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“Kel1st and Yu” #art attends #Mayan #Fire Ritual in #California

Dear Friends,

There are a million things I need to blog about because we entered a very creative phase in the last 6 months and a number of exciting projects are emerging creatively.


All photos (c) Deidre Montgomerie, 2015

But before we begin to announce our future and current plans, given the tragic terrorists activities that resulted in deaths in #Paris and #SanBernardino this month, we would like to first share the valuable Mayan Fire Rituals from the Summer Solstice 2014 which helped us resolved our personal and creative difficulties. The teachings also successfully predicted the dark times to come in 2015.



We were prepared because of this.

We would like to thank for the teachings of their Mayan spiritual Ajq’ij Tata Oma Aka Ehekatl (Erick Gonzalez). He is the Spiritual Leader of Tinanmit Junan Uleu with Spiritual Sanctuaries on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and Mount Shasta, Northern #California.



“Sit at the edge of the lake of serenity to contemplate, meditate and pray. Pray for goodness. Pray for the patience and endurance we must have in the world. We have inherited a beautiful relationship of gatherings of so many lifeforms and many galaxies….”


The full teachings are here:

Video of 90mins Mayan Fire Teachings and as the Art Entity of “Kel1st and Yu” would like to thank for sharing the fire rituals of Spiritual Healer TaTaOmaAkaEhekatl with us. In turn, we offer our art as a healing force to the world. Audio & Intellectual content of Ritual (c) 2014 , All rights reserved. Art works (c) “Kel1st and Yu”, 2015. All rights reserved. Current licence is under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivative licensing.



“When we take on that responsibility….we have to stay close to that fire and don’t let it go out. Find your fire, people…it is a universal truth that there is a “DARK” that engulfs all things…in the air that brings dark and light…let’s bring Hope and Generosity into all that we do…”

Thank you for all the Opportunities we were given!



Cecilia Yu 


Randy Rodriguez




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