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Working with LS14 TRUST Digital Lounge: No Classes, just Animation here!

In 2010, an empty rent office in Seacroft is being transformed into the Digital Lounge by a team of volunteers and the LS14 Trust.

To date the LS14 Trust together with Seacroft Residents Association has been successful in supporting the Seacroft Gala and creating Sing on the Green at Christmas. Recently they converted the old rent office on Ramshead Hill into the ‘Digital Lounge’ which is a kind of informal drop-in centre for residents to access the internet and hold meetings.

Nicola who headed the project explained the reason/need for the Digital lounge in this way,”I grew up in this area and wanted to try and drive something forward with the residents rather than expecting other people to come in. I wanted to bring some sense of community back to this area and to get people to work together to educate their kids and provide some community support.”

This is a socio-economically deprived area of West Yorkshire. Typically many of the kids living in the area do not have access to computers in their homes. Given the next decades skill-gaps will be set by early access to computer technology, Sustain-Able in conjunction with local business consultant from Ignite-me ( and IT specialist from Deres IT ( ) decided that we would step up and offer a half day education program to help Nicola’s visions.

What resulted was an afternoon of IT based Animation training session and a youth confidence building session.

A handful of local kids were taught how to spend their time planning a story board and using a simple free online animation website called X-tra Normal, learn the basics of programming their own animation cartoon.

This is an ongoing program that will be supported by Nicola’s afterschool care in the coming months before our next Animation Innovation sessions.

A typical Xtranormal animations confronts children with a number of skills challenges e.g. Planning, linguistic skills (e.g. writing dialogues into the program), understanding the different accents & languages available for different cartoon characters, planning of mis-en-scene in filming, understanding of the use of camera angles and of course, the use of sound effects & animation gestures/movements to enhance their storylines.

What was most notable in the afternoon of training was that when one child said to Jonathan from Ignite-me,” I don’t know what to do…”

Jonathan responded,”If you tell me as though you have already made the cartoon, what would you tell me, since you now know exactly what it looks like?”

Suddenly, our young budding animator was able to do his entire story board from beginning to end.

This is the power of using positive thinking in youth education and also speaks of the need to create an Inspirational environment, that is outside of the classroom where children can exercise their imaginations without the rigidity of a classroom structure.

So far, so good….

To find out more about the LS14 Trust, joining the LS14 Community membership and for information about Seacroft Gala, either having a stall, performing at the gala or any suggestions please contact:

Nicola Greenan
Digital Lounge
45 Ramshead Hill
Seacroft Leeds LS14 1BT

Tel: 0113 3180522 M:07513001502

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