybe he can comfort himself by ordering a 3-some in a Ferrari……you know….it seems to be the way the Commies are going….Death by self inflicted excessive blow-jobs….Oops, you’re not suppose to say that about the news…yet I’m saying it!
If you are living in Mars or just can’t read Chinese, here’s the “low-down” on just how “hard to believe” the sex scandals of a “Communist official” in China is! Yes, I am sure Bo’s little boy has NEVER seen that when he was doing business with DAd either! lol. No, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, 100% of 0% occurences of Corruption only manifest in the lowest ranking of local governments where 100% of 1-2 of them will get the death penalty while 100% of High Ranking officials are 200% incorruptible and NEVER commit Sex crimes while attending the Communist Convention! lol. 

BOOHOO Bo’s Baby cries crocodile tears…

The crash of a black Ferrari on Beijing’s North Fourth Ring Road involved far more than sex, a fast car and a playboy. It also put the political career of Ling Jihua, President Hu Jintao’s top aide for more than two decades, at stake.

In communist China, 1.3bilion, there’s no such thing as homosexuals. But if there were, its because they are “just comrades”..hahaha. Enjoy Double speak! Lies=Truth! Gay=Commies! Hell yeah! Btw. Its illegal to be gay in China! lol. It is a sex crime!

In the early hours of March 18 – just three days after the Communist Party sacked Bo Xilai as party chief of Chongqing – a speeding Ferrari smashed into a wall, rebounded and crushed a railing on the opposite side of the road. One naked body and two half-naked bodies were thrown from the wreckage. A half-naked man, in his 20s, died immediately while two young women – one naked and one half-naked – were seriously injured.

The accident would come to affect behind-the-scenes political jockeying in the run-up to this autumn’s 18th party congress – which will produce China’s new generation of leaders.

Another “upstanding” lol member of the incorruptible Commies of China! I just feel sorry for the x2 Prostitutes in the Ferrrari with him! What a horrible way to die…with a corrupt commie just doing your job!

Read the full story in Monday’s South China Morning Post, which also kicks-start our pre-congress package “China’s leadership transition”.

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