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(Updated 1/2) Canada: First Nations Indigenous Rights under fire, is “Idle no More” winning?

1 Feb 2013 Update by Dr. Lynn Gehl gii-zhigaate-mnidoo-kwe , For Lynn’s official website click here
Lynn explained: ”  When the International Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted by the United Nations in December 1948, Lemkin’s definition was included within the definition. Article 2 of the Convention codifies five genocidal practices and states that any of these acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, constitutes genocide. These five practices are: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; and, forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.
That said, when I think about the issue of unknown and unstated paternity and the Indian Act, specifically about AANDC’s unstated paternity policy, or internal practice or whatever they want to call it, I realize it is in fact genocide. As many know, Indian status is delineated into two subsections of section 6 of the Indian Act: subsection 6(1) and subsection 6(2). While mothers registered under subsection 6(1) are able to pass on status to their children in their own right, this is not the case with mothers registered under subsection 6(2), also known as a weaker form of status. In the event that a father’s signature is missing or not found on a child’s birth registration form, the Registrar of AANDC assumes a negative presumption of paternity, meaning the Registrar assumes non-Indian paternity. This means that the children born of mothers registered under subsection 6(2) are vulnerable as their children are now considered to be non-status and thus not entitled to their treaty rights such as health care and education rights, First Nation band membership, and First Nation citizenship.
Many know by now that Indigenous women are victims of a higher rate of sexual violence such as incest, rape, gang rape, sexual slavery and prostitution. This situation has been brought on through the oppression of colonization, the denial of our rights as Indigenous people, the denial of our land and resources, the residential and day school systems, and the criminalization of our cultures and Indigenous knowledge systems. In any sexist and racist society young Indigenous women are particularly vulnerable. Research has shown that 45 per cent of the children born to status Indian mothers 15 years of age or younger do not have their father’s signature on their birth registration form.”
Her article is brilliant, read it in full here: For Lynn’s article in full click here

As you all know I am naturally not very trusting of any kind of “isms”. I like my lobbyists grassroot, independent, eloquent, educated and historically well-informed. There is nothing that puts me off more than a bunch of people fisting manically while unable to make any clear points about anything at all. Which is why I was so shocked when I hear all these truly eloquent First Nations’ new generation of lobbyists online being pillorised by illiterate haters because they would like to stick to the facts, educate and inform!

First nation

A year on from the Obama-rama of Coffee Party USA while I finally blocked the Parks because one of them decided to write bollocks about religious intolerance as opppose to one year ago meowing to me about Bill of Rights. I don’t think we were heading towards the same Bill of Rights. I think theirs is agenda-ed from the start. While many can be very Machiavelli about it, I think that they’ve gone one PR strategies to populists and has finally “Gone LOCO in COMMIE-POCO!” when they started rambling about other people’s faith while they’ve set up a Media cult of Personality with Mr Obama. Hey, with helpers like that, if I was Hillary, I’d quit too! Oh gosh, she did! lol.

So, moving on to  the next bizarre nuttiness in Canada, Mr Harper….oh my!

6-Victoria BC museum

Where does one start? I think I’m going to take the polite description first from your very own Councils of Canadians acting for social justice  blog and then I can do my sarcastic commentary, no?


First Nations are betrayed

While no one is laying blame for the chronic conditions of poverty and poor living standards of First Nations communities on the doorstep of one party or government, the Harper government abandoned the 2006 Kelowna Accord and with it, a whole host of programs to address issues of aboriginal health, addictions, youth suicide, fetal alcohol syndrome, maternal health and child care, and others.

Photo by

As well, in the omnibus bills, the government has dramatically undermined the safety, sovereignty and security of First Nations. The gutting of environmental protections is of particular concern to First Nations as many of the current and proposed new energy and mining projects — now released from environmental oversight by the Harper government — take place on Indigenous lands. These changes were made without consultation with First Nations, despite their court-recognized treaty right. This also violates the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which guarantees “free, prior and informed consent” in any matter that touches on resource development on Aboriginal lands. Another bill imposes strict new rules on drinking water provision without accompanying funding, and permits the government to enforce user fees. The Harper government is also proposing to allow the sale of reserve property to non-Indigenous buyers, forever losing them as community lands. The outrage of the First Nations community to the imposition of these new laws has been swift and strong.

Photo by

No shit, Sherlock? So are you actually saying Factually, this poor guy IS one of those well-spoken, historically educated, literate and thinking person from the First Nation’s new generation of lobbyist has a point? You mean they are NOT just “playing victim”? OMG! I am so shocked! ( that’s knee-deep in sarcasm there…joke)

Actually I don’t know anything about the issue, I just went to a gorgeous Native First Nation Museum my friend worked at in Victoria B.C …Gorgeous handicrafts….okay I lied… I do know something about the issue…some of those Idle no more people are my fb friends…kkkkk.

