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Iron Hag’s funeral day? Watch 400+ “Weak , Feeble” Free “Left-ish” Documentary Films online, thanks Silicon Valley! lol.

Oh my god, big bloody deal, all the drooling Communist nutcases are going on and on and on about Death of Baroness Thatcher because they are boring banale people with not much between the ears….Zzz.

thatcher on the cover 2013

(c) ceciliawyu uk 2013

Then for a more temperate approach, I was asked by to make a statement that gives a different perspective on the rant about Baroness Thatcher, Feminist, is she or isn’t she?

So I wrote: “Rip baroness thatcher. Hong kong thank you and your oppressive govt for making us all Great Fighters. Your famous quote acknowledging that you tried to change us Cantonese for 300yrs and we changed you instead shows you Really have done battle with the Southern kingdom Warrior style. As such….though you are really annoying to us, we show our Respect to you and your family. Good fight….Iron hag! Fat Pang was a joke compared to you…but no one ever liked your policies…especially if they are from Ireland, Africa, China, India, Australia, South America…lol. I think North Pole is okay with her policies? Oh no…I think the polar bears protested too! “

But love/hate at least she expressed what we in Hong Kong felt about Commies, way before we knew what Communism really was! 🙂 Oh, well, even Hitler kept the streets clean…at some point, revolting as they all are….and comparable really….


Quite frankly, she is probably BI-Femifascists…ie. neither or/and both by default….and that is also not very interesting at all. Zzz…because the speculations are tedious affectations that add NOTHING to real FEminist discourse…so engaging in it, just shows you are a bit of a Wannabe-feminazies without a cause! lol.

Though gross taste in clothes…..eeky….and conservative….and little bit desperate…just like her policies…


Friends from USA asked me if I would go and have a look at her funeral …and I said,”I didn’t look at Princess Diana’s because that was boring so why am I looking at an even more un-attractive sample of British womenhood with an extra Y chromosome that predestined her to be sociopathic? You don’t think watching some Hindu Film would be more ironic and pleasurable? 🙂


So suddenly out of nowhere my mate in Corporate Silicon Valley sends me these 400 “left-ish” documentary wall of films. Yes, it is some website they are doing, probably they would go and use this to market some other “stuff” to you, but it is free and it is not as if the drooling Commi nutcases that regularly stalk my work can afford Netflix, Lovefilm or whatever….now that the descendents of Mag the Hag managed to cut their social security and their stupid glorified typists council jobs…oh well, you can all still move back home to Mother and devote yourselves 24/7 to posting meaningless memes on Facebook…I’m sure that would prove to Mags how amazing you really are! hahaha.

But in between breeding another generation that will go on Jeremy Kyle…here, have a look at some free documentaries! 🙂

Look at this as supreme generosity from Cecilia the Sarcastic Goddess , see this as my way of balancing the “force” between Jedi and Siths….

Here is it: Click on this silly link (Films for and you shall have all the drooling left-ish documentary you like…1 or 2 of them could even be slightly good….and ALL of them will oppose the Iron Hag’s policies…talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Because it is Silicon Valley technology, it will load a lot better than Youtube….

400 documentary films

I don’t know why I being generous….I suspect it is because my 22ct Gold Nail Polish started Peeling off when I paint too much in my art studio…so I figured, I’m bored enough to “throw those silly commies a little bone….to see if they will choke!” 🙂

But not chinese ones…because they have the money, they should bloody well pay for my 22ct Gold toenails and fingernails …God knows, they owe all their rambling insanity to the Yu Dynasty and hello, am I not a fine example of that? hahahha. (just kidding! )

Watch these docos if you want to and don’t if you don’t….I couldn’t care less…..

XXOO Cecilia

Films for Action

Well, too right, I intend to behave like the rest of Europe…and the known world…be all “weak and feeble” as  Baroness Thatcher would say, get myself some Vino Argentino Bebida Nacional …drink to their little new Pope and watch the Human Circus of people going on and on about how ace or how crap she is….


You see… an Asian mind:

Pommes are so transient but good for the fight while they last….and the world goes on….their time is limited…ours is cyclical. ♥

Clearly some of the more thinking Pommes actually agree with me, but then again they are the Scottish and Irish bits of Pommieland:

I can choose from 400+ docos that oppose her ideas covering these topics…and that dear friends, is why Communism is a joke! They wouldn’t know how to oppose Mag the Hag style Tory insanity, even if Karl Marx was dug out of his boring little grave and came alive to mooch off his aristocratic relatives because he can’t afford to be a communist without the aristocracies! How tragic!

Animal Rights
Big Ideas
Big Media
Climate Change
Drug Prohibition
Elections & Democracy
Human Rights
Indigenous Issues
Indy Media
Media Literacy
Money & Economics
Net Neutrality
Peak Oil
Police State
Social Issues
Technology & Design
The Big Picture
War & Peace

from these countries:

Lawrence, KS
Kansas City, KS/MO
San Francisco, CA
Durham, NC
Wichita, KS
Eugene, OR
Phoenixville, PA
Reno-Sparks, NV
Dallas, TX
Columbus, OH
Milwaukee, WI
Boston, MA
Ubud, Indonesia
South Africa
Lexington, Kentucky
Dubai, UAE
Vancouver, Canada
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Omaha, NE
Bigfork, Montana
Madrid, MA, spain
San Diego, Ca.
Kolkata, India
Indian Chapter
Detroit, MI
Philadelphia, PA
North County San Diego
Edinburgh, Scotland
Brisbane, QLD
Cambridge, MA
New York, NY
Hamilton, New Zealand
Calgary, Canada
Fort Bragg, CA

WELL Thanks Silicon Valley Geeks! I REALLY like it when you give the world Freebies and Don’t go around being Commies about it …ie. you actually SUCCEED! 🙂 


4 comments on “Iron Hag’s funeral day? Watch 400+ “Weak , Feeble” Free “Left-ish” Documentary Films online, thanks Silicon Valley! lol.

  1. Torri
    January 8, 2015

    Yesterday i spent 300 bucks for platinium roulette system ,
    i hope that i will make my first $$ online. i have high hopes for this.


    • ceciliawyu
      January 9, 2015

      Goodluck with that. I have no idea what that is as I only play the sims and that is only because I create characters that resemble mysogynistic hiphop rappers and then I proceed to mess up their lives…so yes, you could say I play sims like other people use voodoo dolls….hahaha. It is possibly easier to make money some other way online…like taking consumer surveys and stuff…but then I’d only lie to mess up their demographics breakdowns. 🙂


  2. Louis
    May 4, 2013

    I liked your shoes article! Stay with round toes. Luckily, round-toed footwear are in style this year!

    from Cecilia: thanks but you put comment in the wrong comment box. However I know which one you meant.


  3. hvich
    May 4, 2013

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