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Chick Flicks for Postmodernity….

I’m sick of people slagging off chick flicks… here’s what I like and why I like them! Randomly I’m picking  40 chick flicks I like from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong cinema and other world cinema!

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1) P.S I Love you. Why? It has no plot. It does not need one. Gerard Butler is HOT! That is all I need to say about it.

2) Steel Magnolia: Because in the worst crying scene possible…they did a brilliant “twist” and made me laugh & cry at the same time thanks to the acting ability!

3)  10 Things I hate about you: Heath Ledger making a fool of himself singing …what is there not to like?

4) Rouge. Because Anita Mui’s ghost gets all empowered and realises even Leslie Cheung is not worth waiting for!

5) The Lover: Because Tony Leung Ka Fei butt-naked is just Art-house even if the whole thing is in French and you don’t really care where the plot is going…

6) Casablanca: ….because you know everyline in it….and only tried to backpack through Morrocco because of it! lol…

7) The Age of Innocence: …cos deep knew that scene by the pier with the sailboat was just an excuse and Archer was chicken….

8) 2046. I don’t know what that whole Robot woman thing was about in that “train scene” but nice outfit and possibly influenced from Japanese Art house & Manga.

9) Hiroshima, Mon Amour…..because “unbreaking” hearts take a long journey and possibly a nuclear fall out…..

10) Gone with the Wind. Love Triangles with great outfits are always fun….what’s one civil war compared to another? Theirs didn’t last that long…the chinese one went on for 1000 yrs! Give it up, Rhett…she was the future, you’re the past…ultimately they will all behave like Her and not you!

11) The Highlander: It is a chick flick for me because I know the alpha chick who made it! So there!

12) Clueless: Because “Who says this is a dress?” “Calvin Klein!”

13) Candy, Candy: The ultimate 1st wave Japanese cartoon that defined the style for all other manga to come and be honest…none of us really wanted her to Run off with the Aristocrat turned Actor…he was useless…actually they were all useless except for her….she did what she want, followed her passion, picked her career, loved, cried, laughed and ……ended up with some guy who loves animals who just happened to own the Biggest Pre WWII fortune supplying stuff to the Allies…now that’s a Japanese fantasy given their role in WWII…lol….

14) La Dolce Vita: Yes it is that black velvet dress in the Roman Fountain howling at the moon….

15) Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Audrey Hepburn was just ace in Givenchy.

16) The Philadelphia Story: Again….I love things that show reverse-class snobbery: When the self-made working class guy turned out to be a dull, paranoid, pointless, social climbing snob with a chip on his shoulder about nothing in particular…..well….we all knew that’s Real life!

17) Devda: I like Paro’s character. She should be proud. He was a fool and no amount of “I object!” make up for his mistake….beautifully written and filmed. For once in good Bollywood style, the dancing was “in context”….and in a way it showed the two aspects of India culture…the native Hindu mythologies and the influences from the Mughal empire.

18) Mother India: But only for all the Comedic scenes on the side….the main bit was a bit heavy but nevertheless it really was an icon of Bollywood.

19) Brice de Nice: Because it is so cute, french & obnoxious….:)

20) The Cup: It is not considered a Chick Flick but if you have met the Tibetan Director and told him exactly what you think is wrong with the entire “gender bias” in Institutional Tibetan Buddhist religion ….I consider this an “Alpha Chick Flick” in the absence of our presence in the film, we are in fact everywhere else …in real life speaking our minds….like many Tibetan women in real life, shortly after they drop off their husbands & kids back to the Monastary for safe keeping…they are off , doing their own thing! 🙂

21) Zeffirelli’s Romeo & Julliet: They can’t act..but they looked pretty and he simplified Shakespeare for them so they can stay pretty…I like it.

22) Moonstruck: Yes…the “we’re not here to love the right person..” scene….That Scene with a Young Nick Cage!

23) Sabrina: Because Bogie was so geeky in his own college uniform and Audrey was so good at what she did. I loved her imcompetence in the kitchen. I totally understand. 🙂

24) Gentlemen prefer blonde: I just like it because Lorelei is so “I will not put up with a guy who changes his mind and stop loving me…I want a guy who will believe me and love me….NO MATTER WHAT I MIGHT DO!” Yes, spoken like a good alpha-female! What has being Reasonable got to do with it? I ❤ Marilyn, she looks brilliant in mink and she can think! ❤

25) Mean Girls: I like Lindsay Lohan in this and I agree with MIT Press about “Bad Girls” …humour in feminism is a wonderful thing!

26) The Color Purple: Oprah was amazing. Whoopie Goldberg was ace. The whole thing was amazing and did more for Black Power than any kind of preaching. I love any films that give non-white women, a voice of their own. I cannot flaw this production.  Go Oprah!

27) Karma Sutra, A tale of Love: I love it because she looked so fabulous in that Pearl outfit and Queen Tara’s conclusion about her husband was brilliant, “Darling I do NOT respect you enough to hate you.” He deserved it.

28) The Wicked Lady:  I like any film where women are not portrayed as just this one dimension creature..where they get to be “wicked”. That’s just real life!

29) Dangerous Liaison : Loved the book in french, liked the Play…so movie was all good!

30) Star wars: Because Princess Leia was the only one  who really knew what the heck she was doing…lol.

31) Hors de Prix: Audrey Tautau had a lot of fun with that!

32) Paris, Je t’aime: Quartier Latin…..met the producer in a pre-view. Its my favorite part of Paris.

33) Sex & Zen 玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑,: it was so silly but it shows chinese women exploring their sexuality…that is never a bad thing even if it is so Silly, you can only have a laugh at the male fantasies in it.

34) A Chinese ghost Story: 倩女幽魂…..its got Leslie Cheung in it….no more need to be said.

35) Magic Kitchen: 魔幻廚房, Sammi Cheung & Andy Lau…and loads of amazing innovative chinese recipes…..that is just a fantasy for me in the kitchen…!

36) The Ninth Gate: Johnny Depp doing Roman Polanski…..yes, indeed. Its a thinking woman’s chick flick.

37) Raise the Red Lantern 大紅燈籠高高掛: It is artistic. That is the only reason..Zhang Yimou was censored but he still told the story beautifully.

38) Muriel’s Wedding. 🙂 I get how bitchy some Aussie bogan women can be and Toni Collete was so much fun in it.

39) Practical Magic…I just like the house and all the magic equipment in it…don’t think it had a challenging plot! 🙂

40) Lions in Winter…they fought so was amazing and they packed so much power in the punch.

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  1. Eye
    February 20, 2012

    How we tret our veterans is embarrassing. They gave their lives for our country and deserve to be treated like royalty. Thank you!

    *** From Cecilia: This comment was intended for this article but I think EF put it in the wrong comment box and sorry I don’t know how to move it to the right comment box!!! (CC) btw goodluck with your public awareness about the physiology of the eyes & problems related to it!:)


  2. Reginald
    January 8, 2012

    Cool blog


  3. Helen
    December 1, 2011

    … keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do 🙂 …


    • ceciliawyu
      December 11, 2011

      Thank you..and goodluck with your blog! I like fun things like metallic eyeshadows. 🙂 (CC)


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    November 30, 2011

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    • ceciliawyu
      December 11, 2011

      thank you that is very kind of you! Merry Christmas. If you would like to connect and there’s anything in the micro-economic or financial management area that is pertinent to Sustainable Enterprise, Development & overall Socio-economic sutainability and/or cultural sustainability, please send me your email and feel free to send me your writing. I will be happy to share it with others in this blog. All the best! :)(CC)


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