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1st July Hong kong: 400 K Protest for Democracy! In China: 1.3billion under curfew, Dog killed for protesting!

Official figures said 200,000 Hong kong citizens of China took to the streets to protest for Democracy in China! But some eye-witness report said it was more like 500,000 as many could not fit inside the designated Protest streets! Chicago Tribune estimated the number to be around 400,000!!!

1.3 billion inside Mainland China were told by the Communist Chinese Party (Government) that they were under curfew and had to stay home or face imprisonment!

A group of Dalian protestors were beaten up a week before 1st July 2012 and some protestors were Killed in Zhongsan , Canton China for protesting by Communist Military police!

June 26, 2012, Chinese communist military police violently suppress the People’s call to “End Communism now!” in Zhongshan, Guangdong(Canton). Please help to spread and share to let the whole world understand that the communist army is now killing again!!!!

In Dalian, 1st July, protestors sent out a SYMBOLIC Protest Dog with a sign that read: “Fukkinese (people from Fujia Province) …Get the Fuck out on the street! (to protest!)”

Dalian, China: Dog used as proxy protestors in Mainland meets China’s Communist Cops because 1st July is Hong kong Democracy march and Communists Dictators BANNED all humans from doing this!

The Dog was immediately killed by the Communist Military Police! Not even a dog asking for democracy was allowed to live!

Many westerners are upset about the death of the little dog but comments from protestors inside China (Translated): “Hey a whole lot of us got beaten to near death 1 week ago, no one noticed or cared! WE are forbidden from being on the street to show our support. We wanted to show some support with a cute little dog, thinking they would just remove the placard and let the little dog go! We were horrified  when the little dog was just shot on site by Communist Military police!

Translated: People of Hong Kong, we hope you will understand what the hell is going on! Are you prepared to have to live in this reign of hell like us? If not, then 1st July, come out! Free speech; Use it or you will lose it! Thank you Hong kong. You MUST Protest on the 1st July for ALL our Freedom!

(Translated) Some are very angry with us about using the dog to protest BUT a whole lot of chinese from Dalian gets beaten up last week, no one cares…1 dog got killed, it is HEADLINE news on the internet. 😦 Thats really sad that some people in the 1st world think more about a dog inside China than about us human beings who are being tortured and killed every day for wanting freedom! We are sorry about the dog! We did not expect the police to be so without humanity, that they would even harm an innocent animal who clearly did not know what he was doing and was just there to be cute!

Eye-witness report said that it was NOT 200,000, it was 500,000 people on the streets, many could not Fit inside the Protest area!

Translated From Mothers of Tiananmen victim: In twitter, 50 cents gang paid by Communist China to spread their propaganda, have already started their work to try to disrupt 1st July Pro-democracy demonstration in Hong kong. You can see their “handywork” on the witter account of all those who Survived Tiananmen as students…their tactics are always the same low-disgraceful ones!

在Twitter,五毛軍團已開始大量發佈無關文章,污染#HK71標籤。與聲援艾未未、陳光誠時期,污染#AiWW、#FreeCGC 的手法一模一樣。!/search/realtime/%23HK71

Hong Kong police found that the biggest Problem with this protest, was NOT any kind of violence, it was LITTERING and urge citizens to Please pick up your rubbish after you! Lol.Sorry, Sir! 🙂 The protestors got a bit excited about decorating your motorbike with Pro-democracy posters asking for Justice, a proper Rule of Law, Democracy in Hong kong and 1 person=1 vote!

What does it mean when Chinese people inside Communist China ask for a “proper rule of law”?

In simple english: In Hong kong, our police don’t beat up on protestors in the stealth of night and randomly “assist” people in disappearing and committing suicide. I know many don’t like the way Hong kong police photograph and/or video events in protest when there “might” be confrontation with protestors…

阿Sir, 你用鬆馳熊機殼會否太萌了些??

Would you rather they documented the event for legal reasons in a court of law in case protestors decide to Sue them in a court of law…or would you rather they “assist you to involuntary suicide” like those in Mainland China under the Communist Dictatorship? Why do you think Hong kong supports 100% Liu’s call for Proper rule of law in Charter08??? Because even Police personnels would RATHER enjoy the art of photography than the “art” of torturing prisoners? Really!

