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Happy Easter! Eggs, eggs, Imperial Fabergé eggs and just normal overpriced chocolate ones!


Happy Easter, Happy Passover and whatever public or private holiday…and Happy Shivaratri retrospectively of course! 🙂 I still think these Faberge eggs are kinda tacky and belongs in the Vatican gift stores …but it seems to make people Happy to view them so ….vive la difference! ♥

 Imperial  eggs (c) Fabergé

I know I am going to get told off for saying this….Imperial Faberge eggs…look I know they have historical sentimentality and incredible craftsmanship but Art-wise…the whole bling-bling motif is so TACKY (like it belongs in the Vatican store!)…..Still…its an over-priced EGG…now you just gota pour gallons of Chocolate inside it! 🙂

eggs (c) Fabergé

In the beginning, these eggs were a very very fancy way of sending one another images of miniature Icons of Madonna and Child etc….in the Russian Orthodox church….so it has its basis in spiritual meaning of Easter…but then again…instead of coating it with paint or chocolate…they ended up going nuts on gold, diamonds and stuff….lol. Well the rest is just history, isn’t it?

 Imperial  eggs (c) Fabergé

I only want them if I open one and there is a magical Chocolate waterfall inside spewing “Kill Commies!” from mouths of triple dragons perched over the great Southern palace of Chang’an….and if FAbs can’t make that…they are just not the craftsmen they were… If they sucessfully make one and suddenly all Commies in Beijing died, then the whole tradition of the Fab will come Full circles…Imperial killed by Commies….100 yrs later…Commies killed by Imperials. Fab!  (lol. see Romanov Fab!)


That was a joke…..I made it up… is my way of making fun of the Chinese Communist party who keeps trying to ban Christmas, Easter, Buddha’s birthday, Islam and just about anything that might encourage people to have something else other than being evil human rights violating commies!

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lol. I’m not REALLy saying “Kill all commies over Easter” (joke!) but it would make one hell of a horror film though! hahahaha…or a comedy…. 😀

PurpleFabergeEggOpen (c) Fabergé

However after all this, this EGG is my favorite:

(c) Fabergé Alexander_III_Equestrian_Faberge_egg_02_by_shakko

From Neighborhood Free-furniture/items swap-meet: I got rid of 1 Black Glass computer table and got back this designer Ovetto by architect/designer Gianluca Soldi…Ironically a GIANT Recycling Green-EGG BIN for Easter!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m glad parts of England is catching up with Hong kong in terms of doing “Yes, it’s FREE!” recycling of our stuff and to build community goodwill & foster co-operations between people!!!! 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥

ovetto (c) Gianluca Soldi


4 comments on “Happy Easter! Eggs, eggs, Imperial Fabergé eggs and just normal overpriced chocolate ones!

  1. Please, why dont write the prices?. Besides, do you make shipping to COLOMBIA-Bogotá¨.
    Thanks a lot. Sorry for my english.Answer please.

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceciliawyu
      July 25, 2016

      Hello Luz Vargas….:) the reason why I dont write the price is because I am not selling rare antique faberge eggs from Russian imperial collections. But I do know an art dealer friend of mine who can help you if you are interested in rare eggs. 🙂 You can also find rare faberge eggs on auction but it is better to find a private sale. Goodluck! Cecilia


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    • ceciliawyu
      October 2, 2014

      ????? What???? In English…not technie speak please??? What will do what??? Never mind…just do whatever! 🙂


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