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Monaco: My Artist with an injury trip to PAM 2014. (Monaco Fine Art Fair)

I went to Monaco Art Fair PAM 2014 but I was nursing an Art related muscular injury so I wish I could see it when I was in better form!





Because I had an arm injury, I asked Zephan Farquhar-Bennett to come with me becuase honestly I was not going to lug any baggages around. My arm was swollen and in pain, so I was really not in top form for this! Normally I just wouldn’t go but I really wanted to see my friend Maria’s work and because of the endless physiotherapy sessions, my early trip to Greece was cancelled until I was no longer in agony!

I tried to look “present” for the photos, but I don’t feel like I was 100% in the moment and that was unfortunate given how wonderful it was to see the art, the people and the place!



My arm hurt too much! I will write about the whole Physiotherapy experience sharing a physio in common with Leeds Rugby Football club later. But right now I promised I was going to get these photos out.


I had to keep the trip very short because I really couldn’t miss any physio sessions but I knew I really wanted to see my friends work and Monaco Art Fair is one of those very interesting little event that is considered rather exclusive but it seemed very understated, elegant and down-to-earth to me, which I liked very much.



So this is what happened in short form because I can’t even type that much at the moment:



Day 1: We arrived and took a scenic route down to our accommodation at Cap D’ail after we got on the wrong direct bus from Airport to Monte Carlo. With the help of one of the really nice girl who lives in Monte Carlo, we made a whole load of jokes about why the driver refused to let us off just one stop before Monte Carlo. We went on and on until he was such a sweetheart that he let us out! That or he got sick of all 3 of us going on and on about nothing (which though it entertained the bus, probably was not terribly PC). Ah, what do you expect? Artist!



The only reason why we were not in Monte Carlo was because we misread theaccommodation  booking! Yes, of course we did! I left it to x2 guys to sort out the accommodations while I was screaming in agony from my muscular injury …so instead of getting Monaco, we got Apartment Monaco and instead of getting x2 bedrooms (in french), we got x2 big beds in a studio.



So in short…so far…it was a comedy.

The walk down to the accom. was very weird, thanks to Google maps. We ended up with the scenic route that felt more like a cross-country bush walk, with lots of very interesting period housing and one very modern one which seemed a little out of place.



As soon as we checked in, it was straight to the beach. I don’t care. I needed to just lie down and swim. The buzzing of the heliocopter to the yachting club was rather annoying. They ddin’t have to hover so much.


Zeph got a bit bored with my sunbaking pre-occuption and went to shop for food. 🙂 Good one, Zeph! He came back with Raspberry and Strawberry tarts from the french patiserrie. Yeah that’s practical!


Day 2: We tried to find a quiet spot to go swimming and ended up walking to Monaco and went around the Yacht club. Inadvertently we found a small rock alcove just underneath the Royal Palace. It was really cute. We went Swimming and fell asleep. WE woke up and realised it was almost time to go to the art opening at the Art Fair.

Maria at Monaco

But unfortunately we couldn’t get a taxi and had to fight everyone to get on the bus. We thought it was odd that the bus were so full.

Little did we know there was a taxi strike and a train strike, so that was why all the buses were full. We tried to call about 8 dfferent taxi companies to take us to Sportings d’Hivers. They were all being French about it! 🙂 Don’t ask!


Finally in desperation we tried to ask one of the two elderly neighbors next door. They had no idea what we were talking about. Thank god, another neighbor Philippe stuck his head out. I was talking to him briefly on the beach. We did not realise he only lived one floor down from us. When he recognised me, he offered to drive us to Sportings D’Hiver so we will not miss the Monaco art fair that was opened by Prince Albert II.


That was very nice of him. I think we missed the opening speech a little. But we saw the photo opporutnity as he went around taking photos and visiting all the different exhibits. That was nice and what a beautiful Art Deco venue! Too bad, it will be knocked down for new development. It is very hard to find well conserved Art Deco theatres these days especially in Monaco. So we were very honoured to see it one last time! It has that timeless “Golden Age of Hollywood” quality to it.


I love Art Deco, now that Mackintosh house has burnt down.

It was really nice to meet everyone at the Monaco Art Fair. I just want to say a special hello to the charming exhibitor who let me go on and on about Florence, while in fact we were sitting before his Botticelli. I am not sure why he didn’t tell me but perhaps it was because we were too busy thinking about the wonderful atmosphere of Fiesole. Anyway, what a pleasure it was to see so many works of art like Chagall, Orthodox Icons and Botticelli in such an intimate gathering.


I enjoyed that because it was so peaceful and elegant. I have a tendency to be afraid to noisy art gatherings when I am nursing an injury.

I really appreciate my friends for the effort they made to help me get to Monaco art Fair and to persuade me to not miss the chance to see it.



DAy 3: Unfortunately all that rockpool swimming and evening soiree made my arm worse. I woke up in agony so I had to decline meeting up with my friends. I really felt bad about that. I just had no energy left. So I spent all day on the beach while Zephan climbed up to the Exotic Gardens to see the exhibits in Monaco. I spent the evening sipping Perrier because I couldn’t drink! I got a chance to thank Phillipe and his family by giving my invitation to the rest of the Art Fair to him because I was really not well and could not use the invitation. Luckily Phillipe was an art collector and was thrilled by this. He invited me in to see his art collection. He had a fascinating work done by one of Picasso’s wives. You can definitely see the influences. But I sometimes wondered who influenced whom. We had a discussion about this. He asked me about my art and it was very charming of him to compare it to some of the works he saw of the General Lauriston’s collection, brought back from Pondicherry in India. Interesting, I was not aware General Lauriston was ever that into art, but then again I suppose it was part of the whole Napoleon thing…. I guess??? 🙂


Anyway I love learning something new in random ways.


Day 4: OMG! Thank you french taxis! You are on strike again! We had to become hitch-hikers and got a ride from a Monaco based lawyer who had to give his babysitter from Philippine a ride ! She had waited for nearly 3 hrs and it was very kind of them to give us a ride half way to Nice. WE got to Nice after more waiting for not Godard…but I was waiting for French public bus system since all the taxis were on strike and refuse to talk to anyone by phone!



In anycase, in the oddest way possible I ended up talking to a lady who spoke fluent Mandarin. She is french writer but her baby was born in Taiwan. It was very strange and surreal. But it was all good. I got my hair trimmed at the Airport to get rid of the split ends from the sun and salt water!


I really wished I could engage more with this experience. It was just that I was on painkillers and in pain from strained shoulder muscles and that was really really agony! Nevertheless, it seems like the whole experience had a life of its own anyway.


Personally I thought it was rather Bohomian…as Bohemian as Monaco can get! 🙂


For a more formal explanation of PAM 2014 , please read: Monaco Reporter

Nineteen reputable art galleries reunited under one roof

The 4th edition of PAM – Point Art Monaco – Fine Art Fair was inaugurated yesterday under the High Patronage and in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Prince was very elegant in his black tuxedo as he was the guest of honor at the closing of the TV Festival, but he was certainly not going to miss this exceptional art gathering. This highly regarded event, inscribed in the international art agenda, gathers 19 of the most prestigious Monegasque and International galleries,, in a superb setting purposely created for this occasion at the Sporting d’Hiver in the Casino Square, the core of the Principality. This multidimensional space allows for a variety of pieces to coexist while keeping each of them their particular area. In an effort to showcase internationally renowned Antique and Art Dealers of the world, exhibitors were carefully selected by an Official Committee. The Salon will be open to the public from Thursday, June 12 through Monday, June 16, and visitors will have the chance to appreciate a breathtaking selection of archeological pieces, period paintings, ancient and modern works of art, antiques, jewellery, and much more. This art extravaganza was created in 2004 but it wasn’t until 2011 when five important Monaco galleries decided to cooperate that it gained momentum and grew in prestige. They are: Adriano Ribolzi Art Gallery, Galerie Filippo Grippaldi, Maison d’Art, MC Fine Arts and M.F. Toninelli Art Modern; who share a passion for art and whose objective is to promote fine art in the Principality by aiming for excellence. Through their collaboration this impactful art fair has risen through the ranks of major international forums of top professionals and art collectors.



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