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#UNESCO #Internet4Trust Paris 22 to 23 Feb 2023

UNESCO Global Conference “Internet for Trust”



22 Feb2023

Join us on 22 February for the opening session of the UNESCO Global Conference “Internet for Trust”. Over 3000 representatives of governments, regulatory bodies, digital companies, academia and civil society are gathering at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris for this first global conference to address the threats to information integrity and freedom of expression posed by social media platforms. Participants in the conference come from all regions of the world. Among the notable contributors will be the Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist Maria Ressa, the Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist Julia Angwin, UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, Irene Khan the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Freedom of Expression, Daniel Motaung and Christopher Wylie, both Facebook Whistleblowers, and Roberto Barroso, the Brazilian Supreme Court Justice. Learn more about the Conference: #InternetForTrust To watch live other sessions:…

From Cecilia : UNESCO’s Internet4Trust is a very serious matter for me personally so I am attending online instead of in person in Paris! I enjoyed seeing #NobelPeacePrize Laureate Maria Ressa! More Importantly, Ive had two cyber attacks since October 2022. Ive had peer review journal academic acceptance letters leaked into google. I don’t know what that would do ??? I also had details and location of a  Lecture I gave way back in 2009 about my art for an Institute of Noetic Sciences sponsored event, stolen from a 10yrs ago sign-in via a friend’s message from Switzerland! This is madness indeed….and if there is a Dictatorship’s Ai version of me out there…🤣…know that you are “cloning your own Goddess of Chaos by the power of the Art Force…” …so….Enjoy the consequences!

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22nd Feb 2023 Paris

Highlights and summary of my online attendance and submission to UNESCO:

I think her Excellencies made a very good point at #UNESCO #Intermet4Trust! WE cannot leave it for private companies and corporations to self regulate and patrol their own Ethics when they will continue to ignore any rules that do not suit their basic Profit, click baits, engagements and impact caring only for Growth measurements to justify shareholders investements, to the detriment of Truth, Human lives and the overall survival of the Planet.

Our lives on this planet cannot be just LEFT in the hands of Media companies who DO NOT have any mandate or obligations to safeguard all life on this planet and have shown ZERO interests in so doing! The time for Heavy handed Legislative, Regulation and Ethical Governance of these Cowboys is NOW and #UNESCO is the global mandated agencies to protect Freedom of Expression worldwide! I have seen the kind of contempt and disregard Professors and Pro-Deans of some Business schools have shown towards to Supermacro Legislative Intervention mandate of UNESCO and other UN agencies! I believe the time to Disrupt the Toxic manipulation of our global human health, climate justice and biodiversity begin with addressing those who paid by large MNEs in private grants engender a #ToxicAcademia that poisons the minds of the next generation of #youthleadership against the Ethical Governance Mandate of UNESCO!

I personally call for the highest level of intervention against Climate Obfuscations and Toxic Academia that are paid to Obfuscate against UNFCCC Climate Agendas and undermine Civil Society UN values, inciting contempt for those who respect UN values within their private Dictatorship-funded little slice of Ivory tower; selling knowledge and  Ais to better help Obfuscate Humanity in fake news and disinformation to our Planetary’s detriment!

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“The blurring of boundaries between true and false, the highly-organized denial of scientific facts, the amplification of disinformation and conspiracies – these did not originate on social networks. But, in the absence of regulation, they flourish there much better than the truth. Only by taking the full measure of this technological revolution can we ensure it does not sacrifice human rights, freedom of expression and democracy. For information to remain a common good, we must reflect and act now, together.”

Audrey Azoulay
UNESCO’s Director-General

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