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New York: VoWW starts “Women Who Dared” TV series. Whoa, I am Producing? Yes!

VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE’S VOWW-TV: This 3 min video clip is a DEMO presentation to produce two 13-part TV series programs titled: “WOMEN WHO DARED … to become Prime Ministers & Presidents” from 1960-2012 .. What does it tke to be a leader ? What are the secret ingrediants ? Exclusive programmed for grassroots women and young girls with ambitions to enter a political career … . DEMO: “WOMEN WHO DARED …To be Elected Presidents & Prime Ministers” 


Now: ( Withe me onboard….we are heading in perhaps more Multicultural voices and directions with Vinanti from India X)

indira gandhi

29th September update: Something we are working on slowly towards this Project

VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE &VOWW-TV “exclusive interview” with HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud attending the 67th United Nations General Assembly in New York

Wow, Vinanti Sarkar Castellarin!!!

What an amazing letter from you and thank you for including me in your Voices of Women Worldwide TV family. I have so much to learn and I believe we can all figure it out slowly. As you know I have my own Documentary project : “A household of Kontinuance” in development phase. It is slow as I am very slow and have to learn from the Giants of the industry before me. I am so very grateful to the small family of Movie-makers and TV series creators around the world who have faith in the shared visions we hold ; that is to tell the truth in whatever way we mirror that to the world and to further the human race. 🙂 see link:

I’m honoured that you would like me to assist as Producer in this series. I have no idea how well I would manage but I’m just going to count on the fact that my wonderful mentor Eva Monley (RIP) must have seen something in me every so often even though I still haven’t completed the project she wanted me to do since I do not know how the book would end, it is impossible to turn it into a Movie….hahahaa. Slowly…slowly….

In the meantime. I thank you Vinanti for being the Founder of Voices of Women Worldwide TV, asking me to be your Asia Representative for VOWW tv and inviting me onto your production team. I hope I live up to your faith in me, as we both agree; It is impossible to measure the expedience in which TRUST enable incredible things to be achieved. Without it, between two or a group of people working together, the whole Project would Ring hollow and would not resonate with any long term audience because it would lack the depth that all Great Artistic projects require.

Our meeting because I was so caught up in the Inspiring Women’s Sumit 2012 was a brilliant and wonderful bit of Kismet ( I love this word, a bit like Karma…but so much less  colloquial these days.) I hope we continue to support one another’s visions for the decades to come. 🙂

Love Cecilia

P.S yes, lets start little on one side and build big…I totally agree! Yes it is not right that a woman’s mouth must be covered up to not speak and the veil is not an appropriate way to silence women.

P.P.S Lol. Seriously Vina..You know I’ve never heard of most of the women you mentioned except Julia Gillard and that was an unfortunate accident ….hahaha…..but then again, we are even, you said you had never heard of  INXS  when I was going on about how much one of my ex looked like Michael Hutchence the love rat  who cheated on Helena Christiansen with Paula Yates the sk8nk lol.! I love love love our generational gaps. 🙂 I love the humour in our discussions, intelligent but hilarious!X

LETTER from Vinanti, founder of VOWWtv:

Dear Cecilia –
Understand you are busy … but we are seriously moving into corporate and govenrment fundraising sponsorships for the TV-series : WOMEN WHO DARED … And wanted to pass this email by you … for your feedback. Cecilia – if you feel it runs as a good story for your blog – would like to get feedback from your readers ?

VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE INC. has undertaken to produce digital videos TV series titled “WOMEN WHO DARED … to be elected Presidents and Prime Ministers”(1960-2012) and negotiations with several corporate and government sponsors on the budget funding has been scheduled for August.

Presently we are sending out a survey inviting discussions on how many business women really know about what is happening around the global village business world . It seeks to find out how many women leaders can you count on your fingers – how many political women leaders have you read about who successfully governed and are governing their countries ?

Have you ever thought of doing business in these countries ? etc.,

Everyone has heard of Princess Diane, Mother Theresa,Hillary Rodham Clinton, Benazir Bhutto, Baroness Margaret Thatcher,etc. and this reality is due to how and what the world media predicts and promotes on the question of marketing information to sell their newspapers and magazines.

Not much has been written in print, photographs and TV, elaborating on the strengths of political women leaders who successfully accomplished reaching their roles as political Heads of State and Heads of Government. Most of them were and are strong voices of women who dared to taken on their elected roles and lead and are leading their nations.

