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Our #Greentech #UNESCO WHS recycling project sponsored to attend WIN #India #FemaleLeadership 2016 with support from PM #Modi, #Microsoft, #IKEA, #Pepsi, #Shell size #MNE s


Female Leadership worldwide, WIN conference 2016 India

Win conference India 2016: We were honoured to get sponsored tickets for our project and we just want to thank EVERYONE; the Organisers, the Sponsors and the great women who participated and some of the VIP speakers who connected with us via social media and tweeter!


Modelling Punjabi Fashion in Australia


Indian embassy Culture Event, Melbourne

We are growing a power-house of empowerment for ALL women!

 We are very honoured to have the Kel1st & Yu and Sacred Earth Trust (SET) Eco-project included in this wonderful Female Spiritual and Business Leadership conference that travelled the world uniting women AND enlightened men who can see women’s leadership can contribute to a more sustainable world. It is highly valuable for women to know we are Knowledge holders, Leaders and Transmitters of Culture and Innovative Developments worldwide.


🙂 Years ago before a Royal Uppsala Ball, Sweden in my favorite Sari

We are very proud of the leadership Lillian Sum showed as the Founder of Sacred

UNDP_Logo w Tagline_w Textbox

Earth Trust and the Eco-Tect responsible for the arduous tasks of dealing with all the buildings regulations and the paperwork from UNDP  funding requriements. She was very stressed and we sent our love to her for her wonderful effort at Grass-root project level. She is also an advisor to the $300 House Project. We are very proud of her technical expertise, ethics and diligence!


Kristin before WIN Conference Ball 2016 India in her red sari

Thank you for the support of Win India , and of course dear friend Vinanti Sarkar and new colleague Laxmi Daul! Laxmi is the founder of Prithvi MediaPrithvi Media is a platform that promotes awareness for sustainable growth, development and education through the medium of animation. We celebrate our auspicious connections.

On the Important note of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with our project at Bodhgaya, India

At the same time in UNESCO WHS sites in  Kathmandu, Nepal, a British Royal visited various historic preservation site and highlighted in the Media, the importance of  projects that restore UNESCO world heritage and the importance of protecting the opportunities for Girls Globally.


Princess Pratima Rana Pande (MBE) and friends at Prince Harry’s welcome reception


Boudhanath Stupa, UNESCO WHS, Kathmandu, Nepal

From Cecilia: ” Bodhgaya is not my only collaborative project. I have projects like KEBS Academy at Boudhanath in Nepal. I would  like to take this opportunity to highlight the important cause of Preservation, Conservation and Restoration of other Important Spiritual Sites of UNESCO WHS which the dear lady (and a kindred spirit), Princess Pratima Rana Pande of Nepal (Board member of the Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trusthas worked tirelessly in order to lift her country and her people from the horrors of the Earthquakes in Nepal 2015.


Pratima touring Patan & Bhaktapur, Kathmandu with guest

At the time of the WIN India 2016 conference, I wished we could have met up in Delhi or Kathmandu for a much needed catch up, however she was otherwise engaged showing Prince Henry of Wales  (Britain) around various UNESCO restoration sites in Kathmandu, in the aftermath of the earthquakes which destroyed many sacred sites and left many ordinary people with long-term daily challenges  such as the deprivation of access to water, energy and safe sewerage disposal.

As we are talking about Female Leadership into the new Millennium globally, I want to take this opportunity to highlight Pratima’s incredible work in educating others about the wealth and depth of the Nepalese Culture. In the past, I’ve had the honour of a cultural excursion with Pratima  in Kathmandu. Over lunch we discussed many of our visions.  She is a true gem: generous, knowledgeable and instrumental in cementing my respect and admiration for  Nepalese culture and history.”



Working with an orphanage for Nepalese “Dalit” children

If we do not protect the cultural heritage and the sustainable cultural components that enable long-term sustainability on a planetary scale, how can we possibly combat #Climatechange ? Equally how do you have a sustainable future if 51% of the populations of the world (female) are deprived of equal opportunities?

Thank you WIN Founder Kristin Engvig for supporting Kel1st &Yu and SET’s vision for a more socially just, eco-sustainable ‪#‎greentech‬‪#‎fintech‬‪#‎undp‬ development future for the‪#‎Dalits‬ of ‪#‎India‬!

We are reminded of PM Narendra Modi’s speech at the Plenary Session at COP21 Summit in Paris (full text here), which my African projects with PEPA attended inside the African Pavillion.

 “So, the choices are not easy. But, we have awareness and technology. We need now national will and a genuine global partnership.

Democratic India must grow rapidly to meet the aspirations of 1.25 billion people, 300 million of whom are without access to energy. narendra-modi-cop21

We are determined to do so, guided by our ancient belief that people and planet are inseparable; that human well being and Nature are indivisible.” PM Narendra Modi at COP21 Paris 2015.



Durbar Square, UNESCO WHS, Nepal 2016

In the efforts shown by the many courageous women around the world who give of their time, their knowlege, wisdom and culture to the Sustainability Interest inside and outside India, I believe Women have proven ourselves more than equals in our ability to take charge and be leaders beyond the traditional roles assigned to women.  I am reminded of ‪#‎Gandhi‬ and ‪#‎Nehru‬ ‘s vision of an India free from caste based inequality AND ‪#‎MotherTheresa‬‘s vision of a more compassionate India that takes care of women and their long-term health and wellbeings! 


Kristin & Laxmi in Delhi Win Conference 2016 India


Modern v. Traditional Dresscodes with a twist. Indian Fashion event, Australia

On a concluding note, I was asked about “Appropriate Dresscodes” and Business Etiquettes for the Conference and other Business events in India. Many were more than curious about how it differed from Far Eastern Chinese, Korea or Japanese etiquettes. Well, One must accept that different rules apply because it is a different culture! In my experience from the past of doing fashion shows for Indian Embassy event in Australia and my travels to India,  it is both gracious and diplomatic to be willing to dress in your host’s costume if you are an invited guests into the homes and business circles of others in a different culture. I found basic business etiquette in India a very useful guideline! It is important to be Flexible and keep an open mind, instead of imposing rigid western expectations onto the world! 🙂

Equally all eastern cultures can learn from the west in new ways! There is something to done about Prince Henry of Wales observation about gender inequality in Far Eastern Society.

Prince “Harry”: ” ….we need to acknowledge that so many countries and societies are failing to protect the opportunities for girls as they do for boys….”

Best wishes to Everyone for such a successful synergy of the spiritual, the innovative and the cultured!

From all of us at Sustain-Able Yu, Voww.Tv , Kel1st and Yu and Sacred Earth Trust (SET) 


Cecilia.W.Yu 余詠詩 is Founder, Sustain-Able Yu 余, Social Entrepreneurship Collaborative Forum, Global

Far Eastern Representative and Board Member, Voices of Women, NY, USA.

Kel1st and Yu in collaboration with Sacred Earth Trust (SET), India.


Official Sponsors for WIN Conference 2016 India were:




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