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Please don’t destroy the life of yet another Nobel nominee/winner, Chinese Government!

Congratulations Liu Xiaobo for Getting the Nobel Peace Prize! I wish you were able to receive the prize or even know about it and I wish your family was not under house arrest in Beijing and you are not serving 11 yrs of hard labour in jail for speaking the minds of Billions of chinese people!

You are not the first Nobel Nominee/Winner I have met whose life has been screwed up by the Chinese Government. You are the 3rd!

I am so sorry and I don’t know why Communist Chinese Government in Beijing don’t like Nobel prize nominees and winners. I think of the Professor of Physics (nominated, short-listed for a Nobel in Physics) I met who got told by Mr. Mao during the Cultural Revolution,”Hey China does not need something else!”

Surprise! 20 years down the line, China is desperately purchasing Physics & other kinds of scientific innovations from the western world to get itself to the moon! So gee, that was a slight mistake there…hmm….Mr “Cultural Revolution” Mao!

Then there’s of course, the other Peace Prize winner, Mr Dalai Lama whom China is still whining about all the time….but unfortunately for  the government, they have not gotten a chance to lock you up in jail, yet!

But alas, Mr Liu,  because you are Chinese (though Northern) and because you want good things for the Chinese people, as all of us with a true lineage and who are the true descendent of the dragons do, you, Mr Liu Xioabo gets to be physically & psychologically tortured for the next 11 years of your life because you dare to ask for FREEDOM and Human rights for all of China!

I cannot speak for the rest of the chinese world, but may I just say, as a descendent of one of the old 300 surnames of China, 余, my lineage & my ancestors and all those that come after me, thank you for serving this difficult time and enduring this “trail by fire” and standing up for all that is true, loyal, steadfast and noble about the Middle Kingdom!

Thank you. You ARE China’s Nelson Mandala & Gandhi. All 300 Surnames of the Middle Kingdom owes  you a sincere Thank you and some of them seriously, owes you a huge apology for arresting you and harming your family!

To Hear the ideas of Liu Xioabo, see here:

3 comments on “Please don’t destroy the life of yet another Nobel nominee/winner, Chinese Government!

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  2. toyokyo
    June 22, 2012

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  3. Sherpa
    October 21, 2010

    Well said!


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