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Kel1st and Yu joins Sacred Earth Trust in a UNDP green tech recycling and education project in Bodhgaya, India

 How  we got involved with Sacred Earth Trust (SET) UNDP project founded by Lillian Sum:
Randy Rodriguez ( and I  ( were having another one of those art bicker fights about Chinese New Year “Freedom” art installation at the Bombed out Church in Liverpool, in 2015, when Lillian Sum contacted me to talk about her UN funded eco-technology recycling project and solar powered e-learning education centre.

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At first I was very hesitant because I felt that this level of projects on a United Nations grass root technology level required someone with more green technical knowledge than what I was educated for. I even thought about suggesting my Professor in Physics friend from Melbourne Australia for this project.
I said this to Kel1st who decided that he had the technical knowledge.  I was a skeptic. He showed me a link to a bit of green food recycling technology created by one of his friends which was patented.  I did not think his technology was relevant to the project we were discussing. My reasons were that Lillian’s project involved training Rag-pickers in the slums of India to recycle using new technology and training the children to have access to basic computer and internet education; whereas Randy’s friends were dealing with 1st world excessive food wastage where surplus food from restaurants and supermarkets had to be recycled back to being nutritious composts.
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Most of the Rag-pickers we were talking about barely had enough for one meal a day. I felt he was being frivolous about my friend’s project on a UNESCO world heritage site of great spiritual significance! He thought I was being snobby about his friend’s patent technology in Colorado whose technology was being picked up by some important American corporations!
We continued with the usual art power struggle about Chinese new year Dragon dance art installation. But somehow while throwing misguided artistic accusations at one another, we agreed on helping Lillian further her worthwhile project, as a way of at least “agreeing to agree” on one thing in 2015!
Kel1st offered a comprehensive design and computer coding course curriculum for Lillian’s solar technology e-learning centre as a goodwill gesture, to match my offer of a comprehensive 60,000 volumes Encyclopaedia Britannica DVD that will provide resources in many areas of knowledge for teachers in the local area! We also agreed that perhaps we could decorate the walls of the Eco Solar Center when it is finished with something modern and interesting instead of the usual meditating Buddha and Krishna playing a flute iconography. We thought it might be fun since the  whole centre will be built from recycled plastic bricks as Lillian Sum tried to explain to us.
So that was how we got involved.
In 2016, Kel1st and Yu are still collaborating with Lilian Sum’s  SET charity. We are aware that there are many materials linking Lillian’s past work with the Karmapa of Tibet. But we don’t really know or have any connection with the Karmapa’s PR office. We know that the Karmapa is a spiritual leader who has assets of  over $1billions US dollars and we think it is great that as a philanthropist he had the vision to support Lillian’s past ecological architecture work. But that is the extent of Kel1st and Yu’s knowledge about his charitable giving. Our collaboration is funded by UNDP and UNICEF, so all materials are transparent and can be obtained from the office of SET. Bodhgaya, Bihar 824231, India
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Why are we presenting our project to India Win Conference?
Kel1st and Yu’s reasons for supporting Sacred Earth Trust is simple! We know sustainable e-technology is the way to take many out of the poverty cycle and info-technology disparity that leads to poverty, in India! We both agreed we would never want anyone to be stuck in a poverty life cycle they can never get out of just by being born in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Here are the materials from Lillian Sum, founder of SET Sacred Earth Trust, as she patiently updated her meticulous project to Kel1st and Yu in March 2016, in preparation for us presenting the materials to “WINConference India 2016” this month with 250 leaders from 25 different countries to look at how to shape a future that benefits all. WIN thanks the following organization for their support in making the India WINConference happen –  Unilever, Shell, Frederqie Constant, IKEA, The Female Factor, International Herald Tribune and Unisto.
win india 2
win india
Top business leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, NGOs, activists and politicians meet in a colourful and diverse setting, integrating the divine feminine with modern business practices and tools.
Kel1st and Yu in collaboration with Sacred Earth Trust, align well with WIN Conference India’s mission to inspire and are inspired as we accelerate the empowerment of more women across the globe. Majority of our rag pickers are Dalit women and we are proud of supporting female eco-architects from all culture, as well as the kind of collaborative creative partnership in the arts that allow for trans-cultural gender differences and synergistic disagreements that further innovations!
Personally I don’t  fully understand the technology and details involved but I really liked the Blueprints of the buildings because it just gave me a sense of creative potential for human interactions inside it! 🙂
Blueprint of Upstairs, E-learning center with an option for Open Air Cinema Projections:
sacred earth trust 2-page-001
Blueprint of  Downstairs, Recycling centre and Laboratory for Green Tech. upkeep:
sacred earth trust 1-page-001
 This is a Personal Message from Lillian Sum, Founder of Sacred Earth Trust:

