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Free online books for kids!


From Cecilia: I have so little “parental” bones in my body…possibly because I need parenting regularly from my own artistic tantrums…But I love what is doing with promoting free kids e-books. So wanted to show my support! So if you popped out one, maybe you can start worrying more about what you put in “its” brains…because I can’t stand people that decide to POP ONE OUT and then LEAVE IT to go FERAL and ILLITERATE! Then you might as well be pro-choice and stop messing up someone’s life!

give babies drugs

Oh well, kid is lard-infested and ugly so it doesn’t matter if it is used as a drug experiment by its own parents, that’s what they bred them for! hahahaha. Horrible 4chan boys and their stupid but hilarious ideas! 🙂

Yes, it is your duty to read with your kids, here are FREE e-books to do it! The only people who don’t do that are evil morons like my ex neighbor, the feral, loser meth-lab dealer arsehole and my ex-landlord his best friend and best customer! Seriously! Is this the type of parent you want to be? 🙂 (No guilt trips or anything…but if it works….stuff if I care what you think! haha! READ WITH YOUR FREAKING KIDS SO THEY DON’T INFLICT their ILLITERACY TO ANNOY CECILIA! xxoo Thank you!)


Since I have been working with my son on writing, and it is impossible to separate reading with writing.  I have found some great resources of free reading materials for kids.

The first one is Free Kids Books.  It offers children’s books for purchase.  Some books are free, but all books are available for free in PDF format.  You can print out the PDF and put them in binders.  The benefit of that is you can have your child draw or write on these pages, and it become the child’s creation too.

Read to Me is a website where kids can listen to books read by the authors.  A nice feature is for some books they have lesson plans that provide talking point and activity ideas.  It is a great help for parents.

Storyline Online is another site offers free books.  It is run by Screen Actors Guild Foundation, all books are read aloud by some very famous actors and actresses.  In addition…

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