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Movie about Cyberbullies: “What if I am made of Flesh?” -a cartoon short film by Cecilia

Some of you may wonder what happened to my other fb profile…LOL. it got reported as a “Fake”  EXACTLY like during the Beijing Olympic 2008….and facebook has once again asked me for my passport to clarify! Exactly like 2008!

In 2008 they started a very long thread about how I could not possibly be chinese and I must be a robot set up by the west to “disagree” with CCP China! That is ridiculous! But I thought it was kind of funny so I came up with the idea for this short cartoon film…

The thing is I have no idea who did it this time… could be: China Han-nazies cos the Olympic torch went to Hong Kong  today amidst protest……it could be London Paranoid  Armchair Communist with no life, no jobs and no deodorant on facebook 24/7

or it could be a bunch of very angry anti-sex Stalinist-Femi-fascists…because I agreed with Camille Paglia in being a sex-positive postmodern feminist……..So……there you go…..hahahahaha. I ♥ FB!!!!

Thanks for making me Better & more Creative!

BTW MY facebook account is back  and I just want to say that those who were responsible for making false reports were found in 2008 and the main person responsible for such on-line harassment lost his job because he was online writing about how he was going to KILL all Japanese people and inciting violence against them in his facebook group and he was working for a Japanese company in Japan, so Human Resources found out when a group of very concerned human rights activists from United Nations for Free Tibet faxed what he wrote about Killing all Japanese people to his work in case he was a psycho who intended to act on it! That guy wrote some frightening shit online about harming japanese people in his fb group!

There are consequences to what one does online. Bullies should not prevail just because they are approaching others online…..People think they can just write anything and incite violence on line without consequences, that is not true and when they are caught, sometimes people act in a decent and responsible way online and report such bullies to the police and to their workplace!

Love Cecilia

2 comments on “Movie about Cyberbullies: “What if I am made of Flesh?” -a cartoon short film by Cecilia

  1. febook
    December 10, 2011

    Wonderful Stuff! Should say i’m impressed. febook


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