They welcome global business EXPOs, forum involving collaborations, joint-ventures and partnership. Major delegations have and are being successfully conducted, but mostly comprise of major corporations and businessmen.

With the sudden rise of several prominent female political leader staking center stage, VOWW’s R & D shows that women political leaders from 1960-2012 – had and are indeed “democratizing the role of political leadership”. No longer are leaders found among the national elite of societies but being elected from the grassroots. Would you agree ?

How many of you have read about the elections of Angela Dorothea Merkel,née Kasner, Chancellor of Germany; UN WOMEN’s Under-Secretary-General Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile; New Zealand’s three-times elected Prime Minister, Helen Clark heading the UNDP at the United Nations; H.E. Ellen Johnson-Sealeaf twice-elected President of Liberia? Patribha Patil, first woman President of India ? And most recently,elections of Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, Dlamini-Zuma President of South Africa and Joyce Baua of Malawi on the continent of Africa and who are the two women in Brazil and Argentina elected as President governing their countries today ?

Firstly, would you be interested in sharing your opinions to make WOMEN WHO DARED TV series more than just another propaganda digital videos ? VOWW invites your views and suggestions ?

Secondly, VOW-TV network invites you to seriously consider becoming involved with gender equality and female empowerment and “be part of the change happening” with corporate social responsibility (csr), as we are designing and scripting soul searching studies of how women become leaders and are following the trend of a more individualistic and transformational psychological process to define “new” leadership role models for the future … presenting unique examples for the younger generations ?

Interested business women around the world are invited to give their opinions and contact


Sharon Mather (New Zealand/Australia)

& Cecilia Yu (Hong Kong (SAR)/Australia)

Director: Vinanti Sarkar (USA/India) at

19 comments on “New York: VoWW starts “Women Who Dared” TV series. Whoa, I am Producing? Yes!

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  8. katie rameres
    June 10, 2013

    i agree you will all do a good job!


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  10. Goose
    October 31, 2012

    thank you for all the magnificent guidelines you are sharing here. most of us visitors are very lucky to be in a decent place with so many special professionals with very beneficial ideas. I feel rather fortunate to have seen the web site and look forward to so many more excellent minutes reading here. Thank you once again for all the details. the lists of guests are so impressive!


  11. alex goading yu
    September 13, 2012

    Hi CC, you know that there’s load of different online tv that can show your stuff and this one drove over 500,000 targeted visitors from free traffic source to some sites

    Think about it! Give the masses CirCus! 😀


    • ceciliawyu
      September 14, 2012

      Hahahhaa. Alex! Ever the sales person! I’m no good at that so someone else will have to do it for me…and since when does the term “sheeple” enter the lexicon of Sales pitch? That is some sort of Protest terms! Stop it! But if anyone can get rid of silly backlinking they did without my permission for me, I’d be happy but given the insults I don’t think Mr.Peterson will comply at this point….hahahahhaha. I REALLY don’t want this stupid link as I’m about as Marxist as….well….a bird wanting to hang out with a fish….where the hell would they ever live or get a glass of proper Champers? 🙂

      ASk him to go and annoy Engel! hahahaha. He probably knew how to open a bottle of champagne with one hand and “fluff” a commie on the other! hahahahaha. Actually he also owns or some crap like that…lol.

      No wonder this book won the Orwell prize! hahahahahaha. Go away, you Croissant Commies! lol.


  12. Amy Lee
    August 14, 2012

    I did a search for those talking/writing about Michael when I came across your blog. This is not all I got out of your post and applaud your enthusiasm for speaking about women in politics. Unfortunately, having known women in the political arena, my views have been set askew by their own emotional attachment to people who were not the most upstanding of citizens, political policies, and their own personal agendas that may not have been in the best interest of the general public. Though this can also be said for men in politics.

    I am not from Australia, but Michael Hutchence and I became involved when I was 15 and he was 23. I am the Amy mentioned in the lyrics of the INXS song Reckless Ways, which was written in conjunction of working on ideas for the film Reckless which INXS provided 3 songs to the soundtrack.

