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♥”Turning the Camera” (Professionals-Proteges Arts mentorship scheme!)

We had an exhilarating Art shoot today, this Concept & Photo by Sara O’Connor ♥ ♥..modelled by me…feels strange to appear on the other side of the camera….(c) Sara O’Connor & Cecilia W Yu Collaboration, UK, 2012.

I just got a message from a Young Art protegé, promising student-photographer Sara O’Connor who asked,”Please can I project stuff on your body as an art installation for a photography session tomorrow? I need someone beautiful…”

I go,” Fine, but no beaver shot, I’m not Sharon Stone AND I already signed a contract to pose for Playboy when I’m 50 so all (c) copyrights are reserved already. Lol. …. until then…”

Sara laughs and said,” NO, NO, NOT NUDE, just lot of cling wraps!”…

…GROAN, ONLY in the Art world can this be a SERIOUS conversation that leads to an amazingly exciting collaboration!!

Jokingly I wrote to Sara: “….tomorrow when I pose for you wrapped in plastic Cling-wrap..YOU BETTER make me look like Angelina Jolie in Glad wrap…or I will take the camera from you & we better not end up in a newspaper like how you suckered your poor Ice hockey champion brother! hahahhaa. ♥ ”

After we set up Sara’s concept with the help of the studio technician, and after Sara turned the camera on me, it was only natural that we developed the entire 2 hrs session into a joint-collaboration.

We are turning the camera back on the artists. This was the moment when I came up with “Turn the Camera” where professional artists & graduate arts students can “turn the camera” on one another! (*That evening I emailed a professional artist friend of mine from the RSA to brain-storm the idea!)

So Sara got a taste of her own concept, photography by Cecilia below! 🙂 What do you think?

2(c) ceciliawyu, uk, 2012 "Girl on Film 2012"  photo-series.

This is an official documentation of our intention to collaborate on this project and bring it to fruition. We took 70 shots collectively, we just need some time to sort out the finer details and the finer feelings…..

It was an extremely intense in-studio session…..and I recommend all post-modern empowered women should go through something like this at least once, if not more often, to Really see the Art & Artists in themselves reflected through “Turning the Camera” (Professionals in the Arts & 18+ Proteges mentorship scheme **** To be announced.  Yes probably there will be Press about it…but we are in it for the ARTISTIC Integrity, not the Media hype.  Thank you very much.)


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