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Kel1st and Yu Aug 2014 updates: Art v. Artists #RIP #Robbo

April 2014

Kel1st: Before you even start…no, I get to shout first this time! (A bit of screaming)
Cecilia: Hmm..Hmm…(surprisingly calm)

Kel1st: I know that what you did had its own stress and you handled it but you lashed out at me.

Cecilia: …and you were being soo sensitive about my stress when you can’t even confirm some obnoxious out-of-context message that may or may not be from the virus I had?

Kel1st: (A bit more screaming)

Cecilia: BECAUSE I am in a more vulnerable position whenever I do something with “us” ….there’s a whole lot of sexist crap where my creative achievements can be dismissed based on some bullcrap thing about me being a chick. The easiest of course is,”Oh, they must be sleeping together!”

Kel1st: How exactly could that ever be the case when we are never in the same Continent? (Extra Sarcastic)

Cecilia: Oh, you knooooow…apparently we are both just pushing back Art Groupies all day loooong because that’s just what female artists doooo! (Somewhat Sarcastic)

Kel1st: First of all, ethically that is not who I am! People expect me to be something that I was and stay there! When they produce stuff about me, they put out an image of me that is what they thought I was like!

I am used to people pressing their faces up against a goldfish bowl all my life, trying to look in and you know the parallels in this in your own life… making up all sorts of stories about my life. They make up who they think I am. They say I am black. They said all sorts of things about me. You know better! Why do you listen to any of it and let that in?

Cecilia: I am allowed to be less than perfect and have my reactions to these things. I hate lies. I get annoyed. Just because I’ve seen it my whole life does not mean I don’t have moments when it makes me Fume!

Kel1st: I put a stop to the rubbish whenever I see it and everytime you tell me stuff like this start reaching you, I try to shut it down. But I can’t be held responsible for everything that is put out there!

Cecilia: …and yet so many decides what “WE” do is clearly not YOU…as if anyone’s Art only exist in One facet!

Kel1st: There will always be this….there is a very ugly aspects to my scene that “We” need to stay away from if you want to achieve anything of real value!

I never asked this to be about me. I’ve done stuff to try to be humble and you don’t even see it.

Cecilia: Yes, it is like as soon as we start co-creating an art mandala, people start getting excited, positive and happy, suddenly there will be some disruptive element that would come in, to try to inject negative poison to bring down the moods. It is like they want to dose everyone with their negative lies so people will look at them instead of seeing the art.

Kel1st: YES! That is why I repeat! (REPEATING AGAIN) I do not keep up with the majority of people from my past that I worked with. I only keep in touch with a handful that I can trust to come into my home. There are people who made up lies about me. These lies colored how people see me before they even met me ….I had people being shocked that I am not Black and even argued that I can’t be the real person! All it is …is…”Oh, I want to be famous like HIM!” so they will say anything…

Cecilia: …they tell me crap like “Oh so and so feels insecure, you should do this or that for them…” or they make up stuff about people around me who are being positive out of desperate jealousy…and they think if they can’t be a part of it, they can detract from what I am good at and what I can do with the art!

Kel1st: …then when they meet me, they see I am a totally different person from things put out there about me!…they are surprised I am not who they decide I am.

Cecilia: So…YOU don’t encourage this at all?

Kel1st: NO! YOU cannot let the lies in! They would do anything, tell any lies to make it all about Them! I live a quiet life. I have a good life. You also have a good life. Stop letting the noise get to the art ! SHUT IT OUT!

Cecilia: You can’t just shut out the whole world.

Kel1st: We can’t let them cause trouble!

(Sounds of Children playing and background noises)


Kel1st: Hang on.

(Sounds of Movement)


(A long meditative pause)

Cecilia: Is it possible …….the two art forms talking are playing tricks on the artists? On the two of us ?

Kel1st: Yes. It has happened before in my life.

(Private art dialogues exchanged.)

Cecilia:…let’s take a few months off and let’s reconvene in August. Injuries should be taken care of.

Kel1st: The things that happened brought my family closer. Change is not a bad thing. It is a good thing.

Cecilia: We have to keep the lines straight between Artists or we will fight and that is how artists end up with injuries.

Kel1st: Yes. We need to find out what “it” ( the art ) is doing…

Cecilia (Vaguely) : …Look…it is not as if we are going to be in the same space to do a piece together…

Kel1st (Firmly): …YET….But we will!

Cecilia: Do you trust me with your art?

Kel1st: Yes.

Cecilia: Okay, talk to you in August. I hope I will locate the artistic process that has run away from the artists by then. Lol. I feel like the Artistic forces are like truant teenagers…. up to no good behind our backs…it worries me…a great deal…

Kel1st: We have to take back control! Lol. I am not going anywhere, I am stuck on like glue!

Cecilia: Then let me apologise pre-emptively for any inconveniences the art might play on the artists. Talk in August.

1st August 2014

Randy Rodriguez and Cecilia.W.Yu would like to send our best wishes to the artist we know as John ( #Robbo )

whom neither one of us met in person.

But John’s creative energy facilitated the meeting of Kel1st and Yu in London 2012.

We thank John as fellow artists and hope his art is free from exploitations.

RIP the Artist we know as John (aka #Robbo)

Robbo by Kel1st and Yu 2014

Title: 4 John by Kel1st and Yu (c) and, 2014

On the same day, we received news that this year’s #NL2B Nothing Left2Burn 2014 was postponed due to bad weather and will reconvene later on in the year!!!!

Kel1st and Yu 4 NL2B 2014

Between the curator of the Bombed out Church Ambrose Reynolds and Kel1st & Yu …

….we decided to improvise and see what kind of creative synergy can happen when we just let things arise spontaneously.

………………..Amazing things emerged in the next 48 hrs………….




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