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Saudi Billionaire Tidbits

In truth….I have my doubts about Mr Prince’s ego….because while I appreciate the random acts of generosity that is a signature of his family ( and hey, thank you for that box of macaroons…Ms.Princess…nice to meet you in London randomly too.) ……

But I thought there is something to be said about the humility of keeping anonymous while contribiting to humanity’s poorest…..unless you are doing it to set an example to your followers?

In which case there is no need to sue Forbes about your money….most affluent dynastic chinese prefer a quiet old money annonymity that is appropriate and contextual….understanding the responsibility that entails …..I am glad Mr Prince is doing the later for Africa but would wish his highness to do more of the former ie. A quiet dignified anonymity about one’s privileges… is ironically the one place where Taoism and Confuscianism agrees….with Islam and Christianity! Oh wow!


The way of the dragon and all that….
Do you really care what a magazine or a listing think of you? I saw far too many self-made Affluent people who gets upset about their ratings…it always always sounds trivial and petty……

The rarest thing to find in the world is a person who genuinely don’t care about your money and will only decide whether they like you or not based onhow well you get along as people….it is easy for people to say that….but an intelligent person knows instantly what is genuine or not…when they can push aside their egos…..

As for Paris Hilton’s Mecca Store! :P…..all I can say is….”Classy? Hell no!”


Saudi Billionaire Tidbits

Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal feeds rice to a young Kenyan girl on a school feeding programme, funded in part by the Saudi Arabian government.
Today the billionaire Twitter investor is in Senegal, on his first visit for 10 years. He was awarded a medal, and donated $1.3million towards “education and health” programmes.
The Prince recently caused controversy by suing Forbes magazine for questioning and underestimating his wealth, leaving him out of the top 10 on its “rich list”. The case may come to nothing, since it was brought in the UK, where the new libel law revision is intended to prevent opportunistic and pointless suits. Prince bin Talal spends time in the UK, where his company owns the famous Savoy Hotel.

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