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Mainland China protest style art intervention! lol. 行為藝術 Protesting poor education!

china protest


A poet protesting against the rape of children’s minds with a message on his rearend: “hey headmaster….let the little students go….if you need a prostitute…give me a call! “
…..omg….love the light bricking he wants to give to those who wants to compromise critical objective thinking in education in exchange for communist political rhetorics….yes they are red skanks! Funny and extreme art intervention/protest going Viral inside Mainland China!!

Here are some responses from Chinese Netizens! lol. Notice all the jokes aside, no one is disagreeing with this Brave Poet. Go Mr Wong, Go! hahaha. This is just a small Snippet…and there are about 1300 more comments and this is all going viral inside China as well, so I am just giving all an example of the responses….:)

  • 太威猛了,肯定不是溫情喊話…
  • 大家有冇留意個電話號碼。0_0″
  • 國內朋友真勇猛!
  •  行為藝術~~~ 勇敢!!!
  •  校長:你個羅太鬆,唔啱我
  •  請問是何號碼?
  •  兩塊磚頭何解?
  •  無恥的社會中的良心﹗
  • 這人是潘小濤嗎?
  • , SM用的
  • 一入房就用磚頭施展正義撞擊!
  • 真的很悲哀 ~
  •  屁股幾靚
  •  Like
  • 正到爆,you are my super idol
  •  行為藝術
  • 打丁J
  •  件事令人作嘔,條友打出個八月十五亦令人惡心 :((
  •  真的可悲 !!!!
  •  醜惡如病菌,暴露醜惡無異傳播病菌,可悲的是病菌變種,醜惡變得更甚,無可救藥!
  •  肥潘,幾時到你 show pat !?
  •  SHOW PAT 抗争,低能,無恥!
  • 楼上几位不懂得欣赏巜艺术品》?想请问下如果他是
  •  如果他是上流社会名人!你哋点睇哬?名人的行为就是艺术》
  • 凡人的行为就是《醜恶》??
  •  有勇氣
  •  露Pat表達憤怒低能無恥、咁攪小朋友果D「野」(我唔可以當佢係人)係乜???
  •  這是行為藝術,也是另類抗爭!個D話人嘔心的識咩呀!如果他們有稚女被人搞了,可能他們連行為暴力都會用了!不過,我相信他們是五毛多一點!
  • 不過,我又相信這是內地中國人的共業!怎樣的國家養出怎樣的人民!這些事會繼續下去!連佛教國家印度也常出現這些問題,這是人的罪!
  • 國恥!絕對同意CarIie Yip所寫!
  •  呢個係正義嘅屎眼,雖然外表污穢,內

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