A few more photos from eye-witnesses who were part of the crowd on 1st July 2012:

Those mourning the Tragic Death of Li Wang Yang, Human Rights Activists who endured decades of torture and imprisonment because he refused to stop speaking out about the atrocities inflicted on pro-democracy students protestors on 4th June 1989, when the same Communist Chinese Government tanked their own people in Beijing!

Image from The Zeitgeist Movement:

Remembering the brave act of Tank man, 6’4 Tiananmen Massacre!

This reporter is a Legend! This reporter is a legend! ♥ He asked Hu Jintao about the issues of Communist China’s human rights violation & the matter of 6/4 Tiananmen massacre…and got escorted away by hmmm…:) not-Hong kong police….big difference in Uniform…those guys probably murdered that dog in Dalian! lol.


from Apple Daily newspaper, Hong kong, SAR, China.
《蘋果》記者案梁迴避 等警務處調查後,先至可回應」


6 comments on “1st July Hong kong: 400 K Protest for Democracy! In China: 1.3billion under curfew, Dog killed for protesting!

  1. Hello there, I found your blog looking for a related subject, your site got high up, it appears good. I have added to my favourites. Please think about writing about gay marriage.


    • ceciliawyu
      September 13, 2012

      Hello there, Thank you for you suggestion. Gay marriage is a hot potato and I think it is great that you are highlighting the issue. I don’t feel qualified to explore this theme. I have my personal opinions and preference about it but I think the only way of moving forward is for the legislators to get the facts from those who will be directly affected by this law.

      I take the same position with any kind of legislations dealing with landrights, gender equality, racial discrimination…etc. It makes no sense to make a law from out-side in if there is no consultation of how the law will affect those directly involved. I think it would be patronising of me if I tried to write about it as a heterosexual woman who probably would never ever be affected by this law and can only observe it from the point of view of a by-stander. But please, send me what you think is “credible” and I would be happy to reblog and feel free to leave your name next time. 🙂

      But on a positive note, you may wish to know that Today 12 Sept 2012, Hong Kong elected its first Gay Legislative Councillor :
      all the best Cecilia


  2. hou
    July 5, 2012

    I don’t know what you are demanding about and I feel like that you are the pro- western activist fro human right in Hong Kong or something but what you have shown to us is the 100% anti- communisism speech and I don’t think you are demand for the rights and the freedom of both Hong Kong and the mainland China pepple’s welfare and you act as the trouble maker and the feeling that you give to the audience is you are trying to create and spread the anti-communism in the China as well as in Hong Kong and you are trying to use the democracy issues and human rights issues in China as well as Hong Kong to cover your real disgust face . you have the really skillful in acting in that way and you have ignored the facts that the human rights status inside China is improved a lot although it still has to improve more. I really admire you in acting as those Chinese who portray their country and their people by serving themself as the watch dogs of the Western powers in the Qing dynasty in destroying their country in order to get their foreign bosses favor


    • ceciliawyu
      July 10, 2012

      800million in Southern China demands the right to determine our own elected representatives.
      7million in Hong kong demands the right to 1 person: 1 vote.
      The entire planet ask that our Nobel peace Laureate Liu Xiaobo and other countless political prisoners be free.

      Hong kong runs 74% of foreign trade coming into Mainland China. YOU are the trouble maker by causing trouble with human rights violation, unfair landgrabs, corruption, pollution and bickering with all of China’s neighbors over nothing because you can’t come out of some paranoid, depraved, racially & relgiously intolerant mentality that was a kick back from when you were too busy fighting with the Qing Dynasty…except Hou & Hu are both Manchu surnames! lol. So who are you to tell the 300 surnames of China what we want or don’t want? You are the newest to the Middle kingdom, we were here for 6000 years !

      So, if you don’t like the way we do things in Hong kong, the solution is very simple……let the North seperate from us. 🙂 I’m sure your boss who pays you will be happy able that. Otherwise….Do not come here trying to get a response from me to make 50 cents as a 50 cents gang until Liu Xiaobo, Gao Zhisheng and all political prisoners currently being tortured and disappeared are FREE!

      To your insane dribble about the chinese culture…lol. Lets worry about you being made illiterate for 5 generations by communist cultural revolution, so that you are not able to understand a simple little poem like this! 🙂 Is that chinese enough?


      and for your apologist collaboration with a brutal & violent dictatorship: 話不投機半句多!


  3. merry baby
    July 2, 2012

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