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About #MissWorld2015 #MissUniverse2015 China censoring #MissCanada 2015!

I was asked to share my views and comments about this issue via a contact that deals with Cantonese Chinese Independent Free Press, so this is what I have to say about the 3 Beauty Pagent Circuit events of 2015. Thank you.

Years ago, I was very lucky I was selected as a finalist for a beauty pageant one summer in Australia when I was in law school. The Miss Chinese International Experience (國際華裔小姐競選) was ace! My fellow pageant  contestants were ace!

Today in 2015 Miss Canada contestant to Miss World is also ace! She is part of a global sisterhood of beautiful (inside and out) and educated young women that chose to enter top beauty pageants all over the world!
enhanced-1415-1447436563-7.jpg2015-12-21-07.21.10.jpg.jpgMiss World Organisers treated China’s bullying of Anastasia, like the Organisers of Miss America treated Vanessa Williams years ago !

I cannot believe in 2015 while Miss America Pageant is willing to apologise in a humble way for their mistakes, Miss World is silent on China’s bullying of Beauty Pageant Queens of Chinese descent! I feel for Miss America Vanessa Williams missing out on representing America in the Miss Universe Pageant in the same way as I feel for Miss Canada Anastasia Lin for being used  by China to illustrate a misguided point about suppressing religious freedom of its own people!

In the same way I feel compassion for the honest mistake that embarrassed Miss Philipines and Miss Columbia in the final crowning of the Miss Universe 2015 this year! But in the case of Miss Universe, it was an honest mistake, where in Miss World 2015, it was a deliberate subjugation of Free Speech of all women of Asian descent!

Vanessa Williams (c) BBC world news

Vanessa Williams (c) BBC world news

Vanessa Williams Miss America (c) BBC world news

Miss Canada spoke her mind eloquently for social justice, human rights and judicial transparency. These are all wonderful examples of pathway to World peace! Unlike Miss Puerto Rico, Anastasia was protecting the right to religious freedom instead of violating other’s rights for her own agenda.

Organisers of the Miss World Pageant should apologise, like Miss Universe Pageant organisers, did for their failure to accommodate Miss Canada in their contest in China this year. Why?

Because beautiful women, especially beautiful Chinese ones, should be allowed to express intelligent views about the world and be listened to because we are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Miss Universe and Miss World are role models for millions of women around the world. They are the Olympics of Beauty Pageants!

What message is being sent to all the countries participating in these Olympic of Beauty Pageant that any one country can subvert the spirit of fair play in competition by simply banning a candidate?

China cannot hope to be no.1 in the world if we, as descendants of the Dragon, are going to let a few misogynists inside the Chinese Communists Party tell our beautiful young women what they are allowed to do when it comes to genuine Free speech towards a World of Peace and Human Dignity!

THIS never happened in Hong Kong in all the decades the Miss Universe and Miss World contest were part of our tradition for well brought-up beautiful and intelligent young ladies!

I stress “well brought up and intelligent” because clearly Miss Puerto Rico‘s undignified, irresponsible hate speech against other’s religious freedom is not a very good example of being an embodiment of “One in a million” Miss Universe or Miss World Pageant “inner beauty & poise” quality. Furthermore while she is entitled to her opinions, to use the Miss Germany title by Sarah-Lorraine Riek to voice her own personal prejudice is also not a good example of respect for the “Spirit of Compassion and Humanitarian work” ! These are “inner beauty” requirements of the Miss Universe role!

Everyone who participates in Miss Universe are all winners, however one must ask, on what qualities did they win? Was there an issue of quality control in the Pageant circuit? Perhaps some organisers had spent too much time watering down the integrity of what the Pageants stand for, in the name of appeasing the agenda of corporate owners in the past?

The act of promoting prejudice and silencing genuine call for Religious Tolerance, is against the natural order of the universe, the will of people in all nations that insistently place beautiful women and images of us at the heart of humanity’s ideal for World Peace!


 I hope no one is going to take  my comment about “beautiful people have rights to free speech too!” out of context and think,”Oh then you are saying ugly women are not allowed to have their say? What will feminists say?”

My honest response is, “Do not twist my words around to hijack the current freedom of speech and religion issue like China! I am an award-winning postmodern feminist supported by networks of Empowered women globally! Anyone is free to think and express their thoughts. But they shouldn’t expect the world media to take a lot of photos of them in sparkly evening gowns while they are saying it unless they did something more to show their inner beauty!

Beauty Queens have minds and should not be dumbed down to merely embody what “feelings” we elicit from men! We should exercise our voices and influence to ACTUALLY attain World Peace by taking an intelligent attitude to all things that destroy World Peace! The inner beauty component is the humility to accept victory and defeat with poise AND understanding the responsibility of being a role-model to Millions of women worldwide! 


In this respect, Boys and Men must be educated to see beyond the package!  It is a dis-service to young boys if women are silenced by authoritarian governments.

For this reason, my next project in 2016 will be working with boys through strong Female Leaderships to affect a culture change in areas that are traditionally male dominated like Art, Media and Information Technology. Ironically my art collaborator is a Puerto-Rican-American man who supports my creative visions! We were invited by an empowered British African Caribbean Lady  who received an MBE Award from the Queen (the real one from England) for her humanitarian work with young people.


“So while I will never get my figure back” from my Pageant days :), the poise and confidence I got from being an Australian Finalist of the Miss Chinese International Pageant, where the winners went on to represent in Miss Universe, will always stay with me in all the things I do in the world to make it more Beautiful, Creatively Free and Socially more Just place! I am not just advocating but I am actively contributing daily to World Peace!”  Cecilia.W.Yu  余詠詩

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