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“Please Sir, we want Solar!” : Hope Children Foundation Africa, in the HIV slums of Uganda

Uganda is often hailed as the most successful African country in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The proportion of adults living with the virus fell from around 15% in the early 1990s to about 5% in 2001 and this was widely attributed to intensive efforts to encourage safer sexual behaviour.

But there is so much more work to be done!

As a starting point:

Many of the most vulnerable children in Kawempe cannot access the education that would allow them to break the cycle of poverty.

HCFA is determined that all children should have the right to an education.  would like to introduce solar powered lights into the Slums!

The reasons are:

Community Safety

Community participation

Community Welfare

A source of affordable electricity so that children can do their homework from school at night.

A way of preventing crimes & encourage community & crime prevention in the biggest slum (Kampala) in Uganda.

This is a terrific video of CWI coming to visit our kids to spread Confidence & empowerment via use of theatre & songs!

This is a MORE RESULTS driven version of Hope children foundation africa youtube promo video featuring the music of Storme , produced by Giles Evans.

Yes, I’m the Director of their board, please pass this youtube link on!!!

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