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Studio 8 @ The Hive, our new office. 

Dear Friends

Following my return from the Amazon jungle trip, I just want to write a short note to say we were very kindly offered by the owner of The Hive,  a small office space there. We are thankful for the partial sponsorship by the Proprietors of The Hive and we also look forward to the offer of the use of the cinema space at Virgin Money Lounge. Thank you. Lets see what happens….

Studio8 is a wonderful central city location, full of trendy bars, sushi places and late night hang outs. It is also only 5mins walk from a beautiful period Art Museum. So we were thrilled to have a little office of our own; a place to dream big dreams….

Randy Rodriguez (Kel1st), before he skipped off to the Galapagos,  has been doing his design for all the materials we need to give the office some commercial touches like this wonderful draft of a logo/billboard/whatever…we are not sure what it will be yet!!! You all know by now many drafts went back and forth because we have strong ideas about our color choices….as always. Hahaha.

He said,” This is a great way for us to Focus!! Wow!!! We might even fight less! Hahaha!”

I asked ,” How do I concentrate with the sounds the local subway whizzing by constantly?”

He said,” That sound is like music…it is suppose to help you relax….hahaha…& sleep!”

Hmm….well it is interesting to feel a certain electricity in the air that comes with the buzz of a city at night.

I said,” You are just very lucky I am a city girl with outback trainings. 🙂 ”

Here are a few photos of the space. I made a mistake with the fairy lights ordering far too many! Instead of getting 50 fairy lights…it was actually 50 metres of lights so the inside of the office looks like a spaceship when I switch on the light!

It is very exciting and I hope amazing projects come out of our small office. I have to make sure I dont get distracted by all the hip bars and coffee places to go out and just do some work in there! 🙂

Since moving in….the sudden rise of graffiti and street art  used to decorate the walls of the local diners and businesses are duly noted.

Personally I think it would be great if people spend a few years really considering what themes  are meaningful to their creative lives before they put random trendoid stuff on a wall…

Kel1st commented,” I am just happy if they even use a marker to practice their lettering before hand…I still spend months doing this before anything else…”

This was where the humorous site Graffiti Hall of Shame kept us both in good cheers. Lol.

Thank you for all your supports.


On behalf of  KEL1st and Yu

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