    Hutch gave me the nickname of Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily when I was still a teenager. Tiger Lily was the Indian Princess in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. INXS would help Bob Geldof and Midge Ure put the Australian version of Live Aid (Oz for Africa) together and this is when Midge decided to say his band Ultravox was once known as Tiger Lily. Bob Geldof and Paula Yates were friends of Michael’s who decided to help him when he decided to make the choice to leave the spotlight.

    Diana, Princess of Wales, also came into life when I was still a teen and why INXS had the opportunity to perform at the Prince’s Trust Rock Concert in the ’80’s. The meaning of “Diana” is Heavenly and this too was added to my nickname.

    Egyptian movie producer and son of the former owner of Harrods, Dodi Fayed, told Michael Hutchence and myself about the poet and scholar “Hammad al-Harrani” and the name was changed from Harrani to Hiraani for another part of my nickname.

    Dodi and Princess Diana knew one another for many years before their death only months before Hutch’s in 1997.


    • ceciliawyu
      August 14, 2012

      Yes, Part of what Vina wanted me to contribute to was to make sure that we don’t turn all this into TV Advert for these women… came out of a conversation we had where I said,” Look, I know all these people think the Femens are just young with pert boobies and have nothing to say…but I would Love to know what most of the NObel Women were doing when they were teenage kids…seriously! I don’t think any of us was that terribly deep when we were dancing on podiums at nightclubs and just having fun at university!”

      So rest assured, it would not be just some “suck up” job if I’m involved. I’m far to sarcastic for that…..:)

      However well…you have such a wonderful imagination, I applaud your interest in a diversity of topics. But seriously the whole 15 yrs old thing…sorry Amy, I’m going to have to chalk it down to us chatting and having fun because that is seriously illegal and if anyone 23 was trying to date a 15 yrs old now on line or off, I seriously suggest you report them to

      Voices of Women Worldwide TV are working on an Anti-girl-child trafficking series as well as “Women who dared”…We are SOOO VERY into and respect the work tries to do. Often criminals use internet to contact, groom and trade in Girl children from all over the world. Our UK representative is extremely passionate about this issue and has spoken in MANY law society industry functions about it to Raise awareness.

      I always ask people to report to whenever I come across something that constitutes online Grooming. I recommend you do the same. 🙂

      Goodluck with your Blog. CC


  13. Catgirl Lulu in Brazil
    August 14, 2012

    good job! nice nice. love from Brazil!


  14. Pingback: Web Muscles link?

    • ceciliawyu
      September 19, 2012

      Yes you can, please just follow this simple guidelines: Creative Commons 3.0.
      So Mention my name, give me a linkback when you use an article and don’t sell my stuff when you sell your stuff. 🙂 If you want to sell my stuff, come back and we will do a different deal.

      hey thanks for being a gentleman and Asking! 🙂 I know it is hard work to get a 6-pack. Do it in a healthy and balanced way please. Goodluck.


  15. Amy Lee
    August 14, 2012

    Michael Hutchence the love rat? Funny you write that since Bob Geldof’s band was named Boomtown Rats. Yeah, he was a rat and he was quite the sexy guy, but he never cheated on Helena. She was a hired model to play the role of his girlfriend. This is what some of the artists do to protect their “real” life from the public. It also helps their career with promotion through the tabloids. Speaking of which, some of the largest media giants are owned by the studios and label (see Warner and Disney). Besides, sex and controversy sells. If they celebrities were living happily ever after, it just wouldn’t sell.


    • ceciliawyu
      August 14, 2012

      Hi Amy, Seriously, that was what you got out of the whole article? The one joke line about Michael Hutchence? 🙂 Oh C’mon! What about all those female political leaders? Anyway. I Love Michael Hutchence because I grew up in Melbourne Australia and INXS and Midnight Oils played at my hmmm…what should I call it…University Prom?……well it was “The Chocolate Ball” combine uni thing and you’d be surprised by who else showed up for that bit of overpriced dresses and tux. thing.

      If you go to his family website and his biography that his father Kelland helped with….and ignore all the speculation…Its a small circle in certain sections of Australia, its not that complicated. Anyway, he was a Love Rat but she went to his funeral as did a few more of his Exes …so …that’s what happens when you are a rock-star! 🙂

      btw. I enjoyed your blog about 80s-90s bands. 🙂

      This is one of my favorite song of his: “Don’t Save me from myself”

      But seriously… only saw that one line about Hutchence ? 🙂 hahahaha. Don’t you care about Angela Merkel’s rise to political power? XX CC


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