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(Updated Weekly) Global 2012: ‘Tis the Season for Counting good Vibes and Freebies. :)Merry Xmas!

I want to thank People’s Cube for making fun of Belligerent Marxist…and in some ways I want to thank Mr. Peterson of for refusing to get rid of that ridiculously stupid link of ……You must ALL Possess a great sense of humour towards the Cecilia Yu’s position on Commies! 🙂 And NO! I totally made up that bollocks about being Banned from Karl Marx’s memorial library…I only did it because it was Funny when I responded with, “Is it near Carluccio’s?” But all that Dogging at Marx’s grave done by perverts are 100% TRUER than TRUE… is a slimey brothel of Numb-Numb-Numb-ness over there….mostly because some people can’t afford to PAY for a real Brothel due to being Marxist! hahahahahaha.

Still it tells you a lot about their needs that 86million of them “could” read about “Dogging”!hahahahaa!




Thanks for being Green! :)…it is easier than you think….did not know you guys own an Art Gallery! Well…keep up the great work! XXOO all the best.


Thank you Sir Pranksky of Pranksky Media for constantly reminding me the importance of “Sell, sell…and sell….” 🙂 (injoke alert!)

pranksky media

Thank you to everyone who donated to Elinros’ Crowd funding for Iprotest-Pepa’s “My Body, my Dance” in Uganda so that 21 Victims of Rape as Weapons of War can show empowerment through dance and spread Positivity by Refusing to be Oppressed! XXOO I dreamt of this project over 6 months ago and thought it would be started in 2013 when I have a bit more time, little did I know that another Team Robbo steps up and pushes it through in 2012! You are all Amazing! 🙂

Thank you for a wonderful evening playing with Laser technologies for Art’s sake at the Google Building in London. 😉 I had so much fun, Team Robbo!!!!

Love the  Laser Technology Wall Writing!

Love the Laser Technology Wall Writing!

I just want to thank all the fantastic people around me for their centered and genuine approach to the Art Universe and our willingness to trust that the universe has our backs and there is no need to make up stories about oneself or others in order to HEAR the message of 12/12/12 Mayan transformation!


To the Shanghai-eses and Korean at THAT Japanese place…hey, thanks so much for the Complementary Sushi. You guys are soooo Sweet for doing that! You really didn’t have to! XXOO


Thank you to dude in computer shop for help with finding a good quality professional photo printer for me…..and yes, I am sure I will do that thing with the dot-matrix thing… one of these days! lol. Thank you for your interest in my art…I will post up the photos when I can after  Team Robbo’s google thing….

Thank you everyone at Room Service for handling all my requests. 🙂 Yes, I know….I still have to collect my complementary breakfast following the “sulphur egg smell” corridor incident! hahahaa. Spending time leading up to Xmas in hotel is turning into a strange tradition ever since Kathmandu! lol. Wow…what a scary breakfast…can I collect that over x3 days…??? hahaha.

Thank you R & business partners… for inviting me to the Jamie Reid thing….I wish I knew who he was…but I am sure it will be a lovely evening of interesting culture…I will catch up with the exhibition later but I am away for the private opening. btw. I really appreciate the passion you have for Creative Living! You are all very gifted architects! Please come to the google shop thing if you can. X

This is the draft of the poster I sent to Cairo….so they can “do their design stuff” print it into big poster size etc…but seriously protestors are throwing petrol bombs at one another around the corner…so Everyone will just have to do what they have to do. 😛 “Inshallah…it will all be wonderful!” as Samia would say! ♥

Cairo2 poster

Well, thank you for the invitation Team Robbo! How come Chocci wants to “Feel the Presence!” but I get to “Feel the Presents!” hahahaha. Is that the dynamics of the psychology between men and women? See you all soon!

Team Robbo: TeamRexfeelthepresentsfinal

Was walking down some street and suddenly two very annoying girls wearing way too much make-up shoved these two designer soaps in my hand and I ran off before they could ask me some stupid question about what moisturiser I used! Okay….thanx!


Thank you, N,  for getting me this hideously ugly knitted cap to help me free-style so I can record and finish my message to the National Musuem of Modern art in Cairo! I did not expect to wake up to this hidous cap staring at me! 🙂


Adem, thanks for the “special price” but even with you generous discount…a Sloanie “made in Chelsea” haircut is still a bit like my weight in Arab gold for me! hahahaa. Can’t believe they charge more than Starbucks for a latte there! Oh well, I think we will stick with you doing our hair at a girl party at B’s sleep-over in the future! I knew it was going to be trouble when the chairs you washed my hair with is the same as the first class seats in an Arab airline! hahahhaa. (Just kidding!) What fun!


Thank you for a lovely embassy drinkies session the other day! It is always always nice to meet up with people who went to the same school as you did and can remember the same teachers you can all laugh about/at/with together…..I am aware that there was a press conference about our little truant DJs….and honestly…..aren’t those Pommes humourless! 😛 Get real…we can all laugh at ourselves…why do they have so much trouble doing that when it counts?

