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Dear #BillieEilish, pls lose the #Gucci & Use N95! #CoronaVirus #Maskup

My poor knowledge of music and sports, is legendary 😎. But I know my art, culture and fashion. So it is no surprise that I woke up to the fiasco that is Gucci’s lame attempt at rubbing up at the #Grammy2020 and #HongKongprotest with a tasteless facemask using #BillieEilish as an influencer!

Why is it in bad taste of Gucci to pull this stunt at the Grammy?

Because Gucci in its attempt to over-identify with its rebellious Gen Z Chinese demographics, tried to rub up against Hong Kong Human Rights violating Anti-Mask law with their own G branded symbol of rebellion.

But they didn’t count on one little thing…..Wuhan Corona Virus that had the very evil #CarrieLam who came up with the Human Rights violating law, donning an unfashionable surgical face-mask on world television! If only she could arrest herself, tear gas and pepper spray herself with police brutality and violate her own human rights!

So for the sake of everyone’s health and happiness, please note, Gucci’s facemask worn by Billie Eilish would kill the poor thing, if she ever came into contact with “The REAL CORONA”! Yes. It is flimsy and bejewelled and it is useless to protect her health!

So may I suggest, if you do not like the ugly surgical mask that all the unfashionable human rights violating Communist Chinese officials are wearing, please consider using the masks that you normally use to protect you while doing Graffiti art, also what skiers and extreme Mountain Bikers use!

Why? Because if you add the Carbon filter, plus the 5 layers of protection already in these masks, the Mask’s protection factor against Bacteria, Dust and Allergents is about N99 ie. 99%! The standard for surgical Mask used by medical professionals are N95 (95%) protection!

So you can look fashionable and protected from a major deadly Pandemic Virus! That is a Win-Win! 🙂

Beyond that, always Sanitize your hands and refrain from touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands as much as possible!


I started using my clear UV fashion Glasses to protect my eyes from my own hands AND to give some extra barriers to any possible DROPLETS (ie. airbourne bits of other people’s bodily fluids from sneezing etc.) flying around in billions of tiny particles of possible Corona Virus infested mayhem!


Lots and LOTS of Hand sanitizers

It is very Ironic that “Graffiti (could potentially) save my life!” if I used the MASKS.

So Dear Billie, please lose the Gucci and put on an N95! Send the right messages so that silly Gen Zzzs don’t follow your example and end up “Branded but Dead”.

P.S Congratulations, I really like that intimate song you sang on a giant big bed! I don’t remember the name but it is a tribute to your talent that I’ve heard it once! 🙂

So for anyone who can read Traditional Chinese, here are the reasons why NOT all masks are created equal. What Billie wore offered 0% protection across most of the categories! Pretty though! lol.

Doesn’t help if you catch Corona and die, Gucci! Ha Ha Ha! #sarcasm

Just sayin’ , Hip Hop & Protest Arts Monkeys Worldwide……Keep it REAL and STAY ALIVE!

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