You know it is never that great when I see some of your haters and I end up comparing them to that episode in X-file where a child was born in redneck country with every genetically diseased known to human kind due to generations of inbreeding…..:) But trying to talk logically to some of them is such a waste of time, you might as well have a bit of fun, no? 🙂

x-file scullly mulder

Not sure why we are still trying to disprove Pommie Queen’s Terra Nullius doctrine in 2013….you should just feed the colonial blah-blahs more lard pies and watch their little gout-infested veins pop…:) …like we did with feeding Fat Pang (Chris Patten) custard tarts in Hong kong until he popped :). Kissy! X Greetings to people from Idle No More!

8-Idle no more

I know you guys invited me to some event via Facebook but I get a lot of invites a day so I can’t even find it anymore. Anyway, you should thank the guy in the YouTube video, you’d be completely ignored as another events in the world, if he didn’t put up such a brave face to his haters and at the same time, just let me “Canto-flash-mob” his YouTube with an outpouring of Chinese style sarcasm.

Photo by

The fact that you have to discuss issues of Terra Nullius related legal doctrine again is just ridiculous! First Nation was established as a way to rebut this kind of Blatant English Colonial Racism and Landgrab. You have to watch those horrid little pommes in their pasty white silk stockings (for men!)…they stole everything with cunning use of flags….but luckily they always cooked in their woolen undies and died in the mid-day Indian summers…and/or frooze their titties off in the snow of the Whistlers!

*** What I don’t understand is, why is there always some trusting Indigenous natives willing to save them ? You should have taken a leaf out of our book in China…it is sort of the french version of “Let them eat cake..” but we really don’t give the cake without at least quite a bit of silver AND a dab of opium (bloody drug dealers never change…disgusting! tut..tut.. hahahha!)

“We stole countries with the cunning use of you have a flag?” says comedian Eddie Izzard. Again, they don’t know how to keep it, so don’t worry about it, just feed them some pop-tart and in a hundred years time, no one will ever remember who the hell are your haters darling! XXOO

So on with the serious stuff, what is “Idle no More”?

Idle No More is an ongoing protest movement originating among the Aboriginal peoples in Canada comprising the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples and their non-Aboriginal supporters in Canada, and to a lesser extent, internationally. It has consisted of a number of political actions worldwide, inspired in part by the hunger strike of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence and further coordinated via social media. A reaction to legislative abuses of indigenous treaty rights by the current federal government, the movement takes particular issue with the recent omnibus bill Bill C-45.

Photo by

A bit of historic background to Mr Harper’s “cunning use of Bill”

After the May 2, 2011 Canadian Federal election, the federal government, led by Stephen Harper, proposed a number of omnibus bills, which introduced numerous legislative changes. While omnibus bills had been presented to parliament by previous governments, the perceived ideological nature of the changes proposed in Bill C-45 played to fears of a supposed right-wing agenda held by the Conservatives, particularly concerning the removal of the term “absolute surrender” in section 208, among others.

7-Idle no more notice
A number of these measures drew fire from environmentalist and First Nations groups. In particular, Bill C-45 overhauled the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) of 1882, renaming it the Navigation Protection Act (NPA). The NWPA had mandated an extensive approval and consultation process before construction of any kind could take place in or around any water which could in principle be navigated by any kind of floating craft. Under the new NPA, the approval process would only be required for development around one of a vastly circumscribed list of waterways set by the Minister of Transportation.[citation needed] Many of the newly deregulated waterways passed through traditional First Nations land.

5-big house british columbia museum first nations art
While the NWPA had originally been intended to facilitate actual navigation, the ubiquity of waterways in the Canadian wilderness has given it the effect of strong environmental legislation by presenting a significant barrier to industrial development of any kind, especially to projects such as pipelines which crossed many rivers.The government had by this time been engaged for some years in a campaign for approval of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines Project, a proposal to build a pipeline for bitumen condensate connecting the Athabasca tar sands with the Pacific Ocean, facilitating unprocessed bitumen exports to China.

Embarassing to say it has to do with Commie China again, aren’t they total bastards? Tar Sands, I can’t even begin to describe how wrong that is on an environmental level. As I wrote to all and sundry, when it comes to those who do not wish to respect human integrity: 話不投機半句多!

Another word: Talk to the hand! Chinese-style! Kissy! X

First nation

I would try to talk about my views on this issue, but quite frankly I have a policy of letting people 100% affected by these things speak for themselves since I know I am a bad listener and even worse at paraphrasing others’ situations. So I don’t try, I just try to listen. It is the only time where I, in fact, listen at all, so if you are in that situation, feel very privileged that what you have to say, managed to keep me listening. 

I wish all those working hard to safeguard First Nation Indigenous Rights all the best and clearly I hope you don’t come across too many people so inbred and brain-dead they have every genetically inherited disease known to human kind, including BIGOTRY!

It may seem difficult to believe, but my culture respects yours. Like us and even before us, you have been on this planet for a very long time. Love to you. XXOO

P.S I still find this episode of X-file so very very creepy but pretty much describes the modern Bigot, Commie-Nazies mentality…terrible what being illiterate and inbred can do to people and how it makes them justify the worse possible human abominations like excessive inbreeding and scape-goating of minorities in the name of some “isms”!!


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