We can agree that perhaps my proposal to replace Julia “welsh” Gilliard with Kath’n’Kim may not be to everyone’s liking…but hey…we can all have some “prunes wrapped in bacon” and “potatoes with a bit of fish eggs on top” together while we disagree! hahahah. XOXO.

wpid-IMG_20121204_183318.jpg wpid-IMG_20121204_211338.jpg

Thank you so much for lunch at Decima’s school. It was great to meet a few of your staff and I think your latest ideas for special needs school is very sustainable and thank you for doing such a great Actor’s parody of one of my “artistic tantrums”! hahahahaha. You got it spot on! I can see why you were a Shakespearean actress back in the days! Thank you for your voice of sanity!!!!

Thank you for the invitation to your birthday do in Hong kong’s party district…I know your parties are the height of Hong kong Legal society “dos” for young uppers and comers but I cannot be in two places at once…so consider this my “rainbow bow-tie” attendance to your b’day party!!!!! I swear, one of these years I will be with you all…having a champers and swamping insider trading tips! I promise!!!!!!


R and Family + A and Family, thank you for giving my bunnies and kitty the love and attention they are missing from me because I was so busy meeting the deadline for Cairo! I am so glad you genuinely love animals like me.

kitty cat

Thank you to the Gentleman from DHL who took the extra effort to try to make sure that I filled in all the right forms so my art work will get through customs and get through protestors in Tent city in Tahriq Square in Cairo, to get inside the Opera House in time for the exhibition! Well..Inshallah, all will be well….but thank you for doing your part to further the arts by writing: “Art for education”. That is very true! 🙂

Thank you “P” for bringing the schools kids to cheer my work on as I send my art to Cairo. I am so honoured by what you said about my art. It was a very positive experience. 🙂 I hope the kids enjoyed the tour too!

Thank you for bringing me a Ladder when I needed it so I can REALLy get up high to photograph my artwork “R”…you are so thoughtful and silently considerate. 🙂

Thank you for Cleaning for me “L” and refusing to take any money! Of course you must take it because you are already working full-time and you came over to help me clean the house so I can leave the place x3 days earlier and get on with my work!!!! Thank you! I am so glad we went to sushi and thank you for putting up with Breaking Dawn Part.2!  I know no one ever likes it! 🙂

I would like to thank the Manager at Vue who shall remain nameless for giving £10 worth of vouchers so I can share this with my friends…we both know why and I just want to say thank you for doing it without me asking for it. 🙂


I wanted to thank everyone of the 5 Urdu speaking shop keepers in the local fabric shop for translating a wonderful Silver fabric with Urdu words written on it for me, it said:

“Whoever sees this, his or her difficulties will be made easy. Whoever looks at this early in the morning , whatever work you do will be accomplished. Believing without seeing (with faith), the Lord will provide you with prosperity, if Allah wills it so.”

Well thank you, this fabric is definitely more interesting than many I saw recently! 🙂


Tried out a new chinese place and randomly we were given a complementary chilli fish. Yum. Thank you so much!!!!


I want to thank all the people who give me Funding advise and constantly invite me to exhibit with them artistically in Wonderful Venues all over the world!

I got a free massage from the lady who was a political refugee from Burma! Thank you! You are so generous! 🙂

Read her story here: Burma: Why persecute someone for their religion?

I want to thank so many professionals who waive their copyrights and let me use their materials here by honoring Creative Commons with no drama! 🙂

One of the few perks of a long-distance “thing” is that occasionally he sends a nibble-box to show he cares. 🙂


Walked pass somewhere while looking for paint and art supply and randomly got given a tiny box of designer jellybeans….some of the flavours were really unusual….I liked the watermelon one! 🙂


For as long as I remember, a bunch of enviro-activists in Hong kong had invited me to their fb groups and are constantly giving away Free stuff! You name it …they just post a pic of it and all you have to do is arrange to pick it up! They post things regularly and are just constantly saying: Please it’s Free! Come and pick it up and enjoy it! 🙂

Link to Group but it is ONLY in Cantonese Chinese!

So Thanks Niki at the PDSA Vets for Pets Charity shop,  for this “Be happy” note. It brought on a barrage of people smiling at me and sending me good vibes as I was hanging around and ended with me scoffing down some free cocktails from the Twilight Premier (I didn’t see the movie cos I hate crowds in cinemas so will go back later!)


But it got me thinking, what if I tallied up all the good vibes and freebies I get leading towards Xmas and start Counting my blessings and saying thanks to people who shower me with goodwill and stuff? 🙂

So here’s a start: Heart and Cocktail!

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  2. Anonymous
    December 16, 2012

    Get ����� wasted on your men/women rant! Who the ��� really waste any moment for your ���� haters? ����� ����� �����!!!!


    • ceciliawyu
      December 17, 2012

      Lol. I think your excessive use of expletives got censored by wordpress a little! What on earth did you write? hahahhaa. No. Don’t tell me! Have a great Christmas!

      Try a foreign language next time you need to swear…might get pass censorship. 🙂


  3. Anaerty
    December 15, 2012

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    From Cecilia: Yes, that is fine. But I’m a Sustain-Able blog so you know, I endorse no products unless I really love it and discover it all by myself. Please respect Creative Commons 3.0 and give me an attribution back and don’t profit from my stuff without arranging for an alternative licensing. thanks.Goodluck.


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