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Creative Muse/Biz Innovation Circle – Leeds – 23rd November 2010

What is a Creative Muse/Biz Innovation Circle?

Simply, it is a chance for those working professional in the creative arts to meet  those working creatively to put innovation into Business developments. It is a chance to create Projects that changes our communities view of Art & BIz in a Sustainable & Innovative Way. It is a chance to build trust between Artists & Businesses by meeting in an informal setting to create synergy! It is not an easy mix CM/BI circles is the first step to a REAL Social Enterprise!

When? Tuesday, 23rd November 2010,  3pm

Build Bridges!

Moore introduced to Africa in Leeds


Leeds Art Gallery (LAG) ,

(opposite the Henry Moore Institute HMI),

The Headrow


For Creatives: Art Council face 30% funding cut in the UK.  Creativity aside, it is time we talk with  successful business leaders and learn to conduct our “professional careers” in a way that does not compromise our Creative Autonomy. It is time to come together and learn how we, as artists & creatives,  are in fact the basis of  Sustainable Cultural Innovations that enables a country’s successes in the wider world. It is time we stop accepting the “compromises” being forced upon us by Government top-down legislations that “dum-down” our creative visions in the name of “Austerity” measures. Lets not “budget-cut” our Creativity! Being Creative is FREE & a great Gift to the world! Being a Professional Creative takes skills & innovations, lets work together with supportive businesses to innovate but lets not ever compromise our Creative visions!

Doing One thing, today can make a Big Difference!

For Business Innovators & Visionaries: Culture matters, it helps us make sense of the world, and it’s the leisure pursuit of choice for millions of people around the globe. Authentic experiences, venues and objects steeped in history, world-class creativity and innovation, new patterns of cultural consumption and technological innovation all make culture a compelling proposition for brands looking to strengthen their engagement with their stakeholders and consumers.

Chew the Cud of New Ideas!





Remember, Pulp came from Yorkshire! CREATIVITY: Don’t knock it until you have tried it!

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