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….wild is the wind…creative freedom is the seed….


Every greek island is different. Ios has the golden beaches but it lacks the breathe-taking view of Santorini. It is much more laid-back and uneventful when it is not the peak of tourist season. Unfortunately the island suffers from a reputation as a cheap drunken holiday destination for American college kids and Australians backpackers. But the island is much quieter after August.

 It is very laid-back exactly because it is not Santorini. Ios is comfortable and has its own coarse beauty. Unfortunately even on seemingly idyllic Greek islands, it is impossible to ignore the effect of the global economic slum. The Star Ferry, connecting  the islands, provides intermittent service to Ios. Ios is no longer a daily stop. Quite simply, it lacks touristic lustre compared to the more glamorous Santorini and Mykonos.

I spent a sleepless night in Ios because despite finding a lovely guesthouse, right next to my accommodation in the next field, there was an all night pig & dog fight, or maybe it was goat & chicken? It went on all night. I am just not used to that much farming noises. So I ended up sleeping on the beach for most of the next day, taking dips in the aqua blue, clear water. It felt a lot like swimming in an endless fish tank, the water was so clear & translucent.


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