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How I lost my Twitter account: @Ceciliawyu in 2017! Don’t cry for me, #Lukeskywalker!

It was 2017, the Last Jedi was just about to debut. Just before that, President Trump (or the Orange Fuhrer as I liked to call him) decided to spend 100 days harming others in 100 ways! Everyone around me in the Public domain were trolling Trump, with humour, with fury, imploring, sarcastically, ironically, comtemptuous! He was vile on Twitter! Everyone knew it. Twitter enabled him! So one mid spring morning, I made a witty comment about Mark Hamill, the guy who plays Luke Skywalker and the way he trolled Trump! I thought it was funny! He thought it was funny! Some ex-Harlem Globetrotter thought it was funny! Hell, I was getting follows from all sorts of fanbase of Americans who play football in something called the Superbowl! Yes, I know! I only ever watched it ONCE, because of Shakira, after that….hmm….zzz. I said as much. I even had a christian ex “linebacker” turned Sports Radio show host, tried to explain his “low income area youth outreach” program to me based on his book, his master degree at Harvard Business and his Ph.D in some other thing to do with sports & management strategies, tweeting @me about how I must rethink “sports psychology”. Hmm. I understand all that! I just don’t like football. It does not intrigue or excite me!

So I found entertainment trolling Trump with the Super “Star Wars” Star and all the fanbase! They couldn’t ban Luke Skywalker just before “The Last Jedi”. They gave the globetrotter and the pro-athletes AND Rose McGowan, lame 24rs Ban. They gave me a 3-days Ban because Trump’s Bot army reported every post I ever made about his Human Rights violations!

Twitter wanted me to delete some joke post I made about Trump. I refused because it was not Fake news. It was a political joke! Twitter claimed I threatened Trump because I wrote: ” …he will probably die from the methane gas produced by his own verbal diahorrea, locked up in a luxury gold toilet in hell…lol.”

Apparently that was bullying and not “fair usage” of a public figure for political satire and caricature, according to arbitrary twitter rules! Trump bragging about harassing women with sexual assault was okay and inviting Nazis to attack AOC was also okay!

Jokes aside, there was nothing else I said about the Orange Fuhrer that was factually incorrect. Bette Midler who also trolled Trump with her humour did not have to explain her jokes to Twitter and never had to defend it against accusation of Fake news!

They can’t delete the public Stars with tens of millions of followers, it was easier to ban “connection nodes” twitter account. It was an easy disconnect in the algorithm. NO human ever looked at the Tweets. I was an easy disconnect point (1 amongst millions of them) for a few seconds. So it happened!

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Lets be honest, it came down to this: I was an “influencer node” in the data spread of certain jokes and criticism of Trump. My @ceciliawyu account connected jokes of different Movie stars to Sports athletes to Chinese language Media to Australian Economists. Then there was the whole Hong Kong Cinema and New York Graffiti Art world thing…I can’t even…!

For the next year or two, my twitter account kept coming back on, then off, then on. At certain times, they kept it on but I was not allowed to post a new comment. At other times, it disappeared. Currently, with all the Trump legal issues, there’s a message claiming I violated Twitter terms.

I probably did. But NOTHING like what TRUMP did for the next 4 years Culminating in an Incitement of Violence and Uprising against the United States Government and its Constitution! Only when his followers stormed the Capitol, did Twitter finally BANNED TRUMP!

I know I did some stuff Twitter ignored too because I had my journalist cred.

I, like millions of others, doxxed people who supported Trump AND celebrated KKK’s lynching of Black people in social media! TRUMP IS A NAZI! One of them worked in a hospital dispensing medications! Of course, I posted her name and work place! Why wouldn’t I?

That insane bigot could have harmed a black child just by handing over the wrong medication! I got away with that! I did it because #Blacklivesmatter even back in 2016!!!!

So this is the truth. I was sick of explaining to others what happened. My twitter is still linked to my “Woman of Action” award as a contact and I want everyone to know, this is the reason why I was banned from Twitter!

Sorry, I could have been more mature, dignified, more poised. I was not. The situation was abysmal. I tweeted according to my conscience!

All that is left of my 5000+ followings made up of Footballers, Rockstars, Film Stars, their fan base, Academics, Human Rights lobbyists, Cat charities, World charities, FAshion world influencers (some of them were MEGA Influencers!) are a few who quoted me from ….ironically…..The superbowl (I still don’t like football, sorry! Shakira, yeah!) ….Cambridge University press ….at one point @whitehouse followed me and I blocked it for enabling Trump….etc.

But weirdly, Twitter didn’t delete me because it is not possible for anyone to get the handle @ceciliawyu

So…maybe magically all will return!

I have not missed my twitter for one second!

I just hate that I live a life in #2021 where something as stupid as a twitter ban must be explained.

I thank everyone for your patience and understanding because I know I am spoiled by all those who support my art and care about my visions.

Humbly and with so much #gratitude I thank you all for noticing this “mad, bad but not so dangerous” part of my life!

In short, no one was hurt, especially not me…maybe a few racists got fired, so what? Luke Skywalker is doing great. The ex Harlem Globetrotter toured in the UK. Jason Carthen is still doing his christian, mentorship thing and he still has his Ph.d! Kel1st and Yu had more art exhibitions, dicussions and art arguments outside of twitter and our art was launched into Space via Asgardia!

*** All is well in my world.

Kindest thoughts and love to all who do not wish to do harm,

Cecilia余 (@ceciliawyu2)

4 comments on “How I lost my Twitter account: @Ceciliawyu in 2017! Don’t cry for me, #Lukeskywalker!

  1. Padme Amidala
    May 9, 2021

    If you are going to get banned , this is the BEST!
    The force is with you!
    “So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.”
    Padme Amidala
    Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith

    Liked by 1 person

    • ceciliawyu
      May 9, 2021

      WOW! Thanks MIT Padme Fans! This is absolutely my TOP 5 favorite quotes fr Star Wars…
      “Use the force…”

      🙏🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🏻 🌷


  2. SELVA-Vida Sin Fronteras
    February 23, 2021


    You are really special. …Hopefully you are correct that “he will probably die from the methane gas produced by his own verbal diahorrea, locked up in a luxury gold toilet in hell…lol.” You are 100% factually correct in saying “there was nothing else I said about the Orange Fuhrer that was factually incorrect.” On the contrary, we thought that you were being rather diplomatic!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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