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Chet Baker: The Prince of Cool

From Cecilia: He is indeed the Prince of Cool ! This one is my favorite: I’m a fool to want you…

I don’t think the world knows how to handle gifted people…no matter what age…I have seen the truly gifted do amazing stuff for a lollipop, a trinket or a bet what they refuse to do for wad loads of money.. it has something to do with being bored with the world at an early age … thing though they may decide they want to hang out with normal people but in the end they get more done in life if they hang out with one another…..again….no matter what age they are…..

Yes I know he was a total Dionysian Icon….lost in life-long drug habit and decadence. However I am also a big one for judging the Art for Art’s sake and Chet Baker was/is/always will be Extremely Gifted. 


So let us remember his Legacy and mimick that and not his ability to shoot up!


Who is Chet Baker? (Are you from a different planet, even I know!)

Chesney Henry “Chet” Baker, Jr. (December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988) was an American jazz trumpeterflugelhornist and vocalist. Baker earned much attention and critical praise through the 1950s, particularly for albums featuring his vocals (Chet Baker SingsIt Could Happen to You).


Jazz historian David Gelly described the promise of Baker’s early career as “James DeanSinatra, and Bix, rolled into one.” His “well-publicized drug habit” also drove his notoriety and fame; Baker was in and out of jail regularly before enjoying a career resurgence in the late 1970s and ’80s


Plaque at the Hotel Prins Hendrik, inAmsterdam

Visit the Chet Baker Foundation
Born in Yale, Oklahoma December 23, 1929 Chet Baker was destined to touch the authentically American art of jazz music with an unmistakable sound and phrasing that is still celebrated and enjoyed throughout the world.
The mission of the Chet Baker Foundation (based in his home state of Oklahoma), managed by Chet’s son, Paul, and his grandsons and Chad and Chet, is to bring awareness through education and events to the life and art of Chet Baker. The mission of the Chet Baker Archive is to collect materials and stories related to the life and art of this iconic jazz artist.
The archive is managed by Bruce Guthrie who also serves as a foundation director and estate business representative. With the great help of Artt Frank, Chet’s friend and drummer, many pioneering artists and celebrities have accepted the invitation to share their love for Chet by joining The Foundation as Honorary Directors and Board members.; With the great help of Artt Frank, Chet’s friend and drummer, many pioneering artists and celebrities have accepted the invitation to share their love for Chet by joining The Foundation as Honorary Directors and Board members.; from Dave Brubeck, Quincy Jones, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock and Leon Russell; to Sharon Stone, Hugh Hefner and Jeff Golblum….over 60 artists, thusfar.
Please see the honorary directors and board links below to read about them) All are welcome to join and contribute…in the spirit of jazz improvisation…the spirit of music as a means to bring people together….and mostly in the romantic and unique artistic spirit of Chet Baker.
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Karzan Kardozi

I will always cherish the memory of Chet Baker, for years ago, that is, many years ago, I felt in love with Jazz become of him, that is, felt in love with Cool Jazz. The man with the trumpet did not only played Cool Jazz, but he was himself, the Prince of Cool, he lived to be cool.

I remember I was going around and telling all my friends to checkout the forgotten “Chet Baker”, and they were like, “Who?”, “Chet Baker, you know, Cool Jazz, back in mid 50s, the cool ones; Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck and Chet Baker”, “Ah, so you mean Miles Davis?”, “NO, damn it, I mean Chest Baker”

So, here is to your encounter with Chet Baker, the forgotten one,  the tragic hero, the one and only, Prince of Cool.

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One comment on “Chet Baker: The Prince of Cool

  1. ceciliawyu
    May 2, 2013

    This is still incomparable! OMG!

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