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Women & Politics: Presidential Debate Reactions 2012: Women Discuss On Twitter

From Cecilia: Thanks for this LadyRom. What can I say? It is a complicated issue…but the truth is too many people are trying to hop on the Bandwagon….and ultimately why exactly is it that in our world 2012….it is still a White man and a Black man debating about Women issues… there some kind of “issues” with maybe…if you have a Vagina, you can’t speak up for yourself in Public and at Presidential Debate? Oh Please! Excuse the Cynicism….I think we are both far too busy doing good for REAL Women’s issues to really deal with people going Blah-blah-blah in Opinion Polls trying to beg for “likes” and/or “votes”……:) love Cecilia


After most polls declared Mitt Romney the clear “winner” of the first debate of the 2012 presidential election, the pressure was on President Obama to deliver a stellar performance during the candidates’ second face-off on October 16. The town hall-style debate was also an opportunity for the candidates to address issues neither had the first time around, namely reproductive rights, the pay gap and access to contraception.

Leading up to Tuesday’s debate, there was also lots of speculation about how Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent and the first female presidential debate moderator in over 20 years, would fare. Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote about the significance that Crowley’s role has for women in particular:

On the heels of [Martha] Raddatz’s smooth, steely performance last week, there’s genuine excitement about what Crowley will do as the first female presidential debate moderator in 20 years. And after two debates…

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