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Kel1st and Yu 余 Florence, Italy: Art Masterclass Week 2 updates

From time to time as we progress along this 1 month plus art masterclass, I would like to release small snippets of e-correspondence by Kel1st and Yu. The fact is that we were very generously sponsored for this incredible experience but because of personal obligations, Kel1st cannot fully attend the month-long Masterclass, so we made arrangements to keep him updated via modern virtual technology. But personally, I enjoy seeing bits of correspondence, the old fashion way! It saves anyone from needing to spy or hack because you can just click on here and it is open sourced, peeps! 🙂

Message from Kel1st :
re: Kel1st and Yu (inc.) piece for an upcoming event in Los. Angelos 2014:
Very Nice Piece. I like how you blended the letters. It works! 🙂 I love how you have incorporated the Kel piece, the red !!! I like red !!
But Long emails are Fattie!

Kel1st and Yu 4 Los Angelos

Well Kel,

I am glad our Kel1st and Yu tribute to Dondi’s deconstruction art experiment went well. I was glad to hear about him in our phone chats. I cannot write shorter…..there are 200million kids in Chinese ghettos…..reaching to be Literate and Learn!
They want to be able to write  blogs, books and make art that the whole world want to hear!

If it was within my power, I would want all of them to learn to write long journals and express all their feelings endlessly to write their way out of the communist chinese ghettos that left them poor, uneducated and with no future….

If I stop expressing all my complex interrelations and stuff…..we will be setting a very poor example…..
If you want to get “more lean”….understand how important writing lots of long journals like our Hong Kong icon Bruce Lee did!

He wrote endlessly in journals and constantly expressed his own desires to learn. He was and is Hong kong because he understood the importance of “writing one’s way” out of difficulties!

Bruce Lee journals

There are many in the world who agree with the cultured part of China and express important messages like that through their actions and their silences:

“If you cannot find a purpose and goal to education….it is because your light is dead already…..”, says the Egyptians….

I am here to read and talk about and paint anything you would like, to try to give our art ways to grow too!

I really appreciate our Italians friends here at the Accademia d’Arte. They are willing to help me make anything we dream of creatively….technically perfect….and I hope they prosper in their openness and willingness to share knowledge!

I always say to doubters: “Try to appreciate this even if you don’t understand it.,….just go back to basics….paper and pencil in a black sketch book….nothing else…..exist….”

Surely this movie is understandable even if Hollywood got the details wrong?

You should know the hearts of the 200million chinese stuck in ghettos, called the “floating populations” that do not have homes, no official papers, no access to anything official just because they were “kicked out” of their own villages by opporession. They wander inside China looking for odd jobs and squats in the worst conditions you can imagine while China has the greatest numbers of millionaires in the world now.

When I write, when we paint….we do it for them all. Please just understand.


I had to learn even here in Florence!

In Italy there are 40% youth unemployments, young people that as the Mayor of Florence who is now the youngest leader to run Italian modern history said, “There are young people in my home town that cannot even afford to buy a slice of pizza. So don’t talk to me about youth problems unless you understand what caused it!”


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