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For your eyes Only: Multimedia Art Installation@Red Gallery, Team Rex Exhibition

This is a quick peek of the Performance with Wearable Art by Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩  on the evening of the 8th Sept, 8pm at the Red Gallery, Team Rex Exhibition at the invitation by Team Robbo. London, 2012. There will be more official images, videos and movies to come. This is just a taster until we all get some sleep after a month of iProtest Arts Charity activities, exhibitions, musical events, movie screening etc.

I would like to thank Corinna Linzas for supplying this wonderful Billboard Photograph. She captured the joyousness of the evening beautifully!

These are some of the detail snapshots of the Wearable Art, which are still works in progress….beautifully modelled by Ttai Morra, Performances by Absolute Beginners, Claudia Vau and friends, Introduction by Decima Francis (MBE).  Thank you so much for sending in these prelimary photos! XXOO Cecilia

Being Original is the Best thing you will Ever be! ♥♥♥

A quick backstage look….

Dress rehearsals: We met at 4pm. No We met at 5 pm.

Claudia was on time. Italians were late. Jenni Tam even later!

Decima brought her first 8yr old Graffiti artist Girl-child literacy programme participant to the exhibition and educated us about Rehabilitation with “From Boyhood to Manhood”.

Chocci, Doze and other Team Robbos had to sit for hours signing catalogs of their art exhibition, quietly.

Occupied tried to Occupy part of the building.

Pranksky brilliant powerpoint of my slides went bust because of one missing plug, no projections.

We had to lock out some people in case they were part of the Occupy “Art-snatch” looting attempt.

Technician stressed about not being able to get Occupy out and will have to sleep in the building to guard it for weeks! lol.

I had to scuffed down some champers before I talked as I was improvising without the slides.

Italians were under rehearsed but bubbling with energy.

Claudia’s musicians offered to negotiate with Occupy to see if they’d get out because she occupied with them a few months ago and wanted to let them know in her experience occupy is not about stealing an art poster.

Children’s party on the roof top turned out to be a whole bunch of Adults dressed as My Pretty Ponies…hmm…Danes mostly!

Film crew stressed out about production time and what to capture.

x5 photographers can’t decide where to set up.

We can’t find a hands free mic. Italians got stressed but it sounded better without it.

I didn’t get the big dress 100%  finished so it is a “work in progress” again.

Joe came with his girlfriend with more champagne thus calming for me. Lol.

A surprise drop-in from a good friend who sent her friends to come and see my show all the way from Istanbul. I was so happy.

The director of Playback theatre showed up wearing a lovely pair of jade earrings.

I thanked Gary by getting Chocci’s autograph for him and Chocci got a shock that I asked! lol. (that comment with Kel 1st was just a joke! Honest!)

Chocci really enjoyed Maurizio’s cover of  “One” .

Team Robbo explaining how they all grew up together, as artists and as people.

All of us being a little bit hysterical and giddy from just exhaustion! 🙂

I am not Bonkers, the combination of Creative energies make everything go into Hyperreality! Get used to it! 🙂

***But somehow in good art show fashion, it all hangs together and the whole thing worked out and is spreading like wildfire worldwide.

Art is not ordered, it is chaos disguised in an orderly fashion. 

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