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Nick Cave: Abuse Not your Muse….or you will end up with one you have to kill. :)


I freaking NEED a new Muse and NO, I do not need anyone to fill in applications forms….anyone who fills in a form is FAR TOO comformist to be my New Muse! ♥

I am still on quest to find the perfect dolls house that will make all Art in the phenomenal universe make sense. I know this “Tardis” of a doll’s house is somewhere out there……I have seen it….its dimension changes and slides and morphs…..

I don’t care if I have to dig Einstein out of his Grave to find it!


Last time I was like this, I ran around Tibet looking for a Female Guru incarnation that my guru remembered meeting when he was a teenage boy with his mom…thank god Female guru’s son worked in the 1st hotel my Urdu Muslim host took me to….Fancy that! 🙂 …Power of Artistic Dreams!

But I really feel sorry for any Muse trying to follow all this….and btw sometimes when I say something is a Muse, I don’t mean it!

For example, the Dolls house is not a muse, it is just  a tangent, a decoy…..the real Muse is elsewhere. If I name it, it is unlikely that a thing or a person is REALLY a muse! Cruel I know but you know….it is just the way it works.

I see this all the time in the male artists around me. Sometimes it feels like they can’t produce anything without thumping something…physically or metaphorically.


The irony is that in work mode, actually it is very boring. We spend hours alone and when we talk to one another, it is no Dionysian Orgy, it is sometimes quite sharp and technical.


I did an art collaborative talk yesterday with yet another Natural-Born Artistic Talent (well recognised by the world already) and I was so focussed on dealing with the exchange, my partner managed to vacumn and clean the floors around me and I did not hear nor notice…..

Maybe for that reason, I ended up watching this interview of Nick Cave’s…

I laughed@3.16.

Nick Cave went to Monash for his fine art. Apart from being privately taught since I was 2 yrs old, I also took some art subjects there. I remember having a chat with a tutor (one I was bickering with) and we actually got a bit of a lecture about “Staying sane in the thralls of a Muse driven Creative process” and how not to turn yourself into an overworked zombie by remembering that there IS a Normal Life. His interview paraphrased the same advise.

When I hear this from Nick Cave, it echoes in so many discussions from so MANY artists I know successful solid; ones that holds it together for a lifetime.


Tell me you didn’t rip off John & Yoko in “Imagine” video, Nick! 😛

A British-Jamaican recording artist with his own record label in London, actually told me over Japanese,” You have no right to announce your muse. You think it is for his ego but it is an abuse to do it to him. You damage him more than you help. You have to learn to “keep it contained”….”

Or put simply by a well-known Graffiti/Street Artist to me, “Sometimes people’s brains “Pop” if they see too much of what we do….” …..—-> Dionysian Energy? I think so.


It is good if you can be a plodder like Nick Cave…but some just CAN’T!

I have dreams that resolves it before I can even talk seriously about it…..

There is a certain “style” to this artistic storm that any other real artists can recognise in one another. So if you are artistically kindred spirits, you learn to “bypass it” and “truck on”…..

Thank you Nina Simone’s rendition of Wild is the Wind, for seeing me through this latest art deadlock….lol.

She is frighteningly ACE and if ever there was a Maenad of songs in a Dionysian Arts Orgy…I would want Wild is the Wind as my entrance theme tune! ♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, I think this concisely summarises Nick Cave’s point:


I saw the final bit of Nick Cave’s interview….he still has a bit of a grudge from the failed Visual artist bit, I think. I know it is unpopular to say this…but…Mr.Cave, what the hell were you thinking with that statute? The only thing I’ve ever seen uglier was in Moscow and that was deliberately so! They deliberately put it as a crowning glory to the crap sculptures in Gorky Park of ex-Soviet aesthetic atrocities!

Please! Abuse your music muse but please dear god, don’t abuse our art muse! Okay, so you did not make it as a visual artist, you are a tour de force in the Music world. Please Nick, leave art to the rest of us and “do your music thing”….Ouch, that art project here is crinch-worthy!

We don’t really care if he was your mate from Art School….seriously, this is wrong!

Please tell me you are being ironic and knocking the Tall Poppy Syndrome of Australia!

Some days I wonder if I’m obsessed with Dance Fusion because I am a failed Ballerina-wannabe….it is not my fault, my family gave me art lessons instead of proper ballet-dance lessons !

Still….even if I become the Nick Cave of the visual art world, I would NEVER inflict my Ballet dancing on the world…that is just MUSE ABUSE ! Killing Kylie in a video was superb…but please spare us the need to vindicate Negative comments in Art school! Oh Lord!

culture1-1 (c) Nashville ballet

Please stick with your mates in Music! Please! 🙂 Oh Lord!

Gallery of Nick Cave doing whatever:

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