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From Feb 2012: Is there a Lawsuit? re: Daniel Ellsberg +Col. Ann Wright v. Police re: Assault@Free Bradley Manning Protest

Some days, I get the Strangest messages in my blog inbox..:) Well…this was my response:

Well, Solicitor Campbelltown, NSW: Thank you very much for your praise! Wow! I’m honored!

Hmm..your website is quite a handfull and did not fit into my URL box fully. So I feel I should at least explain it to readers cos they will not be able to access it as it is Firewalled to the eyeballs! Though Anon. & we don’t know who one another is….You are representing people who have some issues with being assaulted by police? Well goodluck with it in Australia!

I hear Bradley Manning is another one of “Jules” Assange’s mates? I know nothing about it, seriously.

Gen X Melbournites do seem to like to stir up trouble though, don’t we all?

Well, Regards to all. CC

**** Keep your Black Armani suits nearby… doesn’t hurt! XXOO…and hey, I still call Australia home! Thanks for letting me know. ♥

so readers, this is the information about :

1) Bradley Manning from

since  20 APRIL 2011

Private Bradley Manning, who is accused of providing documents to WikiLeaks, is being moved from a maximum-security military brig at the Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia to a pre-trial facility in a new, medium-security military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

We hope Bradley Manning’s conditions will significantly improve at Fort Leavenworth, but we will be watching how he is treated very closely.  His conditions at Quantico have been a breach of international standards for humane treatment of an untried prisoner. Amnesty International has been raising the unacceptable conditions of Private Manning’s detention conditions with senior US officials throughout the year.

We believe sustained public pressure for the US government to uphold human rights in Bradley Manning’s case has contributed to this move. Thank you to all those who took our online action.

2) Daniel  Ellsberg & Col. Ann Wright was allegedly assaulted by police at the Free Bradley manning Protest.

I don’t really know the details but here’s a mobile upload into youtube:

3) This is what Daniel Ellsberg said about the issue of Bradley Manning & his right to “due process” in the USA:

Follow this link:

Excerpt: Earlier this week, U.S. State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley resigned after describing the confinement of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower, Army Private Bradley Manning, as “ridiculous” and “stupid.” Manning is being held in “maximum security confinement” at the U.S. Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. We speak to Daniel Ellsberg, perhaps this country’s most famous whistleblower and one of Manning’s most public supporters. “[Manning] is being held essentially in isolation, solitary confinement, for something over nine months, something that is likely to drive a person mad and may be the intent of what’s going on here,” Ellsberg says. [includes rush transcript]


 4) Though I’ve never met Daniel Ellsberg, I think I had a few exchanges, ages ago, with a writer who scripted the Daniel Ellsberg biographical movie via a friend of his family. 🙂 Wonderful! Goodluck with it! I think his story needed to be told in an honest & transparent way.

****I think it takes courage to “speak the truth” no matter who decides to censor you.

Truth is everywhere. 🙂

To my limited understanding, this is what Daniel Ellsberg achieved beyond just being known as a “whistleblower”:

Daniel Ellsberg, PhD, (born April 7, 1931) is a former United States military analyst who, while employed by the RAND Corporation, precipitated a national political controversy in 1971 when he released the Pentagon Papers, a top-secret Pentagon study of U.S. government decision-making in relation to theVietnam War, to The New York Times and other newspapers. He was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 2006. He is also known for a fundamental contribution to decision theory, the Ellsberg paradox.

*** Sorry I don’t really know who Colonel Ann Wright is. But goodluck with the lawsuit, if there is one. I am not saying there is I am asking “Is there a lawsuit?”

If there is, Hope it all goes well and that Justice is served. Since I have limited information about the nature of the alleged Assault, I am going to trust the lawyers for the Plaintiffs & the Defence to Do their jobs…well…very well.

  *** P.S I know I’ve said it many times and I’m going to say it again….. Anyone who went to Monash + Melbourne Uni    in our generation can tell you: WEAR A  CONDOM! Ansells were not handed out by the bucket-loads during O-week, just for beer-drinking games!  There is NO EXCUSE for being Condom-less !!!! EVER!!! For a Guy!!! I don’t care if you were caught in a Tornado or a Tsunami…..”If its not ON, its not ON!” …I thought it was established way back in O-week !

3 comments on “From Feb 2012: Is there a Lawsuit? re: Daniel Ellsberg +Col. Ann Wright v. Police re: Assault@Free Bradley Manning Protest

  1. Ange
    March 6, 2012

    Good stuff, I anticipate reading all the more.


  2. LIndsey
    March 6, 2012

    As soon as I saw this website I read it to shared some of the love with them….


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    February 21, 2012

    Its unusual should discover something for the cyberspace thats as enjoyable and intriguing as that which you currently have here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and whats more, you make use of reference which are tightly related to what you really are saying. Youre certainly one out of one million, continue the excellent work!


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