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支聯會呼籲舉辦全球聲援劉曉波聯線行動 Global Action Plan to Free Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

爭取釋放劉曉波,還我中國人權! Chinese People demand Civil Liberties!

On Friday the 3rd & Sunday 5th  December 2010 : There will be a launch of a worldwide global Media Campaign calling to  “FREE LIU XIAOBO! No More Prisons! No more Human rights violations!”


1. 12月3日(星期五)聯署「釋放劉曉波.還我中國人權」廣告
2. 12月5日(星期日)舉行「釋放劉曉波.還我中國人權」遊行





為了加強訊息交流,如 貴團體將舉辦聲援劉曉波的活動,請填妥表格,電郵 回支聯會存檔及協助發布。


On Friday the 3rd December 2010 : There will be a launch of a worldwide global Media Campaign calling to  “FREE LIU XIAOBO! No More Prisons! No more Human rights violations!”


On Sunday the 5th December 2010: There will be a worldwide demonstration where individuals protest in whatever way that is consistent with the basic principles of  “Peace, non-violence, human-rights & civil liberties” to get  the Chinese Central Communist Government to “RELEASE LIU XIAOBO, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, from Prison!”

If you are part of the world’s citizens and/or NGOs and have faith in Human Rights and the principles of the Nobel Peace prize, there are many things you can do JOIN this MOVEMENT. We do not control the activities of how individuals may choose to obtain media attention for this important issue on 3/12/2010, nor do we limit the kind/style of protest  on 5/12/2010. We just ask that you send us an email at and let us know that your protest will be “Safe, Peaceful & Consistent with the principles of Human Rights & Civil Liberties that the Nobel Peace Prize stands for”!

You are welcome! It is time All those who are Chinese and all those who support Human Rights & Peace on this Planet work together and Free the Nobel Peace Prize Winner from China!

It is not Impossible. The world supported  Gandhi! They protested for Nelson Mandala, for Martin Luther King, for Mother Theresa and now we need YOUR support! Love Peace, let’s defends Civil Liberties! Help us Free Liu Xiaobo!

Thank you for your time.


3 comments on “支聯會呼籲舉辦全球聲援劉曉波聯線行動 Global Action Plan to Free Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

  1. Arthur
    December 4, 2010

    In addition to those events listed, New York will also hold protest activities. Details at:


  2. Law Chin Ngai
    October 25, 2010

    Give the hons to our nation’s hero, LiuXiaobo.
    Free LiuXiaobo pls.

    To LiuXiaobo:
    You are not alone! We are fighting for freedom hand by hand, shoulder by shoulder, feet by feet.

    From person in Devilful China


  3. Gianfranco Vicentini
    October 22, 2010

    Excellent C.


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