Lillian: “Sacred Earth Trust SET is set up in Bodhgaya  for engaging local and international communities who live or visit there on sustainable development through education and practical solutions. SET is not related to Karmapa’s activities. Fact is I have worked within The kagyu monlam  on solutions for large scale waste water systems set up on the site and enviro education to monastic communities. This is one swift way to reach the Himalayan Buddhist communities.”

Eco Mission:
UNDP_Logo w Tagline_w TextboxLillian: “We are in process of building the eco-centre and the mezzanine second floor will be the library and solar powered IT centre. (which will have a cinema potential on front of building for outdoor screenings)
So far we have built
  • boundary 
  • foundations 
…..and in process of building 2 compost toilets with urine filter and irrigation system for watering our bioremediation demo garden!
Next is the machine room and office =/ which will be lab and kitchen when we get the rest of eco-centre complete and no longer need the machine room there and office will be inside eco-centre.
We are using hybrid technology design for the eco centre build and aim to show living systems and low cost effective technologies that can be accessible and adopted by local and international communities.
Assist future generations to be self-efficient, aware and empowered to create and develop their own sustainable futures and adapt effectively with the rapid climate change.
Zero waste initiatives and perma-culture demo site.. using architecture as a living learning tool and environment.
Recycling Centre training Ragpickers in new Eco-recycling technology:
Lillian explains: “The project is based in an UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS )- the place of Buddha’s enlightenment  but one of the most important points is about inclusion and engages everyone from all backgrounds and religions.
I’m currently working with scientists and engineers from CBRI and IIT Roorkee on developing the project technology and materials so that it can pass India building regs standard- this is required for writing the specification sheet before training is given on a wider network.
Tonnes of plastic pollution which will be removed and up-cycled into building blocks – earthquake, wind, rain resistant technology. Our main focus is to build the eco centre but also sanitation in slums and working with Bihar infrastructure development program.”
varanasi_pilgrimage_flowers Filming: 
Lillian: “This film we are making has focus on the actual issues and local people. (rag-picking children, plastic pollution and impacts on climate change)
We are filming in two weeks for a 6 part environment education series aimed  for TV.

Stories are seen through the eyes of rag-picking children, kids looking at booming India, Bodhgaya and then perspective of bacteria, and transformative bacteria, enzymes etc. Each series will be covering different issue and also will have informative storyline plus solution.”

From Cecilia: “I am very excited about that and hope this will also garner the support of  Voices of Women Worldwide, in that your film allows the voiceless to tell their stories instead of having top-down models imposed upon them so that they sound like a commercial.  VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & Board Member LAXMI DHAUL, Country Representtive in India will represent and meet CEO/Founder Kristin Engvig of WINConference India 17-18 March 2016 at “The women’s leadership summit” —  It is being held at the Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel, Delhi NCR, India. So I think this will be a wonderful Creative Synergy and maybe you can meet everyone in Delhi and we can connect internationally? I hope so!

