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Free e-Report: Amnesty International Report 2012 : The State of the World’s Human Rights. ( Oh dear! :P)

   A child walks around a fake tank parked outside the U.S. embassy during a protest held by Amnesty International in Mexico City

 I got the report from Amnesty International for 2012 on the State of the World’s Human Rights!

     Wow, I don’t think anyone should read this without first getting  slightly tipsy…because if you can’t giggle a little from a “happy jay”…you are going to cry reading this!

It is a little embarassing to be Chinese and realise …again…along with Russia, we failed the world by letting Hu exercise China’s UN veto right in a way that enabled more killing, more arms trade, more pollution and more fiscal policy of greed. OH JOLLY Brilliant…..those Northerners are so embarassing….still….after 6000 yrs! You have no idea! (tut, tut)

Reading the full report, which I did because I wanted to and I try to every year, was challenging for me. Mostly because I got sick of the pages after pages …all 444 pages of our failure to protect our fellow humans from abuses by their own government!

I am speechless at the backlash against basic human rights for  women worldwide, the religious intolerance disguised as reform policies, the religious fanaticism disguised as constitutional reforms, the failure to end Rape as a weapon of conflict…hell, the failure to even investigate Rape as a criminal offence in some cases…..the theft of Free Speech and Creative expressions…..etc.

I could go on…but we all know this already. In the meantime I’m seeing far too many people spending hour after hour online making nonsensical memes to be “loungeroom activists” as if that is what will safeguard human rights! They could support Amnesty International but they don’t! In a way, the failure of individuals to speak out against bullies in their daily lives is a microcosm of why the state of human rights globally is so poor.

Shouldn’t we do something in 2013?

    For those still with a pulse and brain-cells , here’s the FREE PDF of Amnesty International Report 2012: The State of the World’s Human Rights (online from Amnesty Direct)

Amnesty international human rights report 2012 (stored online  at because in some places (guess where? lol) Amnesty International site is blocked! I know….that’s why human rights is not doing so well! But at least you can just click on and get it here if you want to read all of it!)

Free e-Report: Amnesty International Report 2012 : The State of the World's Human Rights. ( Oh dear! :P)

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