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Navigating “No-Contact”: When Estrangement from Your Mother is the Healthiest Choice

From Cecilia: Dimitra the Greek goddess who gave me the commentary from the streets of Athens during this year’s #Grexit Crisis suggested this article to me. I found it really relevant for men as well as for women of any ages to consider this so that they can clense any toxic relationships in their sphere that are influenced by the parental dynamics. I thank the writer for sharing her insights. Blessings to all. XOXO

Source: Navigating “No-Contact”: When Estrangement from Your Mother is the Healthiest Choice


The decision to go no-contact with a family member is a deeply personal one.

For some of us, healing the mother wound is possible while staying connected to your mother. In this scenario the healing actually creates a new, deeper connection between mother and daughter, which is a beautiful thing to witness. I’ve seen it happen and it’s truly inspiring.

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