**** May all things work out and many people are helped on this sacred site of Bodh Gaya in India!”

From Randy  (Kel1st): “When I look into the eyes of some of these kids, I am reminded of the hungry Ethiopian kids in the 90s. But they (Dalits) need more than food, they need education, an opportunity to be part of the future. Maybe that is not what you see in those eyes, but that is what moves me to actions.”

Other Official Partners of the Sacred Earth Trust:

Lists of Participants for this year’s WIN Conference India:

Outstanding speakers Leading the Way include:

Speakers Include:

– Guests of Honour

Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Indian, Minister of State for Human Resource Development
Hemant Bakshi, Indian, Sr. Vice President, HPC, Hindustan Unilever Limited
Syeda Hameed, Indian, Member, Planning Commission, Government of India
Nidhi Razdan, Indian, Senior Editor, NDTV
Ranjana Kumari, Indian, Director, Centre for Social research
Ireena Vittal, Indian, Board Member
Madhu Khanna, Indian, Visiting Professor of Indic Religion, Centre for the Study of Comparative Religion and Civilizations, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi and Founder  Chairperson, Tantra Foundation
Anjali Raina, Indian, Executive Director, Harvard Business School India Research Center(Facilitator)
Jessica Anderen, Swedish, Trading Area Manager, IKEA
Aletta Stas-Bax, Dutch, C.O.O., Frédérique Constant SA, Geneva
Shobhana Bhartia, Indian, Chairperson and Editorial Director, Hindustan Times Media
Namrita Jhangiani, Indian, Partner, Egon Zehnder
Julia Haston, British, Managing Director & Principal Consultant, BJC Europe (Moderator)
Meenakshi Dewan, Indian, Associate Director – Business Development, IBM Global Technology Services – SO
Tunde Ogungbesan, British, D&I Consultant, Royal Dutch Shell
Anuradha Razdan, Indian, General Manager, Leadership Development – South Asia, Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Devina Nigam, Indian, Senior Analyst (Human Capital & Diversity) Accenture Services Private Limited, India
Nilima Bhat, Indian, Director, Roots & Wings, Consulting Services Pvt Ltd
Bruno Goffin, Belgian, Owner, coach2market
Isabelle Demangeat, French, Consultant International Management Coach, fit for culture
Carol Bourg, Belgian, Registered Counsellor & Naturoath, Founder of Qinutrition, Co-founder of TurningPoint
Yasmine Hilton, British, Chairman, Shell India
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, American, President Divine Shakti Foundation, In Seva Parmath Niketan Ashram
Sangeeta Talwar, Indian, Former MD, Nddb Dairy Services
Ishita Chaudhry, Indian, Founder & CEO, The YP Foundation
Geetu Verma, Indian, Executive Director- Foods, Hindustan Unilever Limited
Rekha Mody, Indian, Founder, Streeshakti The Parallel Force
Sara Pilot, Indian, Co-Founder, CEQUIN
Durga Holzhauser, Austrian, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Foundation of La Lumiere & the
Seema Kohli, Indian, Free Lance Contemporary Artist, SEEMA KOHLI
Vandana Kohli, Indian, Filmmaker, Photographer, Musician
Payal Gupta, Indian, Coach and Consultant, Celebratory Associates(Moderator)
Meena Jawahrani, Indian, VP- Group HR, Financial Technologies(Moderator)
Vaishali Misra, Indian, Project Manager, Next Generation, IKEA
Suchitra Rajendra, Indian, Director Talent Sustainability, PepsiCo India
Anita Vasudeva, Indian, Co-Founder, Fleximoms
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, American, President Divine Shakti Foundation, In Seva Parmath Niketan Ashram Spirituality in daily life
Samata Vasisht, Indian, Founder & Director, Synergy Holistic
Anjana Nathwani, British, CEO of Athena Business, Director of Athena Learning Academy and Business Mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation

Official WIN Conference India Sponsors for 2016:


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