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Nominated for the Profilo Donna Award for Entreprenurial Excellence In Italy 2015!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to talk to you about Clarissa Burt’s invitation for women to be nominated for the  Profilo Donna Award for Entreprenurial Excellence

Profilo Donna

Award by Profilo Donna Trust

I am humbled and honored that founder Vinanti Sarker kindly nominated me via Clarissa Burt ( a winner of past Profilo Donna Award) to the Selection Committee this year, with the following write-up :

Cecilia.W. Yu  余 詠 詩

A global Social Entrepreneur, a Director of UNICEF-award winning Charities (Africa, America and the Orient), a professional visual artist, travelled to over 40 countries.
2046 Cecilia W Yu
Cecilia’s art is touring Japan since 2010, seen at the United Nations Climate Change Summit COP15, Cairo Opera House and prestigious art venues. Developing Calligraphy-Graffiti fusion art & design got her a sponsorship to Master-class with artists from the Academia di belle Arte, Firenze, 2014.
An MBA in Sustainable Media Joint Ventures, background in PR (e.g Nobel Peace Laureates) & Marketing (e.g London Fashion Week), Macro-economics research (e.g Gorbachev Foundation, Moscow).
Finalist in the Miss Asia-International (Australia) Pageant 國際華裔小姐競選, while studying International law; also studied fashion at St. Martin’s College, London.
Wrote in the Far East to a daily 1.2million distribution. re-blogged to 20million inside China and quoted by C-Span.
Far Eastern ambassador for the New York based network:  Voices of Women Worldwide.TV
“Pro-compassion” in every aspect.
I think this is very kind and generous of both Vinanti and Clarissa to extend this opportunity to all women in the network. Past winners included fashion designer  Elisabetta Franchi, this is small footage of the award ceremony:

Often as a postmodern feminist I am asked, “How do you reconcile your beauty pageant, modelling and acting experience with your stance?”
My response is invariably:
“First of all, I want to clarify that there are different aspects to my education, while I was studying international law, I also did work with the fashion and media industry. Many other young women did. Unlike media hypes, we did not suffer some horrible exploitation, it was confidence building especially in Australia where Miss Australia entailed a great deal of charity work and public speaking!
There is nothing in the feminist empowerment handbook that advocates a particular course for women. Hey, even Gloria Steinem was a Playboy bunny as part of her journalism expose and Germaine Greer posed for Playboy at 60! Horses for Courses!
The point of feminism and empowerment is not to judge women’s choices, it is to widen all our choices and ranges in life experiences.

I believe certain experiences like travel, education, formal events, awards acknowledging our achievements as women are ultimately confidence building and positive for women to celebrate our beauty and intelligence in a world that seeks to polarise women as either/or! ( e.g. clever or pretty, madonna or whores, baby-making machine or selfish women who refuse to reproduce (a division I found particularly obnoxious!)
It is important for a diversity of women to step forward and make their presence felt across a diversity of industries and it is wonderful to celebrate our inner and outer beauty in whatever way that is meaningful and exciting for our personal journey.
So too, like Clarissa Burt, I encourage all women to “step up” to be counted for awards that through our modesty and humility might be overlooked, when clearly so many women deserve the joy and sense of confidence from being nominated.
I would love to nominate someone here. Please PM me in the comments below with 100 words about you and your contact details or contact Clarissa directly?
Her contact details are:
The EnvelopHer Network Media for Women
Clarissa Burt
Who is Clarrisa?
Clarissa is a former model supermodel and award-winning actress, best known for starring as Xayide in the 1990 film The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter.  At 18, Clarissa was a top model with the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in Manhattan. Soon after she moved to Milan and quickly began appearing on over a hundred magazine covers such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan as well as on most of the major runway shows in Milan, Rome, Paris, New York, and Japan. This led to work for cosmetic houses Revlon, Dior, and Carita’, Helena Rubenstein and her selection as the worldwide “Face” for Orlane Cosmetics. She has worked as model in the 1980’s and TV presenter in the 1990s. In 1999 she opened up her television production company, Numen International in Rome, Italy. Ms. Burt’s extensive international social work garnered her two private audiences with Pope John Paul II. As a women’s advocate and a leader of social change for a new standard of living Clarissa was instrumental as Ambassador to the United States for the Walking Africa campaign that awarded African Women the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011

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