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給余文生律師的一封家書: A letter to incarcerated human rights lawyer Yu from his beloved wife Wensheng

【A letter to incarcerated human rights lawyer Yu from his beloved wife Wensheng】(English version below tran)







後來,你回家了。 3年來,我知道你一直最想到香港去旅遊一下。可惜,你被限制出境,一直沒能到達香港玩玩。









永遠愛你的老婆: 許艷


【An open letter to lawyer Yu Wensheng from his beloved wife】

Translated by

My darling husband,
When I discovered you were arrested for allegedly inciting subversion of state power and for the obstruction of discharge of official duties by the Communist Chinese Government, I seethed with rage for the way you are treated!
When I found out that the Xuzhou police had deliberately dragged your case out, I implored them to treat you humanely during your time of incarceration.
Are you alright? I asked myself. How can you possibly be alright when your freedom has been taken away?
I hope you are not tortured, starved or ill with sickness. Please take care of yourself in the detention center. I am so eager to tell you all this in person.
Even though you are absent and you cannot receive my good wishes, I believe you can feel my love and everyone’s concern for you and desire to help you.
During 2014 was the previous time you lost your freedom by supporting Occupy Central in Hong Kong. You were the only Chinese lawyer who was arrested. I was told that in order to rescue you, friends in Hong Kong shouted your name – Yu Wensheng – in solidarity during protests until you were released eventually.
Finally, you came home to me. In the past 3 years, you said to me that you wanted to travel to Hong Kong many times. Unfortunately, you were unable to visit Hong Kong because you were not allowed to cross the border between China and Hong Kong (SAR) and your dream holiday never happened!
In the last three years, after you came home from your last incarceration, the suppression of your daily life continued. It was not easy for you to persist with your work as an advocate. In spite of all the difficulties, you still took up weiquan case in order to help others with your great strength of character.
However, in spite of your efforts, the reality of the world we live in is cruel and inhumane. Your client, lawyer Wang Quanzhang, has disappeared and never went home. While you, as his defense lawyer, have lost freedom again inside a Chinese jail.
The road to human rights protection is a long and perilous journey. Our family had once lived a relatively comfortable life, but now, you have lost all freedom to enjoy our lives together.
Where our son used to go out and play with his father, there is no father to accompany him to the playground now.
There are times I woke up before dawn, in order to travel 1500km from Beijing to Xuzhou to advocate for your release.
There are times when every government department refused to respond to my grief.
I wondered to myself,”My husband, for whom are you suffering so? How do you burden this suffering?”
But then, I tell myself the reason why you are in trouble is because you were doing something kind and charitable. You genuinely believe you were helping others by enhancing the rule of law for all of humanity.
You are such a good man. So, despite all the hardship our family suffered, I will keep fighting for you.
I want you to know you are also a lucky man. Lots and lots of people are concerned about you, so we are not alone.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for paying attention to and helping my husband, the Chinese lawyer Yu Wensheng.
Lastly, be sure to take care of yourself in such dark times! As for me, I will keep striving and advocating for your rights, and continue to take the best care of our child and our parents.
Please take good care of yourself.
Your ever loving wife, Xu Yan
8 July 2018

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