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My response to Kyiv University’s delayed International conference #NobelPeacePrize 2022

Art Title: “Fibonacci” ©Cecilia.W.Yu, 2022

Dearest H and colleagues, @Kyiv, #Ukraine

Thank you for letting me know. 

I am so sorry to hear the unfortunate news. I send my deepest respect for all those working tirelessly at your University to uphold the integral UN values of Academic Freedom and access to Education for all! 

It would be an absolute honour to attend the conference at Kyiv in May 2023, if circumstances permit so we may share a moment of triumph in peace. 

The Nobel Peace Prize 2022 truly belongs to all of Ukraine. I look forward to future creative and intellectual collaboration to benefit future generations in Freedom. 

yours in solidarity, 



P.S Yes. It is okay to publish my statement if needed. 


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