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Iprotest with Ironic Merchandises! “Change the world4da better!”

Iprotest & Change the world 4 the better by making sure I do not pass on my bigotry & prejudices on  generation after generation, especially if I know it is harmful to others! The KEY is Consent! Don’t cyber rape others with what you decide is right for everyone on this planet. 🙂

Iprotest as a parent when I take full responsibility for the way my child is educated and I do not rely on the ad-hoc opinions of politically agenda-ed nobodies on-line trying to foist their opinions on everyone and trying to sell me “anarcha-femi-pro-violence-gangsta” t-shirts for my child@£12.99,  in the name of  convincing me that violence is the best way for my children’s future! 🙂 (injoke)

Iprotest with irony: ” Instead of mindlessly air-fisting  telling people to “put on a helmet”  aggresstively when they are in the middle of  “occupying” somewhere, Iprotest by lending someone a cap and seeing if he/she wanted to share my bottle of water? Iprotest in a non-violent, civilised & compassionate way!” 🙂 I also try to give people the telephone number to the National Lawyers Guild (USA) …just in case! XO

Iprotest with irony & self confidence : “When I go to the gym, iProtest with  self-confidence in my own body image when I don’t care if I am the only woman  in the room and all the guys keep wanting me to look at them, grunting away like little ponies on the threadmill! hahaha.”

Iprotest with Ironic merchandises!(Charity) “When I iPad, I am not a facebook vigilante, Iprotest with creativefreespeech!”:)

Iprotest with Irony! “The only things you should be burning are Sausages@Iprotest Barbecues!Put this  apron on,Guys!”(Charity)

Iprotest with Irony! Merchandises! When I use my computer4GOOD instead of HATE. I’m “Changing the world4 the better!” 🙂

Iprotest, Change the world for the better! “Don’t dehydrate while “kettled”. lol.” 🙂 Be safe, be creative…have a soya latte and paint something in Protest! XOXO (CC)

Iprotest with my Buying power & my Eco-conscience when I buy from ethical traders, buy locally to support my community businesses and try to use something else instead of plastic bags! I also boycott products made in sweatshops from child-labour and political prisoners of conscience!

Iprotest merchandises4Charity: “When I send this postcard to the chinese Nobel peace laureate Liu Xiaobo in prison, Iprotest his 11yrs jail sentence for asking for Free Speech!”

One comment on “Iprotest with Ironic Merchandises! “Change the world4da better!”

  1. Nicole for better Wages
    March 23, 2012

    Attractive content. I just stumbled upon your site and I actually enjoyed your blog posts. Any way I will be subscribing to your feeds.

    From Cecilia: Thank you Nicole. If you have a blog posts about need for better wages..please feel free to share it. You did not include a URL. cheers CC


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