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New York: Plus-Size Fashion Advise from a top Personal Trainer!

I got this Random note from Omeed Isari’s personal training people and he seems to be a gorgeous top model and branding himself as some  New York Personal Trainer  to promote the business! haahaha…so I thought I would just SHARE the eye-candy with the rest of the post-modern ladies in my Muse-Cauldron-Goddess-Creative-Mandala! 🙂

…and Omeed, if  that was really you and not someone using you to advertise!

….if you are reading this:

I will of course collect on my free personal consultation session if ever I am in New York! :)I think you fit into the category of “Women want to be with you and Men want to be you!” Thank you and I love your work too!XXOO

love Cecilia

 Note from CC..Cecilia : Personally I just don’t  know what the big fuss is about! If you are happy with who you are and you look great, then you look great! If you are not, then  I don’t know…do something else! Some people are just born with it and some are not. I was never going to be a Runway model because I was a few inches too short…that is life…and I had asthma so I did not get to play Regional and National level in Tennis. Life is like that! You take what you have and do the best with it. Whining about it is pathetic and playing victims even worse! I don’t see any of the plus-size models I found whining about their life..they just got on with it ! That’s why I like Omeed’s take on plus-size. 

***But seriously beware of Ponchos…it could make you look like a bejewelled Tent! hahha.

Hello Cecilia

I am a personal trainer in New York and I want to share my ideas because you are so smart with confidence expression.

I know you are no where near plus size. I just want to talk about advise I give to my clients. In truth the plus sized high fashion clothes provides great opportunity to plus size ladies to fill up their closets with cool black dresses, shimmering jackets, lingerie plus much more. These easy to wear are not only wearable but fantastic in terms of versatility.

The advantage of being familiar with one’s body is that you can control your own feelings about it. By knowing your property and flaws by heart, you will be lead in selecting fantastic plus size clothing that works along with your figure. IT will give you an idea on which style is right for your determine that hides from view your least flattering components and flaunts your desirable physical features.

Some people say mini-skirt is a well-known fashion faux pas intended for plus size women. Although for some of my clients finding a top in the appropriate size may be difficult at times, this is not an excuse to invest in a shirt that’s too short. Some ladies will invest in a shirt that barely weighs below waist level, that is not a choice for an intelligent plus size lady.

As a result, when she raises the girl arms or perhaps bends over, her flesh is uncovered. I am sure most of these women don’t need to show off their love handles. There are smarter moves! To avoid this challenge, buy for a longer time shirts. The length of your shirt need to be to the middle of your hips. It will give your several more inches. It also makes it easy to move without the fear of subjecting your flesh to a group of gawking viewers.

I know this is opposite of your feelings about Mini-skirts but not everyone can wear a mini-skirt in an attractive way. They don’t all have nice skins, pretty smiles and exudes endless feminity. Don’t yell at me. It is a truth!

What’s wrong with a ponchos in this case?

Ponchos have made the comeback nowadays after becoming a fashion reach four decades ago. It is perfect for summer specially when you are putting on a sleeveless outfit, tank top or a bathing suit. Ponchos may nail that fun still formal search. Choose ponchos which might be crocheted, or manufactured from light material such as cotton and ideally, ones inside pastel colours and that is style and avoids frumpiness. Ponchos are great through daytime and even in the night when they can become elegantly put on over a darkish dress devoid of sleeves.

When women wear comfortable clothes that looks fantastic, they are happier. Consequently while they choose to get a wholesome workout and eat healthful food, choosing to enjoy themselves at the same time. I always advise my clients,”Get some good-looking done! If you need to buy some plus size women’s clothes, then just do that. Don’t have the time period to go to this shopping mall?

Go online and you will be ready to find a wide variety of plus size clothing for women. You may need to modify the trendy stuff change if for an attractive dress? Perhaps you decided to paint the city red simply by going clubbing with close friends for fun and choosing to rejoice to unwind in any way that makes you feel good about yourselves! No need to care about the Label! Life is short. Benefit from it and become happy with your exact life location now.”

I encourage my clients to go out and mingle! Don’t stay home and hide from the world. You will never tone up or be healthy that way. It is not about just weight loss or filling others expectation, it is about working with a combination of external expectation and your own internal confidence building. That is an Emotionally Intelligent style of handling social pressures.

Consequently no matter what event it is, it is possible to find the variety, style and color regarding plus size womens clothes on-line. Never stay home because you think you don’t look good! I want my clients to learn from you! It is not about spending the money. In fact, I tell them they may also search for this pricing that suites your budget. Want some romantic thing to happen? A lot of plus size women think they are doomed to be alone! Not True! Change the inside, change the outside, change everything and life will change with how fantastic you feel!

There exists plenty of online stores that advertise a range of clothing coming from dresses to cool tops and even sexy clubwear intended for plus size women. Plus they all look really good! Don’t be bottled in because of your circumstances. Check out what’s offered yourself and pick up a shorter dress if you love it, it is about how it makes you feel but with realistic self-styling.

Thank you for letting me write this long comment. I just went crazy when I heard how those older ladies think they have to “bottle”. They need a session with you for attitude change and a session with me for overall physical & health change. Please like my fb page. I am just starting but I am so passionate about my work.

I Love your work.
A Personal Trainer NYC

(I look a lot like Omeed Isari! 🙂 Don’t tell anyone it is me! )

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      Thanks for the link backs….if you represent Osmeed’s people…say Hi!X


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