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Pulitzer, war crimes and Ukraine

Russian #fakenews  said that the lack of #Pulitzerprize winning  Photos and Videos is an indicator that no #warcrimes were committed. It would be comical if it was not so sick and twisted because it is, Putin’s way of reminding the International  community, just how many Journalists were killed and harmed by his thugs!

This issue is close to my heart….

I don’t want to drag out my mésalliance ..after all…all the Modern Women in my Global Leadership Soirority have some “blasts from the past” that were …lol…less than intelligent choices when we were younger and wilder etc!!

Those of you who read my monthly column from my spiralmuse days know all about this one! I am embarassed to look back, there’s a cartoon drawn by a Danish cartoonist living in Paris about one of the times when I got a satellite phonecall when I had zero bar on my cell in the back street of soho, chinatown on my way to Sunday Yum Cha with friends!  The call was from Bagdad….it was insanely expensive and we were on the phone for ages….

Image (c)

Younger, still artistic, but oblivious me…somehow forgot about the danger he was in and thought it would be brilliant to put our funny conversation into my monthly online column!

Oh cringe, I reduced the bombing of Bagdad Hotel to a  funny column that ended with some cheesy conversation about, “Are there any duty frees in Jordan? I love unique textiles! Can you find me some for my St.Martins fashion design art class?”

He was like, “I don’t think so but I’ll look..oh, don’t watch the news tonight. I am well.”

Me: “I don’t have a television. It interferes with my art process..What am I doing today? Taking photos of “food” around Islington for my fabric design….yeah..I’ll show you after!”

Ouch! California Loved the Column. I sounded like a Eur-Asian  Elle Wood from Legally Blonde going on about my new Pink Pashmina turtleneck arriving from Kathmandu while his world burned! Cringe!

I share this embarassing snippet with the “blast from the past” because while my solution to dealing with problems of any kind was/is to Run Away to a different continent,  I know I’ve changed in 2023! Honest! I don’t think like that roaring 20s chick from The Sun Also Rises (the only Hemingway I ever read from beginning to end!)….not anymore….

Today, I have grown up just enough to understand that perhaps  “a fish may love a bird, but where would they live?”.

For that was what we were, a bird and a fish….caring about similar things but existing in very different worlds.

Yet Let ME be Honest, Putin’s fake news are utterly ineffectual!…..waving a Pulitzer in front of the Ex “my personal Hemingway” is ..hmm …

Lets just say Putin doesn’t know it BUT ALL his Exes like me know:

“He’s got nothing better to do with his Life !”

When types like “my personal Hemingway” and his peers hear the siren of a Pultizer…they will just go “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” 🤣

This happens when you put #Superjocks and #Artists together! If Art is my drug….his POV action “framing” (when the world goes to hell in a basket of crossfire war-mongering) is pure Cocaine for the Artist in me! #closestthingtocrazy

But at least I can explain his “stuff” a little to normal people…in a universal way only the arts can!

Btw: Please a big “calm the hell down to parents whose kiddies I mentor from World Youth Forum” ! I already taught your little supermacro unicorns hell spawns about “metaphors” and you all know the only drug I take is “coffee”! Lol.

Nevertheless…lets get back to my actual point:

Ladies and Gents, to all the War correspondences we’ve ❤️ before! Putin is a war criminal. He can kill some journalists but he can NEVER kill freedom of PRESS!

Thank you for defending my Creative Free speech, every day you all go out to the frontlines, the cutting edge….the wire!

#putinisawarcriminal #leadership #creativity #journalism #warinukraine

I probably needed some wine over lunch with The Soirority when I was surprised by virtually bumping into the ex…my Personal Hemingway….this time around…again…

War correspondence and indeed ALL frontline journalists are a unique breed with  Incredible Instincts and timing…❤️

As an injoke over lunch, I explained that my sunglasses was needed so I won’t ever look into those “grey green” eyes and get sucked into his cinematic visual Vortex again!



What’s a #Bafta or two AND an #Amnesty #Humanrights Award compared to a Pulitzer, anyway?

Nobody’s ever heard of it….right? 🤣🤣🤣

“The questioners had that beautiful detachment and devotion to stern justice of men dealing in death without being in any danger of it.” A farwell to arms, Hemingway.

*** Don’t forget: This fake news post was viewed 5.1 million times on Twitter!

(c) Deutche Welles 2023

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