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US Election 2012: Haymitch the Cat in Europe has more healthcare than most Americans :-(


It is official. My rescue kitten Haymitch cdc now….as of today…has more…way more health care than most americans in 2012!!!!

We paid £10 a month and got him comprehensive unlimited consultation, discounted surgery, free micro-chipping and they gave us a bag of Free Royal Canane special kitty food AND a whole lot of vouchers for other posh food.

Am I sad that in Obama’s America 2012, after all the promises and all the efforts,

a rescued cat in Europe now has MORE Healthcare than the average American?


Am I surprised that under my pet insurance, all contraceptive and cat fertility related issues are Covered and it is up to the Choice of the owners?


Am I surprised that in America 2012, intelligent people have to debate about whether contraceptive and issues of Other people’s right to Fertility or Infertility Should be covered by a National Health care system?


Do I think it is insane that a little 5 months old Kitten will now have access to more medicine, doctors, surgery options, medicine than 90% of America?


Even my cat who can’t understand a thing, probably thinks


Want to know more about it? Have a look here:

My cat can’t read but he has pdsa Healthcare!

For those living in America: To read a fact sheet on what health care reform is already doing and/or not doing  in your area, visit

4 comments on “US Election 2012: Haymitch the Cat in Europe has more healthcare than most Americans :-(

  1. Valerio
    August 8, 2012

    this post is definitely good. We are sad that obama shows wobbles in his debate. but it is still better than mormon underwear!


  2. helpinghow
    July 2, 2012

    Oh girlfriend, wait until I tell you of the money we have spent on our cats… we have no such thing as animal insurance… well we do but it’s a scam oh rama!!! I hope little Haymitch is feeling better soon and he and Lefty may be going under the knife to have their kitty manhood taken from them on the same day… we have finally just gotten that little monster healthy after months and months. Oh the things we do… and don’t get me started on the American Health System either hahah OMG you hit on all of the points that get me on a serious roll.. BITING MY TONGUE!!!!! XOXO


    • ceciliawyu
      July 2, 2012

      No real cat insurance in america? Why not????

      Hope Lefty will be okay…

      I know that Human insurance in USA is insane. In Australia I get the basic for free and then you pay about $50-75 for comprehensive which will include surgery, dental and in some states even Sport massages, chiropractics, acupuncture and Naturopathic treatment.

      My friends in Connecticut said for mid- level (not comprehensive) they have to pay about $300 US for family x2 (no kids). 😛


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