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Voices of Women Worldwide and #First #Ladies #UN #Forum during #PopeFrancis visit

20th Sept 2015 Updates: Voww Founder Vinanti will be filming the main dinner event in New York at 7pm. So we look forward to seeing the results. 🙂

Official Videos from UN webtv for 2014 First Ladies Forum

As Far Eastern Representative to I am honoured to support the good works of Dr.Irene Ada and First lady of Grenada in this event, during Pope Francis visit to The General Assembly in the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The Holy See has shown support for Syrian refugees (Washington Post ) and for Women from the ghettos in the USA (New York Times) who are imprisoned, both categories of people are in 2015 caught in dire situations of poverty and sociological circumstances that resulted in complete loss of personal freedom and any dignity of choices away from criminal exploits and opportunistic predators!

Due to security reasons I cannot divulge the details of the guests lists to this important event of hope and inspiration until after the event. However may I say on behalf of all the men and women VOWW gathered to lobby to give voices to the voiceless that ,” We are honoured to be invited and any of us in this position would surely leverage the opportunity to urge United Nations to end mysosgynistic attacks of women in the media, especially those privileged to be in leadership positions!”

May everything be positive and auspicious.
All the best





Permanent Mission of Grenada to the United Nations and UNESCO Center for Global Edu. 

The 2015 United Nations Summit and Dinner “Celebrating First ladies: Focus on the Future We Want” a UN@70 initiative to embrace the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the eve of the United Nations Summit for the adoption of the Post-2015 declaration by world leaders. The event is timed to position the minds of spouses and executive leaders of the United Nations Member States on the expectations for the 2030 agenda.


I. The First Ladies summit is aimed at recognizing the principles of integrative peace initiatives and exploring the roles of women in positions of Government in achieving success of the SDGs.
II. The event will reflect on the role of women to address world peace while supporting the 2030 Agenda.
III. The summit will highlight the efforts of First Ladies and Spouses and the commitment to take up action towards the achievement of Sustainable Development.
IV. The Summit-Dinner will embrace the SDG16 and targets in working with the Office of the First Ladies for practical operation and holistic approach

One comment on “Voices of Women Worldwide and #First #Ladies #UN #Forum during #PopeFrancis visit

  1. Cliff Troiani
    February 23, 2018

    The media sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention what they believe.

    At all times follow your heart. “Every man serves a useful purpose A miser, for example, makes a wonderful ancestor.” by Laurence J. Peter.

